What is a Classic Facial? Its Procedure and The Goodness Involved.

The classic facial is a beauty treatment that you might have already heard of. It has been around for a long time, probably longer than you can remember. In fact, a classic facial is the one your mother may have given to you or considered giving to you for the first time because it’s gentle on your skin and doesn’t break it out like many other products and methods tend to do.

However, despite its age and popularity, this kind of beauty treatment isn’t one that we hear about very often today – at least not as much as some of the more “modern” skin treatments that are available nowadays. If you are one of those who aren’t well aware of this refreshing facial, just stay put. We’ve collected a lot of useful information regarding classic facial.

What is a classic facial?

Sometimes known as the basic facial, this indulgent treatment helps to relax your facial muscles, accentuates facial features and gives your skin a healthy appearance. If done regularly, a classic facial imparts a refreshingly youthful glow to your skin.

It is a multi-step process that involves cleansing, exfoliation –where blackheads, whiteheads, clogged pores and dead skin are targeted − and nourishment of your skin resulting in soft, smooth and radiant skin.

It is followed by a soothing massage of active serums to enhance blood circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage. A hyaluronic mask will be applied to the skin to replenish your skin, with healthy nutrients, that bestows you a renewed skin.

Benefits of Classic Facial

Types of classic facial

Currently, there are various types of classic facial making rounds in the beauty industry. These protocols include deep cleansing, oxygen facials, collagen, anti-aging, and others that are customized to suit an individual’s needs.

The best treatment is selected after a careful analysis by the aesthetician based on the person’s skin condition.

How it is done?

Normally, “all classic facials follow the same route”, says Sara Dhada, CEO and Chief Aesthetician at Expert. It all starts with an initial consultation where the service provider examines the skin condition, discusses whatever concerns the client has, their expectations and the daily skin-care regime they follow.

The facial process starts with the aesthetician cleansing your skin thoroughly. It prepares your skin and allows them to analyze the skin for a tailored treatment suited best to you. It is followed by steaming which softens the skin and unclogs the pores. Then comes the extraction of impurities from the skin like dirt, blackheads and whiteheads.

Moving forward a soothing massage is given to relax the skin. It normally contains active serums that penetrate deep down the layers of skin to give a healthy and refreshing glow from the inside. Lastly, applying a hyaluronic mask makes your appearance youthful, smooth, and even. It also acts to fight the ageing signs like wrinkles and fine lines.

Apart from a slight feeling of discomfort during the extractions of impurities and sebum, the rest of the treatment will feel like a smooth glide towards a dreamland.

Classic Facial

Classic facial recommended repetitions for great results

Sara suggests going for a classic facial every month would do a world of good to your skin. “We recommend our clients to have it once a month for ideal results. After a few months, you will experience an awesome feeling and a renewed skin”, says Sara.

However, considering the busy lifestyle and tight schedule of the brits, fitting a classic facial session every month can be tough. So, to make the best out of your classic facials, try to get one every 3 months. You’ll be able to achieve a lot with a clear difference.

Or if you are not a calendar person, you can go for one whenever you find time and want to relax. Because one benefit of classic facial is that it de-stresses you and makes you feel relaxed.

Who should provide a classic facial?

Although a classic facial is quite simple compared to others, it requires an experienced and certified aesthetician to administer it. “This is important to ensure that all steps involved in the facial are carried out in a sequence and with an attention to detail”, emphasizes Sara.

How does a classic facial benefit you?

For all those desperate people wanting to renew their skin appearance, a classic facial is for you. In fact, it does more than that. You will achieve illuminated, firm, smooth and radiant skin. A classic facial also helps to unify the skin giving you a healthy texture.

Oh, how can we forget that it de-stresses and relaxes the skin too?

Are there any side effects associated with it?

Although not severe, still the extraction part – involves pressure with fingers or a sanitized stainless steel tool (maybe pointy) to extract blackheads, whiteheads and dirt, etc from the pores – may result in redness and inflammation. These downsides of a classic facial depend on skin sensitivity and an experienced service provider will be careful to minimize them.

How much time does it take?

Normally, between 60-90 minutes. So, if you want to achieve the ultimate glow and a healthy finish, sacrificing around 1.5 hours shouldn’t be a big deal.

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