Why You Should Hire a Nanny

Nurturing your children in the developing years is one of the fundamental responsibilities of being a parent. Hectic work schedules eat into the time spent with young ones, and often some form of career is needed to share the burden.

As a mother, oftentimes you may feel as though you are being pulled in many different directions at once, trying to take care of everything and everyone, without the time to do so. A nanny can provide some structure to your life and help you to balance priorities. They can also drastically reduce the number of chores that you will need to perform during your week.

4 Ways to Find A Nanny

What does a nanny do?

A nanny can contribute to a busy, modern household. They can help the kids with their homework, cook, clean, tidy, take part in activities and work to instill values so that your children grow up to be considerate and responsible adults.

If you are a single parent, or both you and your partner work full-time, a nanny can be essential for looking after children of a certain age during the day. Plus, if it all goes wrong for your children in later life, at least you have someone else to blame.

A nanny allows your child to maintain their preferred routine from familiar surroundings. They provide one-to-one loving support set over flexible times during the week. Hiring a nanny can also help to make your child less anxious in the long-term. At a young age, children are more susceptible to negative feelings of being abandoned, unstimulated and alone. This can alter their personality several years down the line. It is generally better for them to have a familiar person around to encourage them and provide support whenever possible.

In terms of discipline and family values, you can teach the nanny how your household works at the beginning of the process. This can even include how often the house should be tidied and what activities your kids enjoy spending time on. The nanny can also remain contactable throughout the day in case anything goes wrong. Finishing late at work and social engagements can also be factored in. The nanny may also be able to take care of last-minute babysitter duties. In the ideal scenario, when you get home a few hours late from work, the kids will have eaten and will have finished their homework. The house will be running even more efficiently than usual.

Of course, a nanny can never take the place of a mother and father, but they can fill in the gaps, often with the effect of creating a superior overall environment for your children. Picture the situation; your child falls ill and it is one of the most important days of the month in your work calendar. When such a conflict arises, you’ll be thankful that you have enlisted the services of a nanny.

Nannies help to emotionally nourish your children, so that they are shown as much love as is possible, encouraging them to live a happy life. They can also help your child to have a productive day. This can be through outings or educational activities. They can help to organise your child’s day-to-day life, taking the pressure off you.

A nanny can provide a service tailored to your child’s needs. Over time, they become an extended member of the family. Nannies can keep an eye on the educational and developmental milestones of your child and ensure that they are properly stimulated throughout the day. They can also arrange playdates and classes, helping to enhance your child’s social circle.

Nannies provide an invaluable support system for any family. Any issues or problems can be frankly discussed and amended, due to the personal relationship that you have built up.

Having a nanny in the family home can also lead to the parent spending more time with the child. For example, a parent may briefly come home for lunch or a break and spend time with their child, whereas if the child was in nursery, they wouldn’t be able to do this as easily.

The nanny may be able to drive your children from location to location. Many nannies are also bilingual, so they can help with teaching another language.

How to choose the perfect nanny

As this is the person who will be caring for your beloved children, a strong bond and deep level of trust are both a necessity. You may choose your nanny through a friend’s recommendation, or by searching for highly-rated nannies online. The most likely outcome is some form of meet-and-greet interview in your family home with the children present. The nanny can learn about the values of your household and get to know the young ones. If it is not a good mutual fit, it is time to continue searching. Years of experience and high levels of empathy are two points to look out for. If the nanny shows an immediate fondness towards your children, that is of course a great sign.

It can be a good idea to make a list of priorities that the candidate must meet, without exception. You may be looking for an older nanny with decades of experience or someone roughly your age if you are a younger parent. Childcare qualifications are a distinct plus point. If you have selected a favourite candidate, it is important to clear background checks and references before making the final decision. The interview gives you the chance to observe your nanny’s punctuality and presentation.

You can also look at whether or not she responds to texts in a timely manner. You can test the nanny on potential situations that might arise and how she would deal with them. The interview will give you an idea of her listening skills. She will be able to tell you what activities she would be able to provide if she was offered the position. References also give you the chance to ask if the candidate is responsible and able to carry out a number of tasks at once. Overall, it is best to follow your instinct on the right nanny. Generally, one will stand out from the crowd.