Does Teeth Whitening Work, And Is It Safe?

It’s everybody’s dream to have sparkling white teeth and a starling smile. But for some, this dream seems a long way away.  

You must have heard a saying, “Life is too short. Smile while you still have teeth.” I totally agree with it. Smile and smile nonstop, laugh and laugh out loud, giggle and crack it up the way you want. You look beautiful and can be the reason for others’, around you, smile and happiness.

But what about those who have yellow or off-whitish teeth? Or those who are fond of red wine, cigarettes, coffees and confectionary? To all those freaky yellowisters, please do something about your teeth. They really look bad and affect your overall appearance.

Not to forget, your ill-appearing set of teeth can dent your confidence big time and may result in lower productivity. Moreover, it can be disgusting for others too.

What is the best option you got? Teeth Whitening it is!

What is Teeth Whitening?

It is a procedure used to bleach your teeth to remove the stains and lighten their colour. Although you cannot get pearly whites with this procedure, however, it surely lightens the existing and embarrassing colour of your teeth by several shades.

Back in my school days, I − in fact, the entire class − used to hate a guy just because of his yellow, brown and stained teeth. Now, I admit that some people have off-white coloured teeth, but they were inexplicable. We used to call him ‘Chocolaty or Chocolatoo’.

He too went for teeth whitening, and tell you what, the brown stained teeth and disgusting smile is gone. His teeth are in much better condition. Trust me, I met him.

How does it work?

Teeth Whitening is a simple and pretty useful process to remove stubborn smoke, coffee and cola stains, lighten your teeth and give you a white smile.

Remember: Opt for this process with realistic expectations. You won’t get a blinding smile with it.

Our teeth are made of two main layers:

  • Inner dental layer
  • Outer enamel layer

You may not be aware that the enamel is colourless. So, even being on the outer side, it doesn’t determine the teeth’ colour. It’s the dentin (the inner layer) that does. Teeth whitening treatments are based on either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide.

Both these active ingredients are found to be great in whitening the teeth. They penetrate the porous enamel, act stringently on the ill-appearing stains and result in a light coloured dentin.

For this exact reason, toothpaste alone may not be as effective for stains and yellowish teeth.

Hydrogen peroxide is the more rigorous of the two. At the same time, carbamide peroxide is known to be a mild option which is why it is considered ideal for people having sensitive teeth.

Does it really work as promised?

Normally it does. There is no doubt about it. However, the results depend on the experience of the dentist, your teeth, genetics, hygiene and previous dental history. Teeth whitening isn’t effective for veneers and crowns, and the person may suffer from tooth sensitivity.

According to highly qualified dentists around the world, teeth whitening does work if you follow the specialist’s recommendations.

The fact Because every person’s teeth are different from others, the results may also vary from person to person. The whitening process either removes the stains from the enamel surface or lightens the dentin’s colour by breaking down stains.

Teeth whitening specialists also hint that in-clinic or dentist-administered treatment provides quicker and lasting results as compared to any other option. 2nd best option involves your dentist’s prescription to use at your home, as told.

Teeth whitening at home or in a clinic

Currently, there is a wide choice of teeth whitening kits to choose from. Most of these kits either come with whitening solutions or whitening gels filled in the dental trays before use.

In-office or clinic treatment

If you choose to get the shine back in the dentist’s office, you have chosen the right option. This way, the whitening procedure will work faster, and the results will also last longer. In-office treatment involves a few hours or multiple visits because of hydrogen peroxide’s greater concentration in the dentist applied products than home treatment, which takes a few weeks to produce the desired results.

In-office treatment is more beneficial for you if you want quick results, your teeth are sensitive or have receding gums etc.

Remedies for Teeth Whitening

At-home treatment

The best part of teeth whitening treatment is that you can achieve a stainless and clear smile from the comfort of your home. If this option suits you, you may be provided custom-fitted trays that you will have to keep in your mouth. The addition of a whitening gel is mandatory, and you will have to wear the tray for 30-60 minutes every day. This practice is repeated a few weeks or at least two weeks for best results.

Gel treatment

Gel treatment involves the exposure of teeth to laser light for achieving the best results. The dentist applies a gel on the teeth, and then the laser light is targeted at the teeth. This gel is formulated to work best with laser light. Also known as zoom whitening, this teeth whitening treatment involves a combined action of laser and gel to better teeth and remove discolouration and stains.

Is teeth whitening a safe option?

Generally, it is considered a safe treatment. However, you may experience some side effects like:

Teeth sensitivity: You may experience teeth sensitivity after going for this treatment. Sensitivity may be experienced only in the 1st or 2nd treatment. However, it lowers with time. If you also feel sensitivity in your teeth, convey it to your dentist, and they may suggest products containing sodium fluoride gel and potassium nitrate.

Irritated gums: Another notable side effect of the teeth whitening process can be gingival irritation. This side effect is experienced when the gel or whitening product comes in contact with the gums. There is nothing to worry about gum irritation as it will go away once the procedure is over.

Causes of Tooth Discolouration

Should we go for teeth whitening if we are looking after our teeth?

Now, this is a pretty common question, but people don’t find the right answer to it.

What special are you doing to your teeth? Brushing every day, gargling mouth wash, flossing etc.

Ordinary tubes of toothpaste don’t show too much improvement against stains and discolouration. This destroys teeth which an ordinary toothpaste cannot control. Add to that our penchant for wines, cigarettes, juices, coffee and confectionery etc., which worsens the situation.

If you are using whitening toothpaste that contains abrasives to scrub the stains from the surface, you are actually controlling the damage minimally. Why? Because no matter how expensive and good your toothpaste is, it will only work on the top surface. In reality, the inner layer named dentin is where the discolouration occurs. Regular usage of toothpaste can only whiten your teeth to one shade.

This is where teeth whitening comes into play. It can improve your teeth by 8-10 times. Teeth whitening gives you a reason to smile and not hold it, just like my classmate did most of the time. However, since he went for teeth whitening and achieved great results, now he laughs out loud at his own teeth condition, which was a point of fun for all of us in the class.

Frankly speaking, if he can see a clear improvement in the condition of his teeth, then everybody in the world can benefit from teeth whitening. Try Expert’s teeth whitening, and you are guaranteed a startling smile you’ve yearned for years. Just book the service from the Expert App, have your consultation booked and enjoy a beautiful smile at the most affordable prices all over London.