Why You Need a Pet Grooming Service in Your Life

How often do you groom your pet? Your furry friend is an important member of the family and should be treated with the same level of respect as everyone else. Just as you take regular haircuts and treat yourself to the odd manicure, the same should apply to your animal. Plus, it is likely that your pet is a lot messier than you.

There is a number of reasons to visit a pet grooming service. It may be that your animal has hair obscuring the eyes, or matted hair that is adding extra weight and causing discomfort. Matting can also cause skin conditions and restrict blood flow.

Keeping your pet clean and well maintained is key to its health and happiness. Fresh fur, pest-free skin, clipped nails and well-brushed hair ensure that your beloved one is in top condition as they get older.

Fleas, ticks and mites can gather on a pet that is lacking in good hygiene. Some pet grooming businesses offer teeth cleaning services. This can help your animal avoid bad breath, loss of teeth and a reduced appetite, as well as more serious health conditions.

Pet Grooming

Pet grooming highlights

The right grooming products and tools

Different pets have different needs, just like humans. Some have hair that gets tangled easily or grows oddly around the face. Others are styled in a topiary-like fashion for their owner’s personal pleasure. Grooming products and techniques for long-haired breeds are not the same as those used for short-haired ones.

Sensitive skin and the use of natural ingredients are also factors to be considered. Just like a hairdresser, a seasoned groomer knows every trick in the book to keep your pet looking chic and healthy.

Blissful massages

It’s hard to massage your pet if you’re not aware of the appropriate muscles. A good tummy rub is probably as far as you are likely to get. A skilled professional can provide a relaxing massage to keep your pet in a blissed-out state of calm. It will also work wonders for your pet’s circulatory system.

Professional nail clipping

Nail trimming is one of the most dreaded tasks for pet owners. Your pet may need a nail trim as often as once a month. If they don’t like the process, you can end up with a bit of a scrap on your hands and the potential for injury to both parties. A professional pet groomer knows how to keep your pet as subdued as possible so that you can get those nails gleaming.

They look after your pet’s wellbeing

The skin of your pet reflects its diet. Poor eating habits can lead to hair loss or frazzled fur. It’s better to address the problem from the root cause and treat your pet to a beautiful new shiny coat. If your furry friend’s skin is too dry or oily, the groomer can offer some handy dietary tips for future use.

Stylish haircuts

If you own a Goldendoodle or Poodle, then you will know that their hair constantly grows and requires a lot of upkeep. To give your four-legged friend the perfect trendy hairstyle, it is best to choose a highly rated service that you can rely upon.

Customer service

When you visit a pet grooming service, you are paying for the overall experience. It is an afternoon out of the house and away from your nagging partner. The owners are likely to have put some effort into the décor and overall ambiance of the place. So soak it all up and relax while your pet gets treated like royalty. You can enjoy some friendly conversation while you’re beloved one receives treatment.

Overall refresh

The service is about more than keeping your pet looking good. It is about making them feel comfortable, refreshed and clean after a good old pampering session and shower. A professional groomer can help your pet feel relaxed. Tangled fur is a tangled mind, my friend.

Reduced risk of infection

Getting your pet groomed regularly will reduce their risk of nail, teeth, skin, eye and ear infections. This will mean less visits to the vet.

Handled with care

A pet groomer knows how to handle your pet so that it does not come to any harm. Every pet owner knows the pain of trying to wash a pet in the bath or sink. It can be a one-off horror show and is best left to a pro. The tail, feet and face are areas that especially need to be handled with care.

Cuts costs in the long run

Yes, you heard that right. If your pet is well-maintained then they are less likely to suffer from a medley of ailments and diseases that tend to crop up, especially as the years progress. This means less expensive veterinary operations.

Mobile grooming

Mobile pet grooming truly is a gift. You don’t need to spend the entire day in a grooming shop while your pet receives all the attention. Someone can actually come round to your house to do it. Mobile pet grooming takes up less time and the groomer will still perform the job to the highest standard, equipped with all the right tools. It also means that your pet can enjoy the service in familiar surroundings, which makes them more likely to be well-behaved while you get along with your chores.

Mobile grooming also means that you can avoid having to restrain your pet as it passes other yapping creatures in the grooming salon (always a delight), so there is no longer any need for a crate. Altogether, there is less stress for your pet doing it this way.

The final say

Ever noticed that your friend’s pets have a healthy sheen and look suspiciously well looked after on walks in the park. That’s because they are splashing out on a pet grooming service every once in a while. You never know what you are missing if you don’t try a professional, whether it’s at home or in a boutique.

If you’re a real pet lover, you’ll understand that pets need to be kept clean, just like humans in order for them to be truly happy. You can spend an hour scouring through providers’ ratings on the internet or just leave it in the hands of an expert. The choice is yours.