Why you need to hire a pet sitter right now

Everyone knows the pain of leaving a pet behind while on holiday or when you move out of your parents’ home. If you don’t feel that the kennels or animal boarding establishments are suitable for your pet (how can you ever really know how they are treated there?), pet sitting is the logical solution.

This way, you can be sure that your pet is resting somewhere within a comfortable and familiar environment, being looked after by someone you trust. You can go about your day without any stress.

Pets also have emotions; choose a pet sitter wisely

Just like a person moving house, animals become emotional when spending time away from the owner at a boarding facility. It can be distressing for them. Depending on the sensitivity of the animal, it can be best to avoid this risk. You can’t leave your animal in the company of a potential maniac, so there must be some personal vetting procedure in place. A friend, family friend or relatives are obvious starting points, and they might even carry out the task for free. If you have exhausted those possibilities, word of mouth is another way of finding the right person. If it worked for your friend, it could well work for you.

Initial screening

When you hire a pet sitter through your own means or via a highly personalised service provider, you can tell them exactly what you require in terms of food, walks and additional duties. Next comes the arduous process of looking through providers’ ratings online for the best person. Once you have the potential pet sitter’s contact details you can arrange an interview. A free-flowing conversation over a cup of tea for half an hour or so will give you an understanding of whether you want this person to take care of your pet. You’ll be able to tell if they have chemistry with your beloved one through this home interaction.

You can be sure that if your pet falls ill, there is someone reliable at the other end who will get in touch immediately. Ask to see a copy of their police check or Criminal Records Bureau certificate and also find out if they have insurance to cover your pet in an emergency. Introductory sessions with your pet’s new carer will help them settle in before you go on holiday. Having someone to look after your pet in your home allows you to keep things as familiar as possible for your beloved one. This is especially true if you own a housebound animal, as they won’t be aware of the outside world.

Convey them the routine, likings and disliking of your pet

Make sure your pet sitter has all the information they require to care for them whilst you’re away. This can include: details of your pet’s routine, treats and feeding instructions, your vet’s number, a familiar item of comfort, vital health information, details of their regular exercise routine, and supplies such as leads and litter trays.

You get flexibility

Pet sitting, as an alternative to boarding establishments, means that the animal will receive more one-on-one time, with a reduced chance of loneliness, isolation and boredom creeping in. You can request the services of a pet sitter multiple times a week or over an extended break. Some will even stay overnight to make sure your pet is experiencing regular sleeping patterns. At your home, your pets can do as they please, with the ability to roam the garden and provide any form of self-entertainment.

Have faith in their expertise

Pet sitters obviously spend a great deal of time with animals of varying types, so they know all the tricks in the book if a pet is playing up or being disobedient. They can offer insider knowledge on diet, hygiene and exercise methods. They will have a greater understanding of emergency and non-emergency situations and will be more adept to taking care of animals with specialist conditions, for example, epilepsy. The pet sitter can keep a constant channel of communication while you are away, informing you of the condition of your beloved one.

A pet sitter can also become a friend to the family. It is someone you can fall back on if you leave the country on a business trip or family holiday. They may have encountered this personality type before and will be able to share information on how to iron out any stubborn or mischievous traits. A pet sitter may also be able to give you advice on how best to train your dog or cat.

Affordable but very helpful

Pet sitters are also highly affordable ­– usually around £15 an hour. A pet sitter can provide a service tailored to your pet’s needs, including the special requirements of the pet or the owner. They can specifically follow instructions, so there is no confusion over what is required. They can make sure that your animal is constantly attended to and never gets lonely. You’ll come home to a happier pet as a result.

Value for money

If your pet has a medical condition, it will also be useful to choose someone with previous experience. Pet sitters can administer various treatments should your animal’s health start playing up while you’re away. You can ask for a reference from previous clients. You can also check the ethos of the company they work for if it is a fairly large organisation.

Despite loving your pet, your best friends will start to get annoyed if you place the burden on them every time you go on holiday. You don’t want to drive a wedge between you –sometimes, you just need to make an investment.

At-home care is the best option

Pets can also get separation anxiety when placed in a boarding facility. Your pet’s negative feelings can be exacerbated by a change in atmosphere and routine. Most kennels will provide walks or playtime, but it’s best to hire a pet sitter for peace of mind. When you hire a pet sitter, you can leave them with the animal’s regular schedule to let them know when your pet will be fed and taken for walks.

The final say

If you leave your pet in kennels throughout the year and don’t feel 100% satisfied when doing so – if there is any lingering doubt – it might be time to call a pet sitter. Expert pet sitters are some of the most highly rated, experienced and trustworthy in the business. We offer a free consultation session to start the bonding process. Then afterwards, you can book the service as frequently as you like.