Why You Should Integrate Animation Videos Into Your Social Media Strategy?

In the current times, animation videos have become one of the most powerful and effective tools for a star-spangled social media presence. It boosts the much-needed engagement which aids you to portray your story in a comprehensive manner. A research tells us that around 70% of the people are visual learners and 90% of the information which is conveyed to the brain is visual.

John Medina, a molecular biologist, emphasizes the fact that human’s most dominant sense is vision, as it takes half of the brain’s resources. Also, when compared to text, visual information is processed 60,000 times faster. Just take a look at the image below and see which one is comprehended first.

Graphic Description vs Text Description

For this very reason, digital marketing strategists made a shift from text to images and animation videos for a more effective and penetrative marketing approach. In the US, since 2016, there has been a staggering increase of 94% in video posts per person. Facebook’s algorithm calculates over 4 billion videos streamed every day. All this has been due to the picture superiority effect and grasping of quick information by our brains presented in videos and animated videos as compared to text.

Statistics about Animation Videos:

Below are some of the figures in favor of animation that will compel you to go for short animated videos for marketing purposes.

  • A well thought out video on your landing page can boost your conversions by 80%.
  • A whopping 64% of potential customers are likely to become buyers once they see a video containing the benefits of your product/services.
  • 34% of the time spent online is served in watching videos.
  • More than half of the executives like watching informative videos explaining a product and search for it even more after seeing it.
  • According to YouTube Authorities, people stream more than 3 billion hours of video every month.

If you haven’t started using the animated video maker for animation videos to be integrated into your content marketing and social media strategy, you are way behind your competitors. The best time to have it in your repertoire for marketing purposes is now.

Why Use Animation Videos in Social Media

Why go for Animated Videos?

There is such a huge amount of videos online, all vying to get the attention of the viewers. The competition is so tough that businesses find it difficult to make a mark in such a competitive market. A new set of mundane or not so informative videos won’t do any good to you and will merely waste users’ time and your efforts.

You need to attract the audience, ignite customer engagement and inform them about your product/services so that they are compelled to share your content with their loved ones as well. This is where short animated videos serve the purpose beautifully.

A large majority of people online favor video content instead of text content. This consumer preference leads to video explosion which in-turn enhances content marketing. Videos are a brilliant source for lead generation and convert visitors or video watchers into buyers. A modern trend has seen that customers do not like to talk to salespeople due to lack of time so; videos are a great source to provide them the much-needed information about the product/service.

Although it needs a lot of experimentation to find out the effectiveness of videos in different situations, however, until now, they have worked wonderfully well for digital marketers and businesses. There are some things related to videos that are confusing people like how to come up with killer intros, how to hook the potential buyers and how to integrate ‘call to actions’ in a video etc, but despite all these confusions, animation videos are here to stay.

Advantages of Animation Videos:

Let’s now move on to some of the main reasons why short animation videos are preferred more than text or other visuals.

Viewer’s Attention:

The attention span of internet users in the current times has shortened immensely and to grab this shortened attention time, the content has to be striking, immaculate and must evoke action. This is where video animation takes the center stage because it evokes the emotions and resonates with the viewers or potential customers.

A powerful story ignites engagement which in turn sparks conversations and induces people to follow it. Also, online users are more used to intrusive marketing ads nowadays and mostly see through the white noise created by these ads. However, Animation videos have a unique and fun way of addressing the audience and they don’t seem to be a specialized marketing tool.

This is the reason why people are more into animated videos as compared to traditional ads. One great example of a wonderful animation is Google Doodle. The simplicity of the adorable animations pulls us towards making a click or tapping on them.

Google Doodle

Animated Video maker Simplifies the Complex Idea:

One thing is for sure that animated videos bring ideas to life better than text or live videos. Just imagine the point you want to emphasize and your character in the animation video will do just that and that too in an unforgettable way. Animation allows you to portray to your audience the real mechanism and how processes work.

One obvious and notable example of using animation for explanatory purposes is TED-Ed. If you haven’t scrolled through their YouTube channel, it’s time to subscribe now and see for yourself how beautifully they have used animation videos for their purpose. Known to be the most popular channel made for educational purposes, it has over 3 million subscribers.

All the videos on their channel are made by a team of highly professional animation makers. The reason why they have used animation as a tool of conveying knowledge to people is that it simplifies the complex concepts like how alcohol affects your logical thinking, how Michael Jackson innovated the evergreen moonwalk and how to demonstrate perfect ballet moves.

Physics and Ballet

Animation allows you to Travel Down the Memory Lane:

Cartoons and funny animated videos have something special which allows us to cherish the wonderful memories of our childhood. These characters and their moves make us nostalgic and evoke powerful emotions. Studies suggest that nostalgia acts in a way that it filters negative emotions and helps in fighting depression.

Search Engine Journal is of the view that there are many more reasons of ‘why to use nostalgia in marketing’. The image below will give you some idea of it.

Why to Use Nostalgia in Marketing

Animations are Fun-filled

Entertainment of any sort always pulls people towards it and no video animation company would let go of this important aspect, whether they are focusing on business or education. The entertainment factor in your videos on YouTube, Facebook or any other social media is directly proportional to more views and shares. Animation adds the X-factor to your videos and people love to see the creativity in the shape of entertainment that you have poured in.

Have a look at this Lumberjack animated video created by motionsauthors.com. Although they have used children’s animation, but the usage of simple animations has been beautifully crafted. These sorts of funny animated videos tend to strike the customers due to the entertainment, imagination, joy and sweetness they carry. Things like creativity, innovation and fun allow these videos to go viral in no time.

Animation is deemed for almost everything

One thing that makes video animation a go-to solution for almost all marketing needs is that it fits into every marketing genre i.e. product explainer videos, infographics and release announcements. Digital marketers from all well-known companies recognized this concept from early on and started integrating them into their marketing campaigns and currently reaping huge rewards. Either they do it on their own or hire a video animation company for this purpose.

One fact that emphasizes more on the importance of animated videos is that only 7 out of 50 best videos gathered by HubSpot, Video Brewery and Switch Video are non-animated.

Success of Animated Videos

It’s a Cheap Option

One of the greatest benefits associated with video animation is that it is quite inexpensive but mighty effective. Normally businesses don’t spend too much on their social media campaigns; especially small and medium enterprises. So, being a cost-efficient option, it gels brilliantly with the budget of SMEs as normal videos incur a lot of costs and resources.

Going for video option instead of animation videos involves searching for the right spokesperson, scriptwriting, actors/performers, video shooting, transportation, and a lot of editing, etc. Animated videos are produced by spending a fraction of cost and effort. Also, the end result is a brilliant, informative and engaging animated explainer video that serves the purpose immaculately.

Scope of Video Marketing in the Times to Come

In 2019, 80% of the overall consumer internet traffic all over the world comes from videos and this percentage is likely to increase in the times to come. Videos will be a dominant part of the marketing strategy and they will dictate how marketing is conducted. Moreover, they will be the main tool for how people consume information online.

The Future of Video

Tools used by Animated Video Makers:

Now, by considering all the above-mentioned benefits that you are going to get from animated videos, you must be wondering what tools can get you started. Below mentioned are the two best and commonly used tools for making short animation videos.


The foremost advantage of this tool is that it is totally free of cost and people who like to save money or who have already spent thousands of dollars on their marketing strategies would love Animatron. Another reason why Animatron is the top choice for animators is that they can create animation videos from scratch.

This tool also allows you to use a lot of pre-animated objects available in the market. The best thing about this cool tool is that it is based on the latest technology, HTML5. This is why animations created using it will play on all browsers and devices.

Animatron The Best Online Animation Maker


Animoto is a great tool that helps you to create moving pictures or make videos from still images. There are a number of templates offered in this tool. Creating animation videos on this fun tool is very easy. Start by choosing a style followed by the uploading of your pictures and text and rest will be done by Animoto. Packages start from $8/month once the free trial of 14 days is over.


How to Use Animated Video in Your Social Media Strategy:

By reading the above portion of this blog, you must be convinced of using short animation videos for promoting your brand, product or service via different social media channels and your own platform. However, only using these videos without proper thought planning may not be fruitful, so you have to keep a lot of things in your mind for making your video strategy a successful one. Some of these things are mentioned below;

Short Animation Videos:

Videos are deemed quite profitable when used on Facebook. According to marketing experts, videos posted on Facebook need to be 10 times shorter than YouTube for being effective. BuzzFeedtasty, a Facebook page by BuzzFeed, is a perfect example of results gained using short videos.

The reason why they are successful is that these videos are full of entertainment and grab the viewer’s attention from the start till the end; there is never a dull moment while watching these videos. Although there is no animation involved in these videos, there is a lot that can be learnt from these videos and BuzzFeed’s strategy. After all, who doesn’t want to have more than 30 million Facebook followers?

Buzz Feed Tasty

Don’t forget the Auto-play Feature

You may have noticed that videos featuring in the news feed play by default and this where the caliber of the video creator will be examined as they need to grab the viewers’ attention from the first second.

One more fact that emphasizes on the quality from the word go is that videos in the News Feed play silently. You as a video creator need to be double smart here as you have to pull them towards the moving graphics which aren’t backed up by sound. This is where meticulously crafted animation can do wonders for you as people get instinctively sucked into short animation videos.

Make Videos that are out of this World:

One thing to keep in mind while making short animated videos for social media is that people will be seeing your videos besides posts. And to make a strong impression, achieve more shares, likes and engagement on your videos, create something they never came across before. You should appeal to the audience and compel them with your creativity to click on the ‘CTA’.

People have seen so much stuff online that they always want something new. They won’t share any video that has even the slightest chances of damaging their reputation and always share something that enhances their impression in front of others. Obviously, they are not going to share any ordinary video that doesn’t have the X-factor or which they don’t like.  Short animation videos are not only impressive but also fit perfectly into the context like Facebook’s Friend Anniversary.

Importance of Short Animation Videos

Different types of Videos on different Social Media Channels:

All the marketers are perfectly aware or should be aware of the tastes of people on different social media channels and what they have to offer. For instance, YouTube is for education and fun, LinkedIn is a professional medium, Facebook has a personal touch to it, Twitter is great for information and to know what’s happening around us, Snapchat is for grabbing attention quickly and for a short while.

This is where customization comes into play and demands that you come up with different types of videos to cater to the needs of different social media channels and what people with diverse interests expect on these channels. Animation gives the video creators the much-needed freedom to experiment and see what type of creations suit a certain social media channel and how they market their service/product or brand.

Benefits of Animation

Integrate Animation into other Types of Content:

We know videos have taken over the content when it comes to being the king. However, you shouldn’t solely rely on videos to achieve your marketing goals on social media. Creating monotony by just posting videos will bore people as no one wants to be fed on one dish every day.

A BuzzSumo study reveals that infographics, images, “Why or How to” posts and lists, etc, must also be shared as people love seeing them. This way you will have a diverse range of dishes on your menu and people have more choice of selecting whatever they want. By doing so, you will surely get engagement and shares.

Average Number of Shares by Content Type


Video animation has become a great tool for marketing and there is no doubt that people love it. When it comes to striking on time and getting the maximum benefit out of a certain strategy, you cannot neglect short animation videos.

Now is the time to cash in and add more animation fuel to your marketing vehicle so that it moves more swiftly and takes you the extra mile.

The main reason why animation has tasted so much success in recent times is that it appeals to the common masses and people can relate to them. Animation videos are easy to create and serve a lot of purposes. So, when are you integrate this key marketing component in your Social Media Marketing Strategy?