What is Laser Hair Removal? Why Should you go for it?

Women never liberate hairs to monopolise the whole body. Say NO to hair!

It’s hard to consider a blessing when you’ve got too much body hair, and shaving them all on your dating is just a nine-day wonder – ultimately your relationship may be compromised when he touches your thorny, mannish body next day.

Spontaneously, when you sleep, they grow, and there’d soon be stinging needles all over your legs. Having said that, removing body hair using ointments can wreak havoc on your skin, but trust me, laser hair removal can be your guardian angel.

So, avoid doing rocky hair removal experiments at home and start figuring out the right way to purge your body of these freakish black furs.

If you are looking for a painless and permanent method to tackle unwanted, unnecessary hair on your body, then our laser hair removal treatment for men and women could just be the solution.

1. What is Laser Hair Removal?

All over the world, Laser hair removal is known to be one of the most common, famous and result-oriented cosmetic procedures. In this method, a beam of highly concentrated light is directed into the hair follicles which is absorbed by the pigment present in the follicles. This way the undesired hairs from different parts of the body are destroyed.

2. How does Laser Hair Removal Work?

The entire procedure of Laser Therapy is based on the emission of high-heat laser beams of low radiation onto the specific parts of the body. The laser beams heat up and destroy the follicles and help you achieve a hairless finish.

3. Why destroying of Hair Follicles?

Our hair follicles are present just under the skin and because they are the main sources of producing new strands of hair, they should be destroyed. This way, you stop the production of hair temporarily but for a long time.

4. Better than Conventional Methods

Conventional methods like waxing, shaving and tweezing when compared with Laser hair removal, aren’t as effective because they only remove hair above the surface. Experts all around the globe use this method to remove hair from these bodily areas:

  • Face (except for the eye area)
  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Shoulders
  • Bikini line

5. Quick and Painless

The best thing about the laser hair removal process is that it is quick and painless. Smaller areas like upper lips and chin can be done within a few minutes. However, larger areas like the chest, back and legs may take more than an hour. During the consultation, if the dermatologist decides to apply anesthetic cream or gel, you need to be in the clinic one hour earlier.

Although the success rate of Laser Hair Removal for women and men is quite high, the follicles heal after some time which may result in hair production. To make sure you get long-lasting results, you may have to go through multiple treatments.

7. Why go for Laser Hair Removal?

  • Laser Hair Removal method is a skin-friendly solution and can be done for any body part except eyes. The time taken for different areas depends on the size of the area. Smaller areas can be done in just a few minutes.
  • There is little to no downtime involved in this treatment. This allows you to carry on with your daily routine activities soon after the procedure.
  • It is a known fact that new hairs may grow after LHR but the new hair will be finer and also lighter in color. Meaning the newly grown hair won’t look heavy and visible as earlier.
  • It is a painless method of hair removal from different parts of the body like face, leg, chin, back, arm, underarm and bikini line, etc. On the other hand, tweezing, shaving and waxing are painful.
  • Precision: The edge with laser hair removal is that it precisely targets dark and coarse hair without inflicting any damage to the surrounding areas.
  • Speed: Every beam or pulse of light takes only a split second to permeate the skin and reach the follicle where it treats multiple hairs in one go.
  • Predictability: Experts may suggest multiple treatments for permanent results. This is the reason people experience permanent hair loss after three to seven sessions, on average.

8. Other Noticeable Benefits of LHR (Laser Hair Removal)

Speaking of inarguable results, following are the top benefits of laser hair removal:

Noticeable Benefits of Laser hair Removal

8.1. Less costly than Waxing, Tweezing, etc

Going for Laser Hair Removal from Find An Expert will definitely cost you a lot lower than what you are going to spend on waxing and shaving etc in the future. You may have to go for any conventional method after every few days or weeks and our LHR being a long-term investment will help you save lots of money in the long run.

8.2. Wear whatever you like

Don’t be shy when it comes to wearing your favourite shorts, sleeveless shirts and tops, bikinis and swimsuits, LHR has your back. You won’t look a grizzly bear at all. Be it underarm hairs, bikini line hair or hair on thighs, say goodbye to them and have your confidence back.

8.3 Increased confidence

Not suffering from excessive hair means enhanced confidence and self-esteem. You will feel good about yourself as you won’t have to deal with a horrid stubble every few days. A smooth hairless face, arms and legs will allow you to take on any challenge that comes your way.

8.4 More spare time at your disposal

A large majority of people spend a lot of time in body grooming and removing hair from different parts of the body. This consumes a lot of time from their busy lives. By not having to deal with excessive hair means you have more ‘me time’. Do whatever you want in this time; it’s yours.

8.5 Silky soft and velvety skin

Going for our laser hair removal process will allow you to enjoy the gift of a velvety touch and even-toned skin. Not only will you have smooth skin but you will like the flattering muscle tone.

8.6 A reliable method

Ours is a wonderful treatment for all those suffering from distressing amounts of hair. These include women suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome, hormonal changes and men experiencing ill-appearing hair on shoulders, back and arms, etc. In case your problem is chronic, regular treatments can turn out to be gruesome. LHR is a blessing; take advantage of it.

8.7 Important considerations for LHR

Before the procedure starts, the aesthetician may apply analgesic gel or cream as it kills any pain; if any. In rare cases, the patient may face pain and this is where they need to convey it to the expert. The dermatologist may suggest an over the counter (OTC) anti-pain medicine.

If you experience any side-effect like redness and inflammation after the treatment, you may apply ice to the affected area to calm it.

LHR process disables the growth of hair instead of removing hair. This means you may have to go for follow up treatments. Regular top-ups will enhance the results.

Once you are out of the clinic after a session of treatment, lower your exposure to the sun. After the treatment, the skin becomes sensitive and going out in the sun puts you at risk of sunburn. If it is necessary to go out, apply a good quality sunscreen.

Follow-up treatments are necessary for great and enduring results. Our experts suggest that most people need multiple treatments with every treatment spaced out at 6 weeks. The number of treatments for great results are 4-7.

9. Why follow up sessions?

Not going for follow-up treatments is not recommended at all. To get the most out of the Laser hair removal method, you need to pursue this treatment for four to seven times. According to Find An Expert, the frequency of treatments varies on an individual basis.

After every top-up session, you will notice a smooth skin with reduced hair than before. In case, some hairs don’t vanish or regenerate after a session, they will appear to be lighter in color and texture. Researches tell us that hairs will be reduced by 15-25% after the first session. After follow-up sessions, you will notice the reduction is improved.

Maintenance sessions are necessary as they make sure hair follicles don’t regenerate. Maintenance sessions are required once or twice a year.

Final words

Now we know that Laser Hair Removal for men and women isn’t a completely permanent solution but it is the finest procedure to tackle unwanted and beauty blurring hair for an extended time. Although there are a number of other hair removal options, like electrolysis and needle epilators, that promise long-term hair removal process, LHR being a painless, quick and affordable solution tops all.