Why Online GP Consultations Are The Way Forward

There are many cases in which seeing an online GP is just not practical. The varying nature of illnesses means that being seen in person for a diagnosis or for suggested treatment options is the only way possible. On the other hand, online services can offer support for people with minor symptoms, or even for those confined to their beds who do not wish to visit A and E.

Taking private online GP sessions means that you avoid waiting times, which can range from days to weeks, depending on your surgery. In this day and age, you may also wish to avoid the spread of germs in waiting rooms whenever possible. There are many apps that offer an online GP service. Push Doctor and Babylon are just two of the big players in an expanding industry.

You can see your GP on the go, from the comfort of your home or while at work. In the age of the internet, where most of our time seems to be spent online, it makes perfect sense to have a GP to hand at the click of a button.

Online GP services bypass the need to board a busy tube or wait impatiently in a traffic jam on the way to your appointment. It also means that you don’t have to deal with a moody receptionist.

General Practitioner

How does it work?

It works in much the same way as a routine GP appointment. You discuss the issue with the doctor and they decide the appropriate actions to take. Although the doctor will not be able to take a look at you in person, you can take pictures and videos of the issue to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment.

Reasons to switch to online GP consultations

Avoid waiting rooms

Waiting rooms are morbid spaces at the best of times. Sitting on an uncomfortable plastic chair surrounded by the walking dead is not a great way to spend half an hour of your afternoon. Worse than that, it is a cauldron of germs, despite being heavily disinfected. To avoid a room full of grumpy people, why not just sit on your sofa with a phone to hand and call up the online GP?

Reduce stress

A routine appointment can be a daunting task when you are feeling under the weather, on the brink of imminent death and flushed with neuroses. It is far less stressful to see the GP online. Just tap the app or visit a website and you can do this in your pajamas whilst sipping on a cup of tea.

The same level of confidentiality

These professionals have the same qualifications and experience as your regular GPs. Everything you say will be completely confidential. If you make the phone call somewhere quiet no one else will know about the nature of your illness. Online GPs tend to be very friendly and you will have no question of their professionalism by the end of the meeting.

Less chance of spreading Coronavirus

Coronavirus is likely to present some level of threat for the foreseeable future. Avoiding waiting rooms over the coming months could be the best decision you’ve ever made. Having said that, much thought has gone into the opening and closing of GP surgeries during the pandemic and following Government guidelines is always sound advice.

See your GP anywhere

One of the main benefits of an online GP consultation is that you do it anywhere. You could be on a business trip or holiday and fall ill. Whereas in previous times you might have been forced to visit a dodgy chemist or cut your trip short, the online service allows seeing the GP anywhere that you have access to the internet.

It could be from a hostel on a remote island or on the streets of a crowded and unfamiliar city. Knowing that there is an online GP to hand can take some of the anxiety out of travelling.

Appointments to fit around you

An online appointment is easy to schedule around work. You can schedule it for your break or before you set off in the morning. Gone are the days of having to book an afternoon off or rushing home straight after a busy day in the office. Online GP appointments can often be made on the same day without giving much notice.

More time to talk

A standard face-to-face GP appointment generally lasts only 10 minutes. Some may not feel that this gives them time to describe all of the events leading up to the illness. You may be feeling unwell after a long bout of stress at work or after a change in diet. Choosing an online GP service can allow you more time.   

Easier to book

The dreaded telephone queue ­– even if you phone up your doctor’s surgery at 8 pm on the dot – is not something that anyone would miss. Being placed on hold can be very frustrating when you are under the weather.

After that, the receptionist may tell you that it will be a couple of weeks until you can see a GP. With online GP services, the booking process is a simple online procedure, taking up less time than over the phone.

The final say

Online GP consultations offer a forward-thinking approach to healthcare. You are taking matters into your own hands by having your own private GP service to call at any hour of the day wherever you are.

You are also taking the strain off an already overburdened NHS. For a few extra pounds, this is surely worth it.

Overall, an online GP consultation offers a variety of plus points. They can fit around your hectic schedule and you can see them even if you are away from home.

Online consultation also allows you to see a GP more swiftly and for the longest time possible. Expert offers a highly rated online GP service. You can also take advantage of a face-to-face appointment if this suits you better.