Is Fat Freezing an effective treatment for fat reduction? Are there any better ways of removing body fat?

Beauty is pain! It is pretty evident from the perfectly shaped bodies of glamour figures like Molly Sims, Gretchen Rossi, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Aniston and our latest darling, Khloe Kardashian. All these hot celebrities underwent Fat Freezing to achieve a curvaceous figure and to maintain their celebrity stature.

Fat freezing has become the talk of the town. Still, a lot of people doubt this cool alternative to surgical liposuction that comes with many side effects.

Also known as cryogenic lipolysis, Fat Freezing is a non-surgical and safe way to destroy fat cells. It helps you enjoy a slender body. If you are also struggling with amassed body fat and a chubby appearance, Fat Freezing will help you counter it.

Remember: Giving up on a healthy diet to lose embarrassing fat won’t do you any good. It will only have adverse effects on your overall well-being.

What is Fat Freezing?

It is a non-invasive treatment that aims to reduce fat from different parts of the body by freezing them. It should only be done by a qualified individual to reduce fats from all problematic areas that mostly include tummy, thighs, arms and hips.

The FDA approved this non-surgical method of fat removal in 2010. After that, it gained serious popularity as a non-surgical and effective alternate to liposuction. It was initially used to flatten bra bulges and love handles and reduce unsightly fat from thighs, stomach area, and arms.

However, a few years back, the suction machine used for Fat Freezing was declared safe to counter small and sensitive areas like under the chin.

Does it work as promised?

Yes, it does, if done by or under the supervision of an experienced professional. Fat freezing promises great results and comes with a high success rate. It effectively reduces bulges of fat from different areas of the body. Moreover, the side effects of it are much less as compared to surgical treatments.

According to Manhattan-based medical aesthetician Jeannel Astarita, a renowned body contouring expert and founder of Just Ageless, Fat Freezing is safe, effective and works as promised.

Realistically speaking, this treatment removes fat and gives you a much lean appearance; however, it is ‘Not’ a magic treatment for complete fat removal. Moreover, this treatment may not produce desired results for everyone as we all have different lifestyles, different diets, our body structures and daily routines are also different.

If you live a sedentary lifestyle and consume unhealthy food during and after the course of Fat Freezing, don’t expect it to do wonders for you.

Ways of Removing Fat

Is it a weight loss remedy?

You may not lose a considerable amount of weight with Fat Freezing Treatment. Because body fat is much lighter than the muscles, you won’t see much difference in your weight.

While talking to Vogue, Astarita says, “When [you lose] what’s spilling over the top of your pants or your bra, it counts.” However, she cleared everything by saying, “None of these devices shed pounds.”

On a positive note, apart from slight weight reduction and a lowered size in clothing, you will have a significantly improved waistline and less bulging of fat which may be hurting your self-esteem before the treatment.

How does it work?

Being a non-surgical method, the fat freezing process doesn’t involve any needles. The cooling device sucks or holds the desired body part between its paddles. The doctor keeps the cooling paddles on the targeted area for a time ranging between 35 to 60 minutes.

During this time, the freezing of the fats results in reducing about 25% fat cells in the area. You will see clear results after multiple treatments and after a few weeks. During this time, your immune system gets rid of the dead skin cells.

What results are seen?

Dr Jason Roostaeian, an Associate Clinical Professor in the Division of Plastic Surgery at UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine, while talking to Vogue, says, “It often takes a few treatments to get to your optimum results.”

He confirms that one treatment will give you minimal results, and you may not notice anything. However, Roostaeian and Astarita emphasize the fact that multiple treatments will surely yield fruitful results.

Once a client undergoes 3-4 or more treatments, the eventual results will see around 25% fat reduction in a certain area.

Adding more, Roostaeian says, “At best, you get a mild fat reduction—a slightly improved waistline, less bulging of any particular area that’s concerning. I would emphasize the word mild.”

Does it produce lasting results?

According to experts, Fat Freezing works by freezing bulges of fat to destroy them. The targeted fat cells don’t return; however, the destroyed fat cells cannot stop new cells from appearing.

There aren’t many scientific pieces of evidence that back the long-term effects of this treatment. Because in most studies, subjects are followed for only a few months post-treatment.

To achieve a healthy weight and perfectly contoured body, you will have to wait for weeks or even a few months after the treatment to notice visible results. Don’t rely on Fat Freezing to lose weight. Rather maintain a healthy lifestyle, hit the gym regularly and eat nutritional foods.

Are there any effective alternatives to Fat Freezing Treatment?

Other than Fat freezing, many surgical and non-surgical treatments reduce fat bulges from your body using varied methods.

These are:

  • Injection Lipolysis
  • Radiofrequency Lipolysis
  • Laser Lipolysis
  • Liposuction

Let’s now tell you a bit about these methods

Injection Lipolysis

This treatment involves injecting a chemical named deoxycholic acid to reduce fats at and around the injection site. This FDA-approved treatment for the area underneath the chin disrupts the fat cells, which eventually die after some time. Injection lipolysis is known to be the best treatment for people suffering from a “double chin”.

Radiofrequency lipolysis

Radiofrequency lipolysis is a non-surgical method in which the specific body area is heated with radiofrequency. The heating instrument doesn’t come in contact with the skin, and the expert heats the area by keeping the applicator 1 cm from the skin.

This treatment only acts on the fat cells and other types of cells in the skin that aren’t heated.

Laser lipolysis

As the name suggests, this fat reduction treatment makes use of laser energy. Just like Radiofrequency, it also specifically heats the fat cells without impacting other types of cells nearby.


Also known as lipo, this is a surgical process that helps get rid of excess fat from underneath the skin. Being an invasive treatment, liposuction comes with serious risks, and everyone is not a good candidate for this treatment as it involves incisions. Liposuction is the most commonly used treatment for fat reduction in the world.

Fat Freezing

Which specific option should you go for?

After studying all the body fat reduction methods, no one can decide upon the superiority of one treatment over the others. The choice of selecting the right treatment for you depends on different factors like:

  • Body area you want to treat
  • Your goals
  • Your budget
  • Expert advice
  • Your skin condition

Before deciding in favour of any particular treatment, make sure you consult with an experienced and board-certified doctor. Upon examining your condition and skin type, they will suggest the right treatment for you.

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