Here’s How You Can Ease Your Life With Expert App; Just Like Ms. Ayesha!

Ms. Ayesha works a day job and is a mother of three small kids. Being a working lady and a mother does take a toll on her body considering that she has to commute 2 hours daily to and from the office. Apart from the 9-5 job, when at home, she has to do all the stuff like pampering her kids, cooking, cleaning, laundry, making breakfast and preparing special meals for her little ones, every day.

As she is an HR manager, the taxing always leaves her restless. Considering her hectic job she requires time for herself too. Moreover, a specific part of her time at home is served in her personal grooming, a glide through the social media, and watching her favourite TV dramas; which is a must. Talking about her husband, Mr. Nawaz, who is a banker, is a typical Pakistani male who believes that all household chores are the responsibility of a woman.

Now, don’t you think that Ms. Ayesha’s life is quite tough? Not only she has to look after the well-being of her kids and maintain her house, but she also has the burden of a full day job. A few months back, Ms. Ayesha fell seriously ill. A seasonal viral infection maybe. She had to take some days off from her office.

She was so feeble that she could hardly prepare breakfast & lunch for her school-going children. Leave alone all other household chores like laundry and cleaning etc. After a few days, her beautiful house started looking like a shabby place. The dirt started accumulating everywhere, in the balcony, floors, furniture and appliances, etc. There was a huge pile of laundry. All the utensils needed a thorough cleaning.

Add to that, the mess created by her children made the place look like a jungle with all their toys, shoes, and clothes scattered in every corner of their home. The untidy look of her house combined with her illness made the condition even worse. She couldn’t find a way out of this situation until one day while scrolling the social media, she found something… something really cool and helping.

Household Services

A miracle

One day while lying in her bed and scrolling her news feed, she went past an ad that was a compelling one. She kept on scrolling, however, she couldn’t get over the post. Something suddenly struck her mind forcing her to scroll up and look for that ad again.

The ad was regarding Expert App, which claims to provide exceptional household services to all its customers. Upon returning and seeing that the post clearly, a thought popped in her mind, why not try them. She downloaded the app, signed up and was about to book the home cleaning service before an obvious thought stopped her at once.

Are they trustworthy? She asked herself, “how can I even let someone unknown enter my home in these torrid times when nobody is trustworthy?” Ms. Ayesha stopped for a while and then decided to call Expert’s customer support center. To her amazement, the lady on the line was quite nice and guided her through every step of the process and how Expert has made a heroic entry into the Pakistani market.

She ensured Ms. Ayesha that all their cleaning maids and laundry persons are NADRA verified and fully background checked. The mother of three was told that they never hire inexperienced people or someone having a criminal record and doubtful past. The agent also said that if she isn’t satisfied with the service they can send another professional to their house who will clean their house thoroughly and wash all their laundry. And that customer satisfaction is Expert’s main aim.

All these things when combined with just 500 RS/hour was so luring that Ms. Ayesha couldn’t resist it. She booked a house cleaning service and a launderer too; at the same time. The best thing was that a couple of maids − to clean her house − and a female launderer arrived at her house exactly on the time she entered in the Expert App.

Expert’s Magic worked wonders

After a couple of hours, the house was cleaned with floors cleaned using a quality disinfectant, bathrooms super shiny and furniture dust gone as if there was none. The dishes and cooking pans were free from oil and grim and set professionally. While the clothes of the entire family which was a huge pile of her dresses, her kids’ uniforms, her husband’s formal shirts, pants and easy to wear at home fabrics were hanging on the roof to dry.

None of the clothing items’ color had faded. And even her kids’ uniforms, which are always full of stains seemed as if they were new. After paying the house cleaners and the laundry expert, there was a rise smile on her face as if she returned victorious after a long and horrible battle. Everything was done so perfectly and she didn’t have to do any laborious task.

The Hr manager recovered completely and she started following the same timetable. However, there was one change in her life. Now, all her weekends were worry-free; thanks to Expert. Now, she books cleaning, launderer, utensil washing from the Expert App. Even the electricians and plumbers are called to rectify any problem from the Expert with just a few taps. Moreover, all this is done by spending a meager amount.

If you also want to ease your or your loved one’s life, Expert App is a must-have on your phone. Download now and step towards a worry-free, convenient life.

P.S: This is a true story and Ms. Ayesha is one of our respectable customers who fully trust us.