6 Best Video Editing Tools For 2022

As we’re about to enter the year 2022, let me tell you, this year will be huge for videos. Why? Web content has taken a sharp turn towards video, and video marketing is known to be the ultimate for SEO and digital marketing. Marketers have understood the significance of videos and their fruitfulness in generating results and huge ROI.

According to an estimate, half of the marketers have either added or thinking of adding Facebook and YouTube channels to market their content, products and services. Another compelling fact for 2022 is that people will spend more than 40% of their time online watching videos. And youth will be more inclined towards videos and animations; well, they already are, but the numbers are going to swell.

Now, coming straight to the point, if you are a newbie to video marketing & editing and want to produce immaculate quality videos that grab viewers’ attention, this piece of writing is for you. Whether you are passionate about videos, looking to make it large with moving graphics, want to grow organic traffic, doing it for your school/college, or whatever purpose, you ought to have the right video editing software.

Having a simple to use and ‘featuristic’ video editing software will not only make it easy for you, but you can churn out sleek and immaculate quality videos for whatever purpose. This way, your content strategy can stay ahead of the rest.

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Want to know about these handy video editing software that will do the job for you in 2022 and further? Just stay put!

Lumen 5

This video editing tool will let you create and edit videos even if you aren’t technically equipped. Social media marketers love Lumen 5 because it helps them build ostentatious promos in no time. This tool lets you convert your blog posts into social promos.

Although you may find the process a bit tricky for the first time, you may have to do some mending to turn your blog in exactly what you want, video making is easy as 1,2,3.

Lumen 5 is a no-brainer, and all you have to do is to refine the copy. Then drag and drop the relevant gifs, screenshots and video clips; add appropriate music, and you are ready to post it on your social channels and website, etc.

If you are looking for a tool that allows you’ blog to social promo creation’, Lumen 5 can be your perfect assistant. You will love its drag and drop interface.

Apple iMovie

Apple iMovie is not for those who are using PCs. However, we cannot afford to miss Apple iMovie from the list of top video editing tools. The simplicity and elegance combined with ten notable filters make it one of the go-to tools in the modern era. If you are shooting a video on iPhone or editing on an iPad, you can transfer it conveniently and wirelessly on your Mac using AirDrop.

iMovie’s most prominent feature, ‘green-screen or chroma-key’, lets you take your characters to any place in the world within no time. Moreover, if you are looking to overlay any scene with the music of your choice, iMovie lets you do it. It connects to iTunes and GarageBand so that you can incorporate any sound or track that fits best.

Once you are done with your video, you can spread it like wildfire via iMessage, FB, YT or any other social platform connected with iMovie. You can take advantage of this tool free of cost on the purchase of a MAC.

Corel VideoStudio

The good things about Corel VideoStudio are endless. Some of the characteristics that enable it to compete with other high-end products in the same niche are 360 degrees VR and 4K support, and it also offers one of the best motion tracking systems.

On the downside, the Corel VideoStudio’s speed is debatable as it comes after other top-of-the-line video software like CyberLink PowerDirector and Pinnacle Studio. Also, as it comes with a one-time payment of $52, you can have it in your repertoire as a video creator and editor.

CyberLink PowerDirector

The main reason for including CyberLink PowerDirector in our list of top video editors is that it has a beginner-friendly and simple interface. If you are unsure how to use it, just visit the product page, and there is enough material in the form of tutorials to ease everything for you.

When we talk about rendering, PowerDirector is one of the swiftest editing software going around in the market. It was one of the pioneers for switching to 4k and one of the first few to support 360-degree virtual reality footage. With its cutting-edge effects and access to unlimited features for $80, you can have great software at your disposal.

Adobe Premiere Elements

The list of top video editors will always be incomplete without Adobe Premiere Elements. It was the industry leader for quite a while. But now that many others have taken over it, paying $79.99 is not justified, and you are just paying for the name due to their better speed and capability.

However, it is still considered excellent for beginners for its usability. An attractive Guided Edits feature allows the budding editors to make quick edits and manage advanced projects, thanks to the guidance available.

In short, we know that Adobe Premiere Elements may have been surpassed by other options in terms of speed, 3D, multi-cam, editing and other features, it still serves the purpose very well for newbies who want some useful options backed by guidance on how to use them.

Pinnacle Studio

A video editor that made Corel proud. Pinnacle Studio can be had for $129.95 and allows you to edit 360-degree and 4k videos. Although the cost doubles that of VideoStudio, however, you get hands-on top-notch features like motion tracking, 360-degree VR support, 4k support, multi-cam, and many more with the extra amount of money you pay.

Moreover, you will also struggle when finding a fast rendering product than Pinnacle Studio. Apart from a list of amazing features, you will also note that its interface is quite friendly and intuitive. So, if you require something fast and your pocket allows you to spend a few bucks more, we suggest you go for Pinnacle.

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Final words…

Whether you are a budding video editor, a social media or content marketer, if you want to step up your game or compete with others in video editing for growth, you have a lot of options at hand. Choose an option from the list above which suits your needs and budget.

Your selection of a video editing program in 2022 will mainly depend on your expertise, your goals and what time you can spend while learning new skills. Whether you want a friendly tool for YouTube or you want different kinds of videos to up your video strategy a notch, invest in a reliable video editing tool or book Expert’s 3D Animation Service, which will help you on all fronts.

Just get in touch by booking a free consultation, and our video editing artists will serve you better than anybody.