3 Methods to Make Your Makeup Last All Day

Are you tired of correcting patchy foundation, dry skin, raccoon eyes?

If yes, then any makeup artist will recommend doing the below-mentioned changes in your makeup routine to get rid of setting your makeup time and again.

However, it is also necessary to regularly take care of your skin and use good quality makeup products.

We suggest you use these three methods to make your makeup last all day.

  • Preparing your face.
  • Choosing the right products.
  • Keeping it in place.

1.    Preparing Your Face

Wash your face:

Washing the face removes dirt, oil or old makeup residue and helps your makeup stay in place and look fresh all day long. Putting fresh makeup on oily or dirty skin will flake away and give you a bad appearance.

Before putting on makeup, wash your face.

Always use a gentle cleanser on your face because harsh soap may cause dryness and make your makeup come off sooner.

Exfoliate your face a few times in a week:

As we age, dead skin cells start accumulating on our face. So, in order to remove dead cells and makes your makeup look better and smoother, it is necessary to exfoliate your face a few times a week. Otherwise, putting makeup on dead skin will flake away.

  • Use the facial brush in a circular motion to remove dead skin cells from your face. Don’t press the brush too hard.
  • You can also apply a homemade sugar scrub as a gentle exfoliant.
  • To keep your lipstick longer in place, your lips also need to be exfoliated.


Use moisturiser to nourish your face.

If you have dry skin, buy a more nourishing moisturiser and for oily skin, buy an oil-free one.

If you are living in a sunny place, use SPF 30 sunscreen separately. You can also use a moisturiser containing anti-wrinkle properties to reduce the appearance of ageing signs. Avoid using a creamy moisturiser in the daytime, as it will make your face slip off the makeup. Instead, you can apply moisturisers before going to bed and wear them overnight.

It helps you to get moisturising benefits without slicking off your makeup.

Use face primer:

A good primer will help your makeup to stay throughout the day. Some primers are a little expensive, but a small amount of primer is required to get the finest finish, so you don’t need to buy it time and again.

Use primer over your entire face, especially over blemishes, red or oily areas.

Use an eye primer:

Similar to face primer, it helps your eyeshade stay longer and prevents creases in the lid. Eye primer makes your eyeshadow colour look less translucent and more vibrant. You can also use a liquid concealer for this purpose.

Eye primer is not necessary if you are wearing light eye makeup. However, it can work for smudging eye makeup.

It helps your eyeliner to stay in place.

Choose the Right Product for Makeup

2.    Choosing The Right Makeup Product

Buy a good matte foundation:

The best makeup artists all over the world recommend a liquid foundation.

However, if you don’t want to use a liquid foundation, use mineral powder instead of a stick foundation. It will allow your face to breathe and gives you a lighter coverage than liquid foundation, but it also traps a few bacteria in your skin.

Alternatively, you can also use a tinted moisturiser, powder foundation, cream foundation, or cream-to-powder foundation.

Some people find mineral makeup good but, others may conclude that it is too drying and quick to wear off. On the other hand, if you have a yellow skin tone, it may be difficult to get the right colour of mineral makeup for you.

Use a translucent setting powder:

Everyone who is using makeup or offering makeup services knows the fact that after setting a foundation, the usage of clear or tinted face powder gives a matte appearance to your face.

A variety of translucent setting powder is available in the market that provides you with the finest finish without the added coverage of coloured powder.

Choose long-wear lip colour:

Long-wear lipsticks are specifically designed to stay longer on your lips, even when you eat or drink. The lip colours formulated for long wear are very drying so, make sure to moisturise your lips before using them.

  • There are a variety of lip-stains and long-wear lipsticks available in the market. Depending on the looks you want, choose any type of lip colour with a matte finish.
  • You can also use lip liner around your lipstick as it helps it stay for a long period, and it also helps shape your lips.

Use powdered eye shadow:

Using powdered eyeshadow over primer will help to keep the eyeshadow colour in place for a long time.

If you are using creamy eyeshadow, apply loose setting powder to the primer with the help of an eyeshadow brush because creamy eyeshadows can easily slip off.

Use water-resistant mascara: 

The wedding makeup artist says, wearing water-resistant mascara will keep your eyes looking fresh all day. It does not slip off even if getting wet. Make sure you don’t wear it while sleeping, as it makes your lashes fall off.

Avoid wearing mascara primer as it weighs down your eyelashes and make them look shorter.

Every girl wants to keep her mascara in place all day, especially at the wedding event. Instead of waterproof formulation, they can opt for water-resistant mascara. Because waterproof mascara may damage their lashes and aren’t recommended for daily use.

Tips to Make Your Makeup Last

3.    Keeping It in Place

Take your time while applying makeup:

Applying makeup quickly in the morning and rushing to your workplace without giving it enough time to set can be a disaster. This is why all the best makeup artists suggest that you wait for 5 mins after applying one layer of makeup. This way, your makeup will stay on your face all day long, and you won’t feel any hiccups.

Avoid touching your face:

Whenever you touch your face, a little bit of makeup gets stuck with your fingers, increasing the chance of smudging. So, avoid touching your face with your fingers to prevent the risk of smudging.

During the summer season, refrain from wearing a lot of makeup because your makeup comes off easily as you sweat. So, wearing waterproof eye makeup with a light foundation is a good idea instead of using a ton of makeup to keep it in place all day.

Brushing your hair all day also helps to take off your makeup easily. When it is necessary to keep your makeup set all day, wear an updo style.

Makeup can define who you are and help you feel that little bit better about yourself every day. It’s a ritual every woman has when it comes to her appearance, so why spend so much on beauty products when the Expert app is here to save the day? Book a makeup service and get the look you want.