Why You Should Leave Wallpapering to Professionals

Many of our partners profess to be experts at DIY but are really better off sticking to their day jobs. It is usually best to avoid telling them this to avoid a long-drawn-out argument. Leaving the wallpapering to a professional will generally lead to a better finish. Some would say it is a waste of money since you can do it yourself. But what price can you put on your living room looking razor-sharp when you are entertaining guests? No bubbles, no sharp corners, just an immaculate overall finish.

Sometimes it’s just a case of saving you a day fussing about in an old pair of jeans when you could be doing something more fun or productive. Wallpaper removal can also be an intensely fiddly job, full of scuffed nails, gluey hands, and a general feeling that you are not living the dream. A professional can work quickly around furniture or sports equipment for a hassle-free experience. It will also be done at lightning speed if you book the right service.

How to do it without professional help?

Most people know how to wallpaper a room to a basic extent. Failing this, there are plenty of videos on YouTube, narrated in a booming American voice, to help you master the intricacies. You will also find that if you have bought a new house, you’ll get the hang of it when switching from room to room.

Installing a Wallpaper

Advantages of using a professional

Wallpapering professionals know how to iron out all the bumps and plaster any gaps in the wall for a smooth surface to place the paper on. They can sand or scrub any parts that need seeing to. Additionally, they can use steam and hot sprays to make sure the surface temperature is optimal. Professionals will remove any shreds of old paper blanketing the floor. They will be sure to dispose of everything as they go along.

An expert will come to your home armed with the right tools. The best tools and techniques will ensure that stubborn bits of old wallpaper are removed successfully and that the new one is crease-free. Trying to remove old wallpaper yourself can cause damage to the wall and possibly to your hands. Professional service providers will use smoothing tools, snap-off blades, craft knives, brushes, special solutions, and wallpaper steamers to get the job done in an efficient manner.

Wallpapering professionals can shift furniture, heavy appliances, and costly art pieces to make a clear space. You can be sure that all your equipment is in safe hands. Once they are done with the job, they will re-shift everything to its original place, so you can just put your feet up on the couch, enjoy a cup of coffee and let the experts complete the job.

Wallpaper services can include installing wallcoverings, wallpaper handprints, flocks and foils, silks, fabrics, and metallic wallpapers. Professionals have experience installing any type of wallpaper to the highest standard, whether it is one wall or a project covering the whole house in a short space of time.

Wallpapering for Businesses

If the wallpaper in your workplace is coming loose in places or stained, it will not create a great impression for your clients and will not fill your colleagues with pride when they walk through the door each day. It is generally best to hire a professional for these tasks. Expert can help you transform your dull office walls for the benefit of your employees. After all, it is where they spend many of their weeks.

Advice for choosing the perfect wallpaper

  1. Think about the overall mood you are looking for when choosing a design. You may want a serene pattern for your bedroom. Livelier designs might work better in the hallway.
  2. Consider using colours or patterns that will complement the tone and style of other rooms on that floor of your house.
  3. Larger prints feel more dramatic and work best in spacious rooms. They can also make a smaller room feel homelier.
  4. Trailing designs that run vertically can make low ceilings appear taller.
  5. To avoid the wallpaper dating quickly, it can be best to choose stripes and nature-inspired designs on a smaller scale. Larger-scale prints usually date quicker.
  6. Order samples in as large a size as possible and place them in the appropriate area. Check that you are happy with the pattern’s size and colour.
  7. Many wallpaper websites have galleries where you can see how different designs would work together. This can help you visualise the pattern on a larger scale.

The final say

If you still think you can achieve a perfect wallpaper finish in your room, then don’t let us stop you. But if you feel you need a professional to do it justice, it’s time to get in touch with a highly rated service. London is a hectic place, and we are all short of free time. Sometimes it’s best to leave it to someone else to do the job quickly and efficiently, and at a fair rate. You can book Expert’s fantastic service anytime between 7 am and 7 pm. Our team will arrive punctually and work quickly and efficiently until the job has been completed to the highest possible standard.