30 DIY Makeup Hacks

It is a fact that average women spend 40 minutes every day wearing perfect makeup.

Why aren’t they feeling embarrassed about spending this much time on their grooming? Here are the reasons:

1.  What makeup does to your personality?

Makeup cannot only enhance your beauty but also improve your personality traits.

Further, have a look at how makeup can give you more in your life:

1.1 Wearing makeup can boost your confidence:

Wearing makeup by fixing all flaws you think you have will make you more comfortable and boost your confidence to walk in any place without any hesitation.

1.2 Looking beautiful by wearing makeup can help you to connect with other women:

When you wear makeup, it will help you feel gorgeous and don’t need to do something to pretend to be the best in front of anyone.

1.3 It will make you feel awake and ready for the day:

Makeup will prepare your mental mindset for whatever battle ahead of you. It will help you to be awake to do your best, and get ready for the day.

1.4 Makeup application makes you appear more competent:

Perfect makeup will boost your self-esteem, make you feel more assured for doing anything, and help others perceive you as more intelligent.

1.5 Makeup will make you feel and look better:

Psychologists say that beauty hacks also help people look more beautiful and give thought to possess other positive traits like honesty, competency, and success.

1.6 Wearing makeup before bedtime will help you to sleep better:

According to a study, women who wear makeup before bedtime for two or more days per week get higher sleep quality than those who don’t wear makeup for one day per week.

1.7 Makeup is pretty magical stuff to change yourself:

It is necessary to spend some time on yourself to become the person you want to be. Makeup is a luxury that you can use to magically change your overall appearance and look like you want to be.

Makeup is Genderless

2.  Makeup is genderless

Makeup is amazing art that can opt by anyone who wants to change themselves. It is genderless, as men, women, and even transgender can also use makeup.

Every girl wants to look beautiful. For this purpose, they may use many methods or makeup hacks to stay young and look fresh every day. They may spend a lot of time doing this.

But what if we tell you some simple hacks that not only enhance your beauty but shorten the amount of time you take every morning to get ready?

Stay with us and get to know how these simple hacks will ease your life and change your routine.

Here are 30 topnotch makeup life hacks that every woman should know to change their life:

1.    Make eyeliner pencil a gel liner:

Heat the tip of the eyeliner pencil with a lighter for one second, wait for about 10 seconds to cool it down, then apply. Now it is easier to apply because heat makes it softer.

Eyeliner Pencil

2.    Remove glitter nail paint:

According to wackylaki, instead of applying a base coat, use white glue like Elmer’s glue, then cover your nail bed with the coat of glitter nail polish of your choice. When you want to remove nail paint, it will peel off easily.

Glitter Nails

3.    Nail colour stands out for more time:

Instead of using a transparent base coat, apply white nail paint. It will help stand out your nail paint longer and protect your nail from staining.

Nail Colour

4.    Make your eyes look bigger:

Instead of applying mascara in an upward direction, sweep it towards your nose. It will give your lashes a fuller look and make your eyes look wider.


5.    Proper perfume application:

Don’t make others feel you like a perfume factory, apply perfume at your pulse points to stay them longer, like behind the ear, base of the throat, inside the wrist, inside the elbow, and behind the knee.

Perfume Application

6.    Get out liquid makeup from the tubes that seems to be empty:

Don’t throw the tubes containing liquid makeup because they seem to be empty after excessive use but actually have some makeup in them. Cut the tube and scoop out the remaining makeup in a container. It is the best way to save money.

Liquid Makeup

7.    Get more mineral makeup:

When the mineral makeup container seems like no more makeup left to use, simply take a penny and open the bottom of the mineral makeup container, you will see a lot of makeup left underneath.

8.    Make your eyeshadow stand longer:

If you want your eyeshadow to look shinier and stand out for more time, then apply white eye pencil over your eyelid and cover it with your favourite shadow.

Eyes Shadow

9.    Perfect wing eyeliner:

If you want perfect wing eyeliner, take a black eye pencil, draw a cat-eye and fill it. It will help you to apply wing eyeliner easily.

Eyes Liner

10. Reuse mascara brushes:

Don’t throw your favourite mascara brushes when mascara is gone. Clean them and reuse them with other types of mascara. It will help you to get the amazing combination of long lashes from mascara and volumed lashes with the brush.

Mascara Brush

11. Easy smoky eye makeup:

Now by using this beauty hack, it’s too easy to make a smoky eye. You just need to grab an eye pencil, draw # (hashtag) on the corner of your eyelid and merge the liner by using a smooth eye makeup brush.

Smokey EyesSmokey Eye Makeup




12. Easy fake lash application:

Application of fake lashes with glue is typically tricky and difficult for those who are not using them regularly. Let us tell you how you can make this process quick and easy. Grab a bob pin, apply glue on it, then put this glue with the tip of the bob pin on the eyelid of the fake lash and immediately apply it on your eyes by using another side of the bob pin.

Fake Lash

13. Lipstick will stay for a long time:

No doubt “Old is gold”, this trick really works! Apply a coat of lipstick, place tissue paper across your lips and dust a powder using the makeup brush. It will help the lipstick to stay for a long time.

Lipstick Trick

14. Make lipgloss with your favourite eyeshadow:

Your favourite eye shadow is broken? Don’t destroy it. Just crush it into powder form. Take petroleum gel at the circular part of the spoon and add this powder.  Mix it well using the brush to get your favourite eyeshadow lipgloss in a few minutes.

Lip Gloss Gel

15. Perfect contouring technique:

Women who don’t wear makeup daily cannot figure out where to apply bronzer or blush for contouring. Here we’ll tell you the easy way to get the right angle to counter your face shape. Place the eyeliner pencil or brush handle on a straight edge directly below your cheekbone and apply blush to get perfect contouring.


16. Make perfect cupid’s bow on lips:

Using a lip liner, draw X on your upper lip as shown in the picture, then apply lipstick using X as a guide. It will help you get the perfect shape of your lips.


17. Protect your teeth from lipstick:

After applying lipstick, put your forefinger in the mouth and close your lips around the finger. The extra lipstick will stick with it. This makeup hack will ensure that extra lipstick doesn’t stick with your teeth.

Applying Lipstick

18. Remoisturise your favourite mascara by adding lens solution:

Does your mascara dry up? Don’t worry. Add a few drops of saline solution or contact lens solution in it and leave for some time. After that, your old mascara will get moist and work flawlessly as it did when you bought it.

Old Mascara

19. Set the lashes to curl faster and stay longer:

Use a hairdryer to heat your lash curler and left for a bit to cool it down. After that, use it in a way you do to curl your lashes. It will help to curl your lashes quicker and stay longer.

Lash Curler

20. Remove excess oil from your face:

Use toilet paper to tap extra oil that comes on your face after wearing makeup.

Oily Face

21. Get fuller look lashes:

Apply mascara, dust translucent powder on your lashes and put another coat of mascara to make your lashes look fuller.

Lashes Look

22. Get rid of split ends:

Take some section of your hairs and twist it, trim those little hairs that are sticking out. This is the best way to eliminate split ends without visiting a spa.

Split Ends

23. Do perfect French manicure:

Take a rubber band, wrap it straight across the nail around your finger, then apply some nail polish at the part of the nail sticking out.

French Manicure

24. Creative caps for makeup brushes and lipliners:

Sometimes caps of lip liners are broken or lost. To protect them from damage, make a cap for lipliner yourself. Take a plastic straw and cut it according to the required length. You can also use this technique to cover your makeup brushes.

Creative Cap of Liners

25. Get a more matte look even having oily skin:

Mix some amount of translucent powder with your liquid base to get a more matte look.

Oily Skin

26. Clean your makeup brushes without any special device:

Take a strainer, put a small amount of shampoo in it, open the water tap and rub your makeup brush over it to get it clean easily.

Clean Makeup Brushes

27. Use Vaseline as a makeup remover:

Especially in the winter season, use Vaseline to moisturise your skin when it gets dried or also as a makeup remover when you forgot to buy new makeup removing products. Apply a small amount of Vaseline over the face and massage it to remove the makeup using a cotton pad.


28. Use eyeshadow primer to avoid oily nose:

This is the best trick for those people who have oily skin. Applying a mixture of eyeshadow primer with your foundation will help to keep your nose matte all day.

Eyes shadow Primer

29. Clean your hairdryer:

Take an old toothbrush to clean the back of your hairdryer.

Clean Hair Dryer

30. Perfect mascara application:

Use a spoon or hard card to protect your eyelid from getting tidy with mascara.

Mascara ApplicationTidy Mascara






  Some of the other DIY life hacks are listed below:

  • Use lip liner to contour your lips.
  • Use a straw for drinking purposes. It will help to keep your lipstick longer.
  • Remove your makeup using massage motion.
  • Use the tapping technique for foundation application to get a smooth finish.
  • Don’t forget to use a setting spray after makeup application.
  • When going to buy a new concealer or foundation, always test them on your neck instead of the face.
  • To figure out the perfect brow shape, you must use brow gel for fuller-looking brows.
  • A brow blender is also recommended to get smooth-looking brows.
  • Don’t forget to use a primer before you start doing makeup.
  • To cover dark circles, apply under-eye concealer in a triangle shape.

Facial Makeup

Doing perfect makeup is every girl’s dream, but many of them are not experts in doing this. These DIY life hacks are really inexpensive makeup tips that can ease your life.

These are helpful, especially for those not from the makeup industry or who don’t know much about makeup. It is a great idea to follow different makeup application techniques and get the complete look in a few minutes.

The tricks mentioned above are everyday hacks that you can follow in your daily routine to save your time, money and minimise your effort to do the perfect makeup. All of these beauty hacks are safe and easy to use. Now you don’t need to watch lengthy tutorials for solving your everyday problems. Just follow above listed techniques and enjoy the change in your life.

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