Use The Power of Visual Content to Succeed On Social Media

Do you want to know the importance of Visual Content Marketing?

Well, let’s say, people won’t consider buying from you unless they find something intuitive only in the first draft.

With that being said, following, we are giving you a plan to market visual content across social media successfully.

Break It Down

If you want to create effective visual content on social media, start producing stuff!

It doesn’t matter how good your images are unless you implement a strong marketing strategy. If your marketing strategy lacks a voice, narrative, timing, and purpose, your efforts will be gone to waste, and it will be a disservice to your business.

An effective way to strengthen your social media strategy is to create a brand identity along with a visual language. This will help your content become more fluent on the channel as compared to your competitors.

An ideal visual strategy should consist of the following:

  • Research Your Audience: You have to invest some time to research your audience, see what they are interested in and tackle it by producing content that entertains their interest.
  • Come Up with a Mood Board: Get to the basics, you need to add colour palettes, text, and other visuals that can help shape the direction.
  • Have a Theme: You have to mix things up with recurring themes. For instance, an Airline uses Instagram to promote their business by using a unique combination of destination shots and airplane snaps.
  • Platform: You need to consider how to adapt the visual strategy for every social channel.
  • Timing: You have to post visuals on social. You need to consider the big picture and plan ahead to make your content more effective despite the low budget and production calendar.

Brainstorm Stuff!

You need to ponder upon how you can present and support your content in a compelling way.

If you are facing trouble coming up with an idea, then you better consider the following things:

  • You need to turn facts and statistics, processes and procedures with illustrations and graphs
  • It’s important to create photos of products to mention or show the process, also you will include them in the appropriate context of the post
  • Also, add screenshots and screencasts to the tutorial to show how it is done
  • Summarise important facts and stats by creating a compelling infographic
  • You have to create a graphical checklist or a visual summary of the post

Target the Latest Trends

You have to create your content and tune it according to the latest trends.

You will have to work on engagement and keep your eye on the social platforms. Make sure your posts are tagged in the relevant niche. For instance, GIFs have become very popular.

You need to bring changes to how you communicate with the audience. Several online tools can help you create engaging content. Your end goal should be making your reader satisfied and happy with your content.

Make them feel light-hearted and leave a smile, this will leave an effect that will compel them to keep in touch with your brand.

Types of Visual Content

Create Versatile Content

A misconception exists which entails most marketers use visual elements so they can add some text alongside.

But it’s easy to use other types of visual content alongside. This gives you more options despite your low budget, allowing you to jump on hot trends at the moment.

The different types of visual content you can use are:

  • 3D Charts
  • Graphs
  • Stock Images
  • Custom Images
  • Cartoons
  • Infographics and Charts
  • Memes
  • Embed Tweets, Instagram and Facebook Posts

You need to mix up different types of visuals if you want to make your content more interesting. This will make your content more sharable across different platforms and increase your overall engagement, on top of this, different types of visual content will make your site look updated, that too without any huge overhaul.

Use Different Social Media Channels to Create an Impact

You need to promote your visual creations on more than one social network.

You should mind the fact that content mostly goes with nature, type and meaning of a platform. It will help when you are linking blog posts back to get noticed by a huge number of the crowd while sharing in different formats across different networks.

But you need to balance between efforts and time to create the desired content.

Besides that, you should have an idea where and how often you should post:

  • SlideShare
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Tumblr
  • Snapchat

Don’t Forget Hashtags

Hashtags do help you connect with the relevant and targeted niche.

  • It helps people to find your stuff
  • It is best to improve on your hashtag strategy
  • You should create them based on the platform you are posting on

Also, the question that arises here is, should you use only a few or too many? Well, the maximum number of hashtags you should use is 8-10, and the least you should use is 1-3.

Just make sure the hashtags are relevant and can support your posts. Measure your post with it to see whether it is attracting new followers or not.

Wrapping all up!

When it comes to social media marketing, it’s all about how you connect with your audience.

Visual content instantly connects with the audience and persuades them to buy from you, given you did everything right. So, you should focus on creating visual content to empower your social media marketing.

With that said, if you don’t have an idea of how to do it, log on to Expert and find a professional who will do it for you!