Why Sports Massage Service Is Best To Perform Well In Events

Unlike relaxing massage, sports massage is a little more ouch and a little less ooh!

Ford Focus or Maserati, which car do you want to drive? Maserati is an Italian machine masterfully designed and engineered for superior luxury, power and performance. The Ford Focus is also a powerful 4-wheeler designed for low maintenance and economy. In a nutshell, you can enjoy your journey on both machines.

Like that, the best performance requires the best input in both car and body. A sportsperson or athlete is a supercharged version of the human body. So, to keep up with the frequent demands of being ideally fit, you must stick to a quality diet regime and adhere to receiving an impeccable Sports Massage.

Sports Massage draws from many techniques you might already be familiar with, including Deep Tissue Massage which breaks up and targets areas of tightness & muscle knots and Swedish massage which improves oxygenation and blood circulation.

So, here is the rundown on how a Sports Massage is different from other regular massage techniques and why a Sports Massage service is best to perform well in events.

What is a massage?

It is no secret that a relaxing massage can leave you blissed out, which is why it is popular in treating several body conditions. A regular massage is designed for ultimate leisure pursuit, and it is a thing you would get in a spa if you have knots in your neck, kinks in your back, or you’re having some sort of muscle discomfort.

Although a regular massage technique is more of a full-body experience rather than treating a particular muscle, it is quite different from Sports Massage.

What is sports massage?

As the name implies, Sports Massage is only for active people. In other words, for athletes including avid trainers, soccer players and other sports professionals. This type of massage is for anyone who wants to improve mobility and flexibility, which are the basic requirements of playing games competently without facing any muscle tension and decreased range of motion. It also helps to recover from an injury quickly.

Does any scientific research back it?

A research study regarding measuring the recovery and fatigue rates showed that participants felt that they recovered faster and felt less tired after a Sports Massage.  Enhanced feelings of wellbeing, better sleep, improved mood and decreased anxiety were also noted. According to a wide variety of studies, DOMS or Delayed onset muscle soreness is also reduced by Sports Massage.

Research conducted at Oxford University in May 2016 suggested that Sports Massage improves participants’ experiencing pain in muscles. The report concluded that sports massage could also be offered to the patient for pain management. It is also useful across different conditions, including HrQoL and anxiety.

In another study, a 60-minute session of Sports Massage stimulated the positive effects in participants when they took it after extensive training or injuries.

Another study reported that a Sports Massage could treat delayed onset muscle soreness, including helping joint and muscle injuries to recover and heal faster. Participants also reported a maintained and improved blood flow in muscle veins that provided relief from tenderness. According to Science Daily, research indicates that a Sports Massage can improve general blood flow while easing muscle pain.

Let’s assume for a moment that sports massage is really beneficial because there have been many studies on it with positive results, but what if we see the other side of the coin as well? A couple of scientific studies haven’t given any satisfactory results, which proved that a Sports Massage is still fairly unclear.

Research published in the Journal of Sports Sciences stated that trainers had not recovered quickly when they had gone for a Sports Massage session right after an extensive training session. Cardiff Metropolitan University in Wales also reported that bodybuilders perceived no relief from the muscle pain when they had a Sports Massage after a plyometric exercise.

The last couple of studies are a little cloudy. But if you are an avid trainer and you enjoy sports massage, you’ll certainly feel good.

Benefits of Sports Massage

What is included in sports massage?

To achieve the desired goal, your Sports Massage therapist will use an array of techniques, including the following ones:

Pre-event massage: This is a stimulating, short massage done 30-45 minutes before the sports event. It focuses on the part of the body that will contribute to the exertion.

Post-event massage: In order to normalise the muscles and tissues, this massage is given within a few hours of the event.

Therapeutic massage: To avoid injuries during hard training, this massage is given to athletes to complete the training sessions efficiently.

Rehabilitative massage: This alleviates the pain due to injuries and rehabilitates the body to its normal state.

Other than these techniques, a therapist can also use Swedish Massage to induce lymph fluids and blood flow in the body and use point therapy to fix the knots in the muscles or break down adhesions and stretching to improve the mobility and range of motions. Orthopedic assessment, lymphatic drainage, craniosacral therapy, and myofascial release are other techniques your therapist can use.

A professional therapist is known for his skills and expertise in other therapies too. If your therapist has a sound foundation in hydrotherapy modalities, including thermotherapy and cryotherapy, then you can speed up your healing, repair and recovery processes.

Finding the Sports Massage therapist

Whenever you start adding Sports Massage to your fitness regime, an important thing to remember is that the results won’t get felt after the first session. It is just like you would not expect to run the full 26 miles’ marathon after receiving a one-day training. What we’re saying is that you better find an expert Sports Massage professional who can go the extra mile to give you maximum relief from pain or injuries as fast as possible.

A sportsperson can’t compromise on their performance, just like Ford Focus and Maserati. So, if you are that sort of athlete, you can count on the Expert App. You can find the best on-demand Sports Massage service in your area on Expert. You can also have your therapist at your doorstep or anywhere anytime.