Is Thread Lift the End of Surgical Face Lifts

Do you know what the common things are amongst the brits? We all love youth and want to stay young forever. Well, unfortunately, it’s a real-world and not a comic book story where we could drink the sacred water from the Fountain of Youth and live an eternal life with no worries of getting aged.

No need to panic, folks. Although you cannot stay alive or young forever, you can enjoy youth for a long time. That’s a guarantee. Really? But how? Through a fantastic non-surgical procedure named Thread Lift.

Does it really bestow us the long-lasting youth? The answer is Yes! Not only that, but it also gives a rejuvenated appearance. It is the perfect antidote to sagging skin at the chin and around the cheeks. Thread lift restores your beauty and, in turn, your confidence by lifting your facial areas.

Want to know more about this magnificent treatment that has become a perfect alternative for surgical facelifting treatments? Just stay put!

What is a thread lift?

A few years back, skin laxity on jowls and sagging cheeks could only be treated with a surgical treatment, which was painful, expensive and came with long downtime. So, not everyone was willing to go for this treatment. For all those people who want a safe and minimally invasive treatment for a facelift, Thread lift is perfect for them.

It is a procedure that involves temporary sutures to achieve a visible facelift. In this process, the sagging skin on the patient’s face isn’t removed using a surgical method. In fact, with the help of fine needles and invisible threads, the aesthetician suspends it by stitching it.

This means your skin is pulled back, giving a lifted and tightened appearance to the face. Apart from lifting the skin, the invisible thread interestingly counters ageing. It tricks the mind into thinking that the facial part needs healing. And this causes it to send signals to the body to stimulate the healing response via collagen production in the facial area and send large amounts of collagen to the treated area.

Not only the body’s healing response will heal the sutured areas, but it will also expel the sutures. Our bodies are programmed to work this way. Whenever the brain feels that a foreign object has entered the dermis, it sends signals.

As the threads present under the skin are small and fine, the person getting the Thread Lift treatment won’t feel any pain or sensation. Once the skin is healed, most patients don’t feel the sutures inside their skin and never complain about anything.

The stimulation of collagen and amassing it in the facial area results in lessening fine lines, wrinkles, and other ageing signs. In return, you get smooth and elastic skin.

Simply saying, the stimulation of collagen resulting from the Thread Lift provides rejuvenation to your facial tissues, which is what all of us want. People who go for this non-surgical treatment, which enhances collagen production, will experience an elastic, firm and improved skin texture.

Is Thread Lift treatment really effective?

Yes, it is. The best advantage of going for a Thread Lift compared to a surgical facelift is that it doesn’t involve long recovery times. Recovery time involved in Thread Lift treatment is minimal, and you don’t have to wait for weeks to recover. Specialists perform the process under local anaesthesia. Meaning people undergoing this surgery can drive back to their homes. On the contrary, you want someone else to drive you back home after undergoing surgical treatment.

Although the patients can go back to work straight away, they are advised to take a day off from work as it can cause slight soreness, redness, and swelling. Also, strong painkiller tablets are seldom needed. This modern-day treatment is considered ideal for those living a busy life, having children, or demanding professional life. It means you won’t have to go through serious pain.

What’s the recovery involved in Thread Lift?

The recovery involved in this minimally invasive treatment is not intensive, but still, you may be asked to follow some precautions while your facial skin heals. Aestheticians will ask you not to rub your face forcefully while cleansing or moisturizing; for 5-7 days after the treatment. While sleeping, you will be advised to prop up your head a bit. By trying this, you won’t roll over directly onto the face.

Are there any risks involved

Thanks to the non-invasive threads, this treatment doesn’t come with serious risks. You may experience slight irritation, redness and swelling, which will subside in two days. In Thread Lift, you won’t have to bear scarring, severe bruising, bleeding, and conditions like these.

Are they pocket friendly?

Absolutely, as it takes much less time than plastic surgery or invasive facelift, plus the fact that it can be performed easily, it won’t affect your budget that much. For queries regarding cost, get on the line with your service provider.

What to expect from Thread Lifts

There is no doubt that Thread Lifts do come with a lot of benefits. However, it is important for patients to set realistic expectations from it. They will give you a subtle and natural-looking lift without any drastic or exaggerated changes that can be seen in plastic surgery. Yes, you will see a visible improvement, but the lifting of skin will only be a few millimetres.

This is the exact reason; Thread Lift is ideal for those affected by moderate skin sagginess compared to severe deterioration.

Who is the ideal candidate for a Thread Lift treatment?

Anyone over 30-35 to early 50s is the perfect candidate for this treatment. Any person above 55 years who wants to achieve skin uplifting and rejuvenated complexion should go for facelift surgery.

On the other hand, Thread Lifts can be the perfect alternative for those old-aged patients who cannot undergo surgery for medical purposes. It is a wonderful beautifying treatment for both men and women. As the providers perform the treatment under local anaesthesia, many people who are ineligible for surgery can go through this treatment in an effective and safe manner.

Furthermore, if you are suffering from an outstanding health condition, convey it to your service provider during the consultation. Based on the condition, they will tell you whether you are a perfect candidate for it or not.


In the end, it is important to understand that all such lifting treatments, whether surgical or non-surgical, have some limitations. They won’t change your facial condition completely. Moreover, no lifting treatment promises permanent results.

Also, surgical treatment may produce longer results, but a Thread Lift is safe and doesn’t come with serious vulnerabilities. The results gained from Thread Lifts will stay for one year to three years. The best thing about this treatment is that it doesn’t involve pain and downtime. For this reason, many people opt for a new treatment for placing sutures once the already placed threads are absorbed inside.

This great treatment’s best results and beneficial properties can only be gained if you choose an experienced and reliable service provider. Contact Expert for a safe and effective treatment full of benefits at a tremendous cost.