What Jennifer Aniston and her Fellow Actors think about Microneedling

Contrary to popular belief, actresses do not just get Botox needles to match the societal standards of beauty, they also have to bear the Microneedling pins puncturing their faces to make them look better on screen. And thanking God right now because He didn’t make you an actress.

Well, we have to say these ladies love this pain.

Note: But let me tell you, microneedling has little to no pain sensation, but at least, to get the blood out, there must be a minor prickling sensation.

Let’s go a bit deeper to find what is microneedling treatment

Microneedling or CIT is relatively a new skin-related procedure in the fashion world, and more and more dermatologists are recommending it as a solution to a variety of skin issues.

Simply described, Microneedling is a treatment method for acne, scars and various other skin issues that aim at their removal by puncturing the skin through needles.

Pinching these tiny but sharp needles onto the epidermis makes small holes in the skin from where the toxic fluid and dead blood cells come out.

The removal of these extra entities makes room for faster elastin, collagen production, and enhances the skin’s overall look. Our Microneedling treatment includes ending the session with a great vitamin serum application to ensure its absorption by the skin, thus making it healthier than ever before.

Before looking at some of the most common skin issues, let us talk about some of our favourite A-listers’ experiences with Microneedling treatments and what do they have to say about it.

Can microneedling make you look Younger

Queen Aniston gets Microneedled frequently, But she is not the only one for sure

Here are some of our top favourite Hollywood sweethearts talking about what makes Microneedling great enough, not-to-be-missed at all.

Jennifer Aniston

Whenever there is a talk about young and fresh skin, you surely get reminded of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. star who still looks as young as she did in the TV show’s first premier.

Even after all of these years, ageing seems a phenomenon unknown to Jennifer.

Even when the actress has been using various chemical and herbal elements for her skin forever, it is not too long ago when she talked about her new favourite “Microneedling”.

The lady got to know about this through renowned American facialists and celebrity stylists.

Jennifer was surely in awe of the perfect results this treatment had to offer her. She especially loves Microneedling since the holes made during its course allow for better penetration of whatever serums and nutritive solutions she applied to keep her skin intact.

She said: I get microneedling. I learned about it a few months ago from a facialist who is in New York. This treatment lets the serums and every other product you are using absorb in perfectly.

Thanks to her for saying the second sentence.

The ‘penetration allowing ability’ of Microneedling is the reason why our experts finish the treatment with a rich vitamin serum application.

You now know that Microneedling will not only be useful for skin issues but is also a great and preventive treatment for your skin, so we suggest you get a Microneedling treatment before getting any other skin nourishment done.

Angelina Jolie

Remember when this award-winning queen of hearts made a great sensation at Cannes because her skin looked better than ever before?

A fashion diva has finally let her secret out that is nothing but Microneedling. Jolie believes Microneedling is a great way to stop skin ageing – she expresses her hopes in getting it done again.

It seems like it does not hurt! Right?

Brad Pitt

Our smart and intelligent hero is wise enough to keep his eyes on both X-wives, Aniston and Angelina Jolie.

Pitt must have been really inspired by the fresh skins and post-microneedling beauty of the two most influential women of his life and therefore decided to get it too. Who knows, maybe Angelina forced him to do it first and then tried because we are sure she didn’t want to risk her flawlessness right before such an important day. Pitt did not talk about it much, but he once mentioned that he loved the results.

Kim Kardashian

Remember Kim’s blood-faced picture that made many cringes?

Kim was bold enough to post her Microneedling session’s pictures since she was so happy with the results and wanted you to try it out too.

What issues I can expect to treat with a Microneedling Session?

As stated before, Microneedling is not a treatment that you should only get to seek relief from a specific skin issue. In fact, this powerful treatment boosts the skin’s overall health by getting it rid of toxins and enhancing both the collagen and elastin in the skin.

However, some of the most common skin problems you can treat using our Microneedling and Vitamin treatment include:

  • Rough and patchy skin with bad texture
  • Sunburns
  • Dark scars, especially those occurring after surgery or stitches
  • Open pores
  • Wrinkles on the forehead and under the eyes
  • Burn marks
  • Acne marks and very dark spots
  • Fine lines and laugh lines
  • Chickenpox scars
  • Ageing effects
  • Stretch marks


How much is it painful?

Still scared of the pain? What if we tell you that this whole process is entirely painless?

Yes, you read it right.

The needles used during a Microneedling session are so small and harmless that they only penetrate the upper epidermis. This allows the process to be completely painless.

Our vitamin serum application not only rejuvenates your skin but also provides a soothing effect so that the redness and minor burning goes away right there.

Before you go for a microneedling session, try to keep your skin exfoliated and hydrated so that you may get maximum results.

Moreover, eating healthy and not staying too much under the sun is also something that will surely help. We hope that you enjoy the great results after getting a microneedling done by our experts and that you get your perfect skin back soon.