Benefits of Hiring a Professional Painting Service

Whether you are thinking of selling your beloved home or you have just moved into a new one, there is never any harm in breathing new life into your building with some fresh paint. If you want to increase your property’s value, a new coat of paint will enable you to set the highest price possible.

Everyone likes to think they are a master at brushstrokes, but few of us are gifted in this department. Additionally, painting takes up a lot of your free time. Hard-to-reach areas and clearing up afterward can be an awful hassle. Why not leave it to a professional?

Well-painted walls give your house a classy edge that will impress guests when you are entertaining. You may think it is saving you a little money to do it yourself, but you are unlikely to end up with the magic finish that a professional painter can provide. Professional painters are masters of their craft and can give your home that added extra.

Professional Painting Service

Why opt for a professional painting service?

Attention to detail

Professionals painters can make your walls sing, whether it’s a Victorian living room or the exterior of your house. They can cover hard-to-paint areas such as window frames and cornices with immaculate attention to detail that would take hours to polish off on your own. What may end up taking you a week, a professional can get done within a day or two. A professional painter will finish off the room in the allotted time, so there are no loose ends.

The DIY method takes too long

If you are carrying out the task alone, you may find that you have to paint another layer. Your brushstrokes may vary in places, and it could be that you haven’t mastered the technique. Using brushes clumped with old paint or making spillages on the carpet are also rookie errors. Painting a wall can also be incredibly tedious. With all this in mind, it is best to just leave it to a professional.

On-time completion

When you hire a painting company, you have experienced professionals at your disposal who will get the job done on time. They can advise you on the timeframe for the job so that you have the chance to focus on other things. Doing it this way means that you can have the work completed while you’re on holiday or performing other tasks around the house. There won’t be all the procrastinating that comes with DIY jobs.

Structural stability

A painter may be able to identify cracks and damp patches that could potentially cause structural issues or mould later on. They may have to plaster those sections. The overall effect will be one which you can look upon proudly. Your walls will look razor-sharp several years down the line, and it will again add value to your house.


Painting the top of a wall or cornices in a Victorian living room will require standing several feet up on a ladder. To save yourself from getting injured, it is best to hire an expert.

No cleaning up afterwards

If you find the right painting service, they will cover the floor with sheets before painting and leave the room in its initial state afterward. This will save you spending hours with a cloth to the floorboards after a shoddy DIY job.


It’s great to boast that you’ve painted a room by yourself, but a professional painter can do it better. They can prep your walls and have an awareness of which paint types work best for different surfaces. Prepping, in such a way, ensures that your paint will last longer and will also have an exquisite finish. They can tape relevant areas quickly and efficiently. A professional painter won’t leave clumsy splodge marks or drip down onto your plug sockets or wooden floors. After all, this is what they do for a day job.

The right equipment

Painters come equipped with the right tools for a variety of jobs. They know the best brushes and rollers to bring with them. Equipment costs can quickly add up when you take on your own paint job. Hiring a professional painter means that there is no need to purchase any of the equipment or products yourself. This can actually add up to a lot of money.


Painters are constantly standing on tall ladders, climbing on roofs and leaning out windows. It is not always safe to perform these tasks after a long day at work or when you are in the relaxed spirit of the weekend. Professional painters can do this sort of thing with their eyes closed.

Qualified and experienced

When hiring a professional, you can receive the highest possible standard of workmanship, if you choose the right provider. They tend to have a good eye for what will finish off the room nicely, even if it had not occurred to you.

Reduces stress

Hiring a professional can dramatically reduce the hassle involved in redecorating your whole house.  There is no need to worry about making errors or watching endless YouTube videos to improve your technique.


Preparing walls for a fresh coat can be crucial, but many people do not know this. A professional can identify such steps so that you are left with the perfect finished product. Using the right prepping techniques can give you the most long-lasting results. It prevents holes opening up in the walls, saving you the cost of future repair work.


Painters can help you spot colour trends and patterns if you have bought some paint colours but have some left to choose from. They can assist you in selecting designs and shades to complement the inside of your beloved house. They can also advise on colour combinations and let you know which types of paint will last the longest.

The final say

Although painting on a DIY basis gives you a sense of satisfaction, it is rarely a match in quality for hiring a professional. It is best to look for a highly rated service that can perform to an exceptional level. Expert offers a number of home services to leave your house and garden in the best possible condition.