4 Major Sins of Content Marketing and How to Do It Right?

Content marketing in today’s time holds a key position in making businesses successful. However, many marketers are either unable to understand its significance or make some grave mistakes. Even the leading marketers and social media marketing companies are baffled when it comes to content marketing and don’t know how to devise a strategy that makes them successful.

We have seen prominent marketing companies run their content marketing campaigns in the wrong way. Yes, they want to outrank their competitors and; however, moving swiftly in the forward direction is not that easy because the intricacies involved in content marketing need to be fulfilled in a proper way.

Common content marketing mistakes

When it comes to content marketing and how to go about it, many businesses around the world, even the biggest organisations, fall prey to become negligent and commit childish mistakes. And these mistakes are commonly referred to as the “sins of content marketing.”

The 4 most common sins are:

  1. Pushing out content without a proper thought plan (no vision)
  2. Focusing only on selling products without caring about customers’ interest
  3. Trying to be an octopus and making everyone happy
  4. Sporadic publishing without knowing the consequences

Content Marketing

How to do it?

Tell you what, you as a business can do a lot better than this. And it isn’t that difficult. Read on to gather some profitable knowledge about content marketing and how to succeed.

Devise a plan, first

Before anything else, know what goals you want to achieve. You aren’t going to go any far without a vision.

Businesses around you have well-developed content policies, and you should do it too. Figure out what you want; more conversions and sales, engagement, enhancing your brand identity, establishing yourself as an authority or whatever, but never start without a well-crafted plan.

Producing content and publishing it on the web just for the sake of creating content isn’t going to get you any far. You need to know how and which form of the content will serve your business, marketing efforts, and communication tactics.

This way, you will be better able to decide the type of content that benefits your company.

Simply saying, the more you spend time planning your content, the lucrative results you are going to achieve. It is better to start by clarifying everything like what kind of content you want to publish, how often would you do it, the best time for posting your content, what will be your content approach, who is going to handle the content marketing work, who is your ideal audience and how you’re are going to access them.

Don’t just focus on selling, be thought-provoking

Want to earn high profits by selling your product/services?

Focus mainly on advertising.

Content marketing is different as it may not sell your commodity, however, it enhances your image as a solution provider. Moreover, it shows your credibility and capability as a business targeted towards the betterment of your audience. It helps your business grow in stature.

This example will make everything easy for you.

Suppose you are a cyber-security expert, and if you come up with a blog that tells people how they can hire you, it would be a total waste of time.

Your audience won’t care about it.

However, if you tell people how to remain safe from hackers, how to tighten their security, and how to retrieve important data in case of any cyber theft, they will surely consume it.


Because this content benefits them.

This will serve dually.

Firstly, you are increasing your credibility in front of your readers as well as search engines.

Secondly, you are enhancing your reputation as an authority in your field. People will turn to you in case any problem related to cybersecurity bothers them. This allows you to show your expertise on this subject further.

If you are able to make a strong connection with your readers, and they become your avid followers, they will surely become your clients in case they need your product/service, etc., because they know that you know!

Don’t be an octopus. Start slow and then expand

For instance, for a company dealing in cyber-security, firewall and cloud-related services must only produce content related to their strengths. And this is how you are going to get new clients related to your services and, in turn, get high ROI.

If you try to be an octopus and start producing content on automobiles – just because it is trending – you will surely lose your credibility. By deviating from your strength, your core specialty will get diluted, leading to your clients getting confused.

This way, you ain’t doing any good to your chances of expanding on a large scale.

Furthermore, we suggest you consult any reliable and leading digital marketing agency or an individual as they will better guide you on how to go about it.

Post regularly

When done with the planning of your content, make sure you are regular in posting it.

Make sure that you produce quality work instead of quantity because this is what is going to make you famous in the eyes of readers. Mainly you are looking to produce such written content, audio files, social media content, videos and images that give your reader the required information while luring them into your product/service.

Whatever posting threshold you set for yourself, make sure you are regular in it.

Be it daily, bi-weekly, weekly or monthly, make sure you stick to your plan and post your content precisely on the time and date as decided.

We suggest you not throw multiple posts at a time foolishly. One or two posts that are well crafted will better serve you than 10 foolish content pieces. Please make sure you post when the social engagement is at its peak, and most of your audience can see and share your post.

Be regular in your approach so that your readers/followers know when you are going to post next.

One reason why you may not be taking full advantage of content marketing is that you may not have internal resources to succeed. You may be lacking in planning, or it might be the case that you don’t have a content creator who knows how to craft creative and luring content.

Also, you may not have a skilled marketer who knows the intricacies of content marketing and how to cash in with your quality content. You need to be considerate of all things.

Closing words

If you want to hit it big when it comes to the essential aspect of content marketing in the ongoing times, it is better to set your base right and keep in mind all the points mentioned above.

It is also important to hire a team of experts, whether in-house or remote, to take your business to newer heights.

Hiring experienced individuals or outsourcing your work means you have better chances of tackling all hurdles and eventually succeeding.