Why You Should Have A Bridal Makeup Trial Run

Your big day is approaching, and you have spent some time planning the most garish outfits for the bridesmaids to make sure they don’t show you up.

Now you have to ensure that you are looking at your finest. This is no mean feat if you take into account nerves on the day and the fact that looking great is partly about feeling good about yourself. For this reason, it is best to hire a bridal makeup service, and a trial run is seriously recommended.

Opt for a trial makeup run

Of all the important days in your life, your wedding day is the one where it is most likely that you will throw a Mariah Carey-Esque tantrum. If your makeup artist leaves you looking like a pantomime character, you will be livid. Wedding days are generally run to a very tight schedule.

You need to be sure that the makeup artist has time to execute your desired style. If you have a trial run, the artist will know exactly what needs to be done, and the time it will take. This is the prime reason to opt for a trial makeup run. This way, you can experiment with eyelash length and various shades to make sure you carry off the desired look to impress your partner, friends and relatives.

Bridal Makeup Trial

You have a million things to plan

Part of the run-up to the big day is about feeling as relaxed as possible because you have a million things to plan. You have witnessed your fiancé keeping his best Pokerface whenever possible, but you suspect that his recent hair loss is partly down to your diva-like behaviour.

Avoiding arguments is always a bonus as the big day approaches, and the trial run will cross one aggravating factor off a list of many.

Opinion based on your facial features

A bridal makeup trial run costs a little extra, but you will be paying for the insight of the stylist. They can take you through various websites or magazine images to give you an idea of the trends and styles available.

They can also give you their opinion based on your face shape, personality and preferences.

You have a number of options

The trial run allows you to get an idea of your stylist’s skill set and personality. It might be the case that you don’t feel they are the right fit for you. If you find this out on your wedding day, you are officially screwed.

You may decide on the trial run that different hair extensions are needed or perhaps products that the makeup artist doesn’t currently have in stock. From an organisational perspective, it just makes sense to have a trial run. It also means that you can give your stylist some idea of the type of service and the likely styles that will be present amongst guests.

Avoid the chances of having red patches

Some soon-to-be brides may also have allergies to certain makeup products. The very worst time to experience some form of allergy would be on your wedding day when a bright red patch or irritation is likely to make you want to scream with rage. You can have various trial runs to avoid the chances of this happening.

Best to go for fake tan

Many soon-to-be brides might be tempted to overdo it with the fake tan before the wedding. This means that applying makeup on the day can be something of a rescue operation.

It is best to experiment with a fake tan before your bridal makeup trial. This means that all the variables will be covered and you will not look like a celebrity Z-lister on your big day.

Trends that could work

A bride’s makeup needs to match the outfit, from the eyeshadow and lipstick down to subtler details. Even makeup artists have bad days. Having a trial run avoids the chances of this happening.

Makeup trends are forever changing, and the same goes for bridal makeup. Your stylist might have an idea of a few trends that could work for you. You will not want to be making these decisions on your big day when your nerves are completely shot, despite being half-cut by 10 am.

You may choose to pick and choose styles with a nod to the latest trends. This is something that is best carried out when not under pressure.

The final say

Let’s be frank, if your makeup artist messes up on the big day, you will want to strangle her. Your friends will be able to coax you out of it with a few more glasses of booze and some blatant lies about your appearance, but when you walk down the aisle to see the person with whom you’ll be paying off a mortgage, you will not feel at your best.

A trial run may mean forking out a little extra but it will sure to be worth it.