Expert’s Anti-Ageing Facial! A Safe Journey Towards A Youthful You.

With every passing year, the monster of ageing clings onto you more firmly.

A worrying sign if you think deeply.

Ageing brings with it many by-products like fine lines, wrinkles − all over the face and décolletage − skin sagginess and many factors that can affect your beauty big time. You cannot afford to be careless as ageing can destroy your appearance and shatter your confidence.

Are you doing enough to nip the evil of ageing in the bud? Well, if you aren’t, it’s high time that you act quickly and wisely. Otherwise, the ageing signs can take over your beauty, and you don’t want it to happen. Right?

If you want to abnegate signs of ageing and wish to achieve facial youth, choose from our range of anti-ageing facials to look beautiful, attractive, hydrated & young, irrespective of your age. The best one to achieve a smooth, radiant and dewy finish is Anti-Aging Facial.

Benefits of Anti Ageing Facial

Expert’s Anti Ageing Facial

When we travel down the age lane, our skin becomes thin and dry due to the shortage of collagen − a necessary element presents in the body which makes the skin thick and plump. Ageing also causes scarcity of elastin − another skin-friendly element that gives the skin a firm and smooth look.

When old, the time taken by the healthy and young cells to shift to the topmost layer of the skin slows down, incredibly, making the skin look dull.

Also, the ever-increasing inner stresses to go along with exposure to outside elements like the sun and pollution result in fine lines, wrinkles and laugh lines. This is where Expert’s multiple anti-ageing facials are the ultimate solution.

Our range of facials includes chemical peels, collagen masks and serums that contain antioxidants like vitamin C and helpful ingredients like hyaluronic acid.

All these ingredients, when combined with special elements, tailored according to your needs, and expert exfoliation, nourish the skin from deep inside to bring out clear, hydrated, spotless, smooth and young skin.

Due to the extractions involved in the anti-ageing facials, it may also be known as deep-cleansing facial.

Find An Expert’s Range

If you desire a youthful complexion and long-lasting results, choose from a wide variety of facials that include age-defying vitamin serums, collagen facials, laser treatments and chemical or herbal peels.

Our range of anti-ageing facial treatments involves using products and techniques that slow down the ageing process and help you achieve bright and wrinkle-free skin. You look young, and being high in confidence, you will notice a big change in yourself imparted by our effective anti-ageing facials.

Why go for Anti-Ageing facials?

There are many benefits associated with anti-ageing spa facials, however, we are going to discuss just a few important ones.

A Perfect Tonic for Dehydrated Skin

The skin becoming rough and dry is a natural phenomenon. There are various reasons on the back of it like sun damage, loss of collagen, hormones and reduced cell regeneration. Irrespective of the reason, dry skin causes visible ageing signs in the form of fine lines and wrinkles. This is where moisturising treatments are deemed significant.

Our anti-ageing facials include the application of emollient-rich moisturisers that boost the moistness of the skin. You can say goodbye to dry, flaky skin and welcome dewy and rejuvenated skin that you’ve yearned for over the years.

Slows down the ageing process

As the name suggests, anti-ageing facials at Expert aim to restore your skin’s firmness, making you appear young and make your skin glowing. Moreover, the inclusion of the collagen serums, sensi peels makes your skin bright and helps restore its healing abilities against the damage inflicted by the sun and hyperpigmentation, etc.

The glow, radiance, freshness and firmness all combined to give you a youthful complexion and help you stay & look young for a long time.

Better Circulation

Anti-ageing facials from the hands of specialised facial experts at our clinics help you achieve better circulation and hence a rested appearance, just like your favourite Hollywood celebs. The reason is that these facials involve gentle exfoliation scrubs, pressure techniques, and slow movements on the face and neck that result in the circulation of fresh and oxygenated blood through the skin’s surface.

Oxygenated blood is known to have rejuvenating nutrients that not only enhance the skin condition from the inside but also improve the health of skin cells. Rejuvenated skin cells mean a replenished, soft and smooth skin like you had some years back.

You Enjoy Better Skin Elasticity

Our skin is a protective shield that safeguards our body and important organs from outside elements and damage. However, after continuous guarding against sun damage and environmental elements and irritants, it becomes tired and loses its strength, also known as elasticity.

The good news is that going for anti-ageing facial treatments from Expert can re-energise your skin. Moreover, it will help stimulate collagen and elastin. With the production of these skin-friendly elements, the skin’s quality is enhanced drastically. It becomes plump, glowing, firm and fresh with a significant reduction in ageing signs like fine lines, wrinkles, dehydration and dryness.

You Look Beautiful

Anti-ageing facials are your ultimate beauty guide. They make you look beautiful. Do we have to emphasise this point more? I don’t think so.

Our facial maestros will nourish your skin using with the help of peptides, your own growth factors, hydrating serums and a hyaluronic mask.

Gift yourself or your loved one our luxury anti-ageing facial this spring season in a state-of-the-art clinic at a fraction of a cost at what others charge in the market and achieve the ultimate beauty.

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