Do you really need a car carpet cleaning service?

Have you ever cleaned up all the litter and assorted junk covering your car’s carpet only to find that it’s in a state of disrepair? All of those spilled coffees, remnants of fizzy drinks and trodden-in food items can create a stained mess that you shouldn’t have to endure.

So what are the options? You can either apply an effective carpet cleaner, scrub it, vacuum, or take the car to be cleaned professionally. Since you can do the former on the weekend without leaving your property, is there really ever any need to part with that extra money? Here we have listed some of the benefits of using a car carpet cleaning service.

Reasons to get your carpet cleaned professionally

Quality of the job

When you take your car in for a carpet clean, it is done intensively. The cleaners have the technology and products to remove almost any stain. When you collect your car afterward, it won’t be a mess of light patches from the overuse of cleaning spray or foam. It will be the colour of the original carpet and will also smell new due to the high-quality agents used. The dirt will have been removed rather than dissolved into the fabric further.


Having your car’s carpet cleaned tends to cost around £40. When you consider buying the product and sponges, as well as your free time and the possible poor result, you might as well take it in for a high-end clean.

Less hassle

Do you really want to spend a morning on your hands and knees inside your car sponging and vacuuming? Even if you are wearing gloves, you will still be inhaling the vapours of all that mess. Can you really be bothered performing this task with a mask on? Additionally, it will take a good few hours to have a chance of matching a professional’s job.

Will target the toughest stains

Whether it’s oil or deeply ingrained dirt, a professional cleaner comes equipped with the products, knowledge and tricks to remove stains to the highest degree possible. This could save you overdoing it with the DIY carpet cleaning and causing damage.

The carpet will last longer

When you perform the job yourself, you will most likely be left with non-visible traces of dirt that are adding to the overall hygiene of the carpet. The carpet will last longer if all traces are removed each time you get it cleaned, which is another reason to opt for a professional service.

If you damage your carpet performing the job on your own, by scrubbing it too harshly or by using the wrong products, it could lead to the need for an unnecessary replacement. This will cost much more than having it professionally cleaned.

Range of methods used

Depending on the condition of your car, professionals will decide whether it needs dry cleaning, pressure washing, aerosol cleaning or the use of a specific detergent. Do you really want to spend hours on YouTube researching this yourself? It is best to visit an expert.

Customer service

There is something to be said for experiencing excellent customer service during your time off. When you take the car to be cleaned, you will be treated in a friendly manner, and your car will get cleaned efficiently without you having to take care of it. By choosing a highly rated service, you will know that it will be returned in top condition, and it will be the cleanest that it can be.

Expert car carpet cleaning

How to clean your car’s carpet in 5 easy steps

If you don’t want to leave it to a professional, here’s how to do it yourself.

  1. Remove the mats
    Remove the floor mats to clean them later. Shake them outside of the car to remove dust and dirt.
  2. Vacuum

A handheld vacuum can ensure that all the edges are cleaned, and no areas can’t be covered.

  1. Cleaning product

Research the best cleaning product or shampoo to use and place only the recommended amount on the carpet. Follow the method stated on the product packaging. You may need to use sponges and a stiff brush. Using circular motions is often best for removing stains.

  1. Rinse

A damp cloth can be used to remove surplus water and cleaning product. 

  1. Dry the carpet

Leave the car in a sunny spot for an hour or two until the carpet is dry. If any stains have not been removed, it is best to work out the likely cause of the stain and research the best way to remove that type of stain online. However, to be absolutely sure that you do not cause damage to your carpet in the process, it can be best to take the car in for a professional clean.

The final say

The condition of your car’s carpet affects your quality of life and the image you present of yourself to guests. For this reason, you should keep it thoroughly clean, whichever way you decide to do it. If you have tried every trick in the book to remove obstinate stains, a professional might be the only way forward. Make sure that you use a highly rated service that doesn’t cut corners and one that prides itself on quality.