Top 3 Reasons to Have CCTV Cameras in Your Home

According to HR News, it’s estimated that there are 25 million CCTV cameras installed globally. Britain pushes the envelope and got a high percentage with a recorded number of 4 million CCTVs cameras installed. It is reported that the UK has CCTV activity more than any country in Europe.

Congruent with the imperative estimate, the UK was estimated at 4.8 million in using CCTV cameras. It’s now believed that this number has jumped to 5 million as the popularity of doorbell cameras and surveillance systems increases.

It doesn’t shock some people that CCTVs in the UK have hit the high points.

The major fair share was from residents who installed more CCTVs in the last year. Doorbell cameras moved forward in leaps and bounds; its popularity is still unflagging.

An increase in mail order purchases and anxiety over periodic lockdowns have driven the use of CCTVs at home for security and monitoring purposes.

Modern security cameras have become easier to use than ever before. But still, there’s some work required to set them up for first use. Another aspect is to choose the location where it is best for you to monitor your premises from.

To get the best vantage points, a CCTV installation expert can help you with all this.

CCTV System Diagram

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A closed-circuit television or CCTV system transmits the signal to a screen or a set of screens to monitor your property’s exterior and interior areas.

Monitoring your house or office activities is important for the safety of persons being recorded.

So, let’s get the lowdown on why you need CCTV cameras around your premises.

Reasons to have CCTV Monitoring in your Home

It Discourages Criminal Activity

This is the most recognised and biggest benefit for you if you choose to add CCTVs to your property.  Being able to monitor your property while outside gives you inner peace and a sense of achievement that you’ll finally be able to deter burglars and intruders.

CCTV Camera discourages Criminal Activity

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An intruder who sees cameras and alarm systems mounted on the walls outside may decide that it is safer and easier to move elsewhere. The only presence of cameras on your property can keep intrusions at bay.

But most criminals are pretty muddled; they don’t care if there is a camera on your door.

In this situation, the reason for installing the most advanced CCTVs is twofold.

The intruder will get recorded clearly.

Studies have found that using CCTV in public settings resulted in a 7% decrease in crime, a 23% decrease in public transportation areas, and a 51% decrease in car parks. In today’s topsy-turvy economy, even 7% is a substantial improvement.

In 2017, the Office for National Statistics reported that 2 out of every 100 homes were victims of break-ins and robberies. The worth mentioning thing is most of the incidents took place during working hours when occupiers were away from their homes.

The same report says that 30% of burglars used windows as an entry point to homes, and 70% gained entry via the front door. So, adding CCTV devices to these entry points is the most strategic way of monitoring.

No Need to Hire Security Guards

This is for sure that CCTV monitoring can help you remove human error.

For commercial premises, there are times when cameras are not being monitored.

Security guard sometimes misses things and get distracted. CCTV can help you address all those risks your security guard might not be aware of.

On the other side, when calculating the week-in-week-out, ongoing cost of your security staff, remote monitoring on CCTV can save you money. This is the best way to reduce cost on 24/7 onsite monitoring without compromising your security and safety.

24/7 Peace of Mind

Knowing your CCTV system provides and records the full coverage around your property gives you peace of mind. You can even improve it by doubling up your cameras around your premises to catch and deter criminals. The areas where the crime rate is higher, the CCTV system gives habitants a sense of reassurance and security.

Most of the more complex and sophisticated cameras are wireless, which means that they can be monitored and viewed from your phone or tablet. You can always keep your home security in reach by reviewing and checking your premises at the tap of the button on your phone.

More importantly, you can get the whole picture of what happened within your premises? Where did they get in? What did they steal? You can get all those shots on your screen. Not only their movements, but you can have their faces and keep the record for the police.

It works as a comfort blanket that will give you the freedom to live your life and confidence that your property is being watched by sophisticated technology.

Things to Consider when choosing CCTV

Full Proof Protection/Coverage

Full coverage of one’s premises is what everyone expects from an effective CCTV system. Some businesses have bad vices among their employees, such as giving out discounts and free deals to their family and friends that would cause businesses to lose a lot of revenue. If this is the issue you are concerned with the most, you better spread a mesh of cameras to monitor and track down different command systems.

More or less, you’ll be able to keep an eye on all vulnerable areas, operations and make sure that all activities are carried out as per your preset policy or regulation.

Moreover, you can avoid human errors during unforeseen mistakes and human errors that can put the security of your business at risk.

In order to have the culprits face the law, your surveillance system should be sophisticated enough to record the incidences and capture every movement and face passed through your eyes.

As we know, once a burglary does occur, your professionally installed CCTV cameras will record the whole incident in HD quality. The footage can help police to capture the culprit and recover your stolen items.

Using the camera system, not only you can check in on your kids, but also you can check on your pets too. It is expensive to pay someone to look after your pets and stressful to leave them home alone.

Professionally installed cameras around your premises allow you to check-in how your pets are doing when you are not at home.

If you want to get your CCTV cameras installed and take advantage of all the benefits discussed above, book a professional on the Expert App today.

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