How Dance Lessons Can Change Your Life

A friend of mine once asked me “what is music?” I kept on thinking about it and the best I could reply to her was, “music is something that makes you move, makes your groove, something that sounds good to the ears, takes you to an imaginary world. “The renditions let you get lost in an ideal setting where everything happens according to our wishes, the melody, notes and vocal instruments energize you.”

Oh man, how intellectual have I become?

Then she asked me about the dance. Again I turned on my philosophical mode, but this time I had no satisfactory answer to it. All I could say was “why bother about the meaning or interpreting something when you can simply enjoy and master it without any worries?”

Yeah, I know when you Google ‘what is dance’, a lot of definitions and content explaining what it is will be shown. My point is why care for connotation when it can actually benefit you? When I talked about the benefits, she started showing more interest. “Benefits? How does dance benefit us”.

Benefits of Dance

Then I started explaining the benefits to my friend and I’m sure you will be as interested to know them as she was.

ABCD; anybody can dance. Yes, that’s right. Dancing is a way to stay fit and active for people of all ages.

Some of the other benefits of dancing are listed below.


  • It improves the condition of your lungs
  • It strengthens the heart
  • Provides muscular strength, balance and endurance
  • You achieve aerobic fitness
  • Betters overall body language
  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Enhanced muscle toning
  • Some dance types are excellent for people with limited mobility
  • Helps in controlling weight
  • Strong bones and fewer chances of osteoporosis
  • Your body is more active, and agile than before
  • Improves your reflexes


  • Helps you stay happy
  • Greater confidence and self-esteem
  • Improved brain functioning
  • General wellness and psychological wellbeing
  • Enhanced social skills
  • Boosts cognitive abilities

Now, after going through these wonderful benefits of dance, a lot of you would also want to become a pro at it. You will want to do something organized that not just every amateur can do. Right?

Have you heard Ed Sheeran’s romantic masterpiece, ‘Thinking Out Loud’, where the couple comprising of the singer, Ed Sheeran, and Brittany Cherry show their mesmerizing dance skills?  Their chemistry and soothing moves, in the video, will let you fall in love with it. How beautifully they did it; their control over some dance moves was impeccable. And honestly, one of those songs I can enjoy even if there is no sound. FYI, the dance type was ‘Rumba’.

I have always been a fan of Sheeran’s melodious voice but never had I thought he could dance like this. Moreover, I had never heard of or seen Brittany before, but she was damn good.

There are two reasons why I talked about this specific video. Firstly, a lot of people including me didn’t know anything about Brittany Cherry. But her fabulous dance moves made her the talk of the town. So, you can also achieve fame and be the centre of attraction if you know how to rock the floor with your dance moves.

You can impress your friends, make your partner’s heart pumping with your fascinating moves, can participate in dance competitions, run your own YouTube channel or become a TikTok star. This is what learning dance can do to you. It can take you to newer heights.

Secondly and most importantly, Ed was never known to be a good dancer, but he did it. Thanks to the regular and long dance lessons he got especially for this video. One of the most popular Stars in the UK openly admits that he was close to quitting the dance training because it was hard for him.

He said that rehearsing for this dance-heavy music made him think of whether he should do it or not. Or whether to appear in the ‘Thinking Out Loud’ video or not, just because of the difficulty he was facing to match Brittany’s breathtaking moves in the video. In the start, he looked completely out of sorts, but slowly came to terms with the techniques and flow of ‘Rumba’, thanks to his continuous training.

Simply saying, if you are continuously getting your dance lessons from a maestro, you are destined to succeed and impress everyone just like the ‘Don’t’ superstar did in the ballroom; where the video was shot.

Ok coming back to the main point, do you also want to replicate the superb dance moves as in this lovely melody? Or want to master some other dance like Ballet, Latin, Street Dance, MJ’s signature Moon Walk, Bhangra, Hip Hop or anything else?

I know, that not everybody is a natural dancer and we are not born with this ability. So, what’s the solution? How can you dance, enjoy and avail all the above-mentioned benefits? YouTube videos are helpful but cannot be compared to a trainer who can teach you the intricacies of dance technique and instills in you perfection via their expertise. They will help you practice in such a way that enables you to master a specific dance.

Dance lessons from a professional dance instructor are just like a driving class, coaching and sports training. They enable you to be on top of your game. Learning dance via dance lessons is always fun. After learning some moves, you will be able to express yourself via your organized body movements and spend quality time with your partner, friends or family.

Dance lessons can change your overall personality and you will be more confident about yourself. After learning this high-in-demand skill, you can pursue it as a career too. And we all know social media is never too far.

Do you remember the benefits mentioned in the first part? You will be availing of all of those too.

So hurry up folks, Expert dance lesson classes are quickly filling up. Book your place now!