How Mr. Ehsan Got the Most Out of the Expert App

Mr. Ehsan’s office will be re-opening tomorrow after a couple of months’ closure due to rising COVID-19 cases in the area. It’s 11:30 at night, and he is sitting all alone in his office while staring at the dirty floor, mucky walls, and tables covered by dust. He called his manager, but he is out of town. Tried calling his office boy, but he isn’t responding.

On the inside, Mr. Ehsan knows that cleaning the entire office floor, walls, workstations, kitchen, and bathroom cannot be done by one person. And it is a professional’s job to make it clean and restore its original condition. Also, he wants the job to be done before tomorrow as he doesn’t want his staff to come and see the office in such a bad condition.

Expert App: A Perfect Platform to Book Any Service, Anytime, Anywhere!

He keeps on sitting idle − doing nothing for a few minutes − before a sudden thought strikes his mind. He picks his phone, opens the Expert App and books office cleaning service, enters the office address, and taps on the emergency tick box.

Do you know what happens next? The Expert cleaners equipped with the latest cleaning tools reached the office within an hour, even at the late hours of the night. They inspected the office − as soon as they arrived − and got started with the job immediately.

Mr. Ehsan left the office premises as he had to make a few important calls and was allergic to dust. He came after an hour and couldn’t believe it was the same office he was sitting in a few minutes ago. He called out the senior cleaning professional in a jokey way and asked, “have I entered someone else’s office”?

The floors were shining like a mirror, walls cleaned, the washbasins, commodes, and towel hangers seemed as if they were new and installed just now. As far as the bathroom and kitchen floors were concerned, they were spic and span.

Mr. Ehsan couldn’t control his excitement and started taking pictures of the startling office to send in the official WhatsApp group to show his staff the new condition of their workplace. And before paying the Expert cleaning team for their tremendous job, he commended the entire team for how amazing they truly were.

This is one of the many jobs Expert did immaculately, and Mr. Ehsan is one of the several satisfied clients Expert has made all over Pakistan in a short span of time since our launch.

We take our jobs very seriously and never think of providing sub-standard services to our respected clients in any niche. Providing high-quality services at the most affordable rates and that too at your place has become Expert’s specialty.

So, if you have a job that you think only the professionals can do, just open the Expert App, enter the service, enter some information followed by the time and date for the service. That’s it. Just put your feet up and relax. Our highly experienced professionals will knock at your door at the time given while booking the service. They will come fully equipped with the right tools to get the job done.

So, when are you booking our service?