An In-depth Analysis of Male Hair Removal

Waxing, hair removal, or threading has strictly been a pinky thing until the end of the 20th century. Everyone believed that only women were eligible to get their bodies waxed or hair-free to look beautiful and elegant. But now, things are different. Male hair removal is also getting popular!

According to research, one-third of men in the current era believe that the waxed body makes them more popular among women. This has good and strong reasons; more men tend to get their body hair removed these days. Though we see that trend was almost opposite before the 21st century, women preferred to hook up with men having hair on their chests or shoulders. But as time passed, trends have changed drastically, so did the woman’s choice.

Other than getting popularity among the opposite sex, many other certain reasons have compelled men to go for shaving their bodies.

An enthusiast weightlifter who wants to flaunt their pecs on national championship or Olympics or a cyclist who wants to maintain their body, there are chances that you must have thought of adopting the best possible treatments to get rid of hairs longer.

According to research by Braun on male hair removal, we encounter an interesting fact: 62% of men are manscaping regularly in this era, claiming that they feel cleaner, confident, and sexier as shaving helps their muscles appear prominently.

Why a man needs hair removal?

We will shed light on why male hair removal is important to enhance your looks, hygiene, and health.

As we all know, the first impression of hair removal is always beautiful. Hairs on your body not only look tack and unclean but also make you uncomfortable as it might cause itching and even infection if you sweat more than usual.

So, trimming hair on your body, making them short, or completely removing them through wax or any laser treatment is a great pick up for men these days.

You stay beautiful as lesser hair will enhance your body shape, glow, and pecs. You can confidently go topless in an evening with your friends or stand tall while showing off your muscles in a bodybuilding competition. Also, going with shorter or no hair makes you feel clean, hydrated, and healthy as you stay infection-free.

Areas to focus for hair removal

Though models, actors, or athletes might prefer removing hair from their bodies, mostly men focus on a few typical areas of their body to get hair trimmed or removed from. Let’s quickly get an overview of men’s choices in this regard.

But keep in mind this is not a strict rule that all men should follow. You can have different choices according to your needs and desires for male hair removal.

Armpits: As this area easily gets sweat, men generally prefer to remove their hair from their armpits to remain odour-free. Also, thick growth can cause constant itching that might make rashes and even bruises in severe cases. Therefore, armpits are the first area men prefer getting hair removed from. Men can trim their armpit hair with either traditional hand clippers or an electric trimmer.

Chest: As most men prefer maintaining their bodies to attract more and more women and stay popular, getting hair removed from the chest has always been a great heated debate. Women mostly like men with hair on their chest; it is still to be sure whether they like thick hair or medium density. It would mostly vary from individual to individual; men still get their hair trimmed from their chest, though they often do not remove it completely.

But if you hit the gym regularly, a shaven chest will flaunt your overall look much better than with hairs on it. Among models, you would generally notice a completely shaved chest with no hair due to their commitments with modelling agencies or an upcoming project.

Belly: The belly is another male’s body part; they are confused about whether they get completely shaved or not. They might go for a trim but won’t remove completely for a nude touch if they have thicker growth. Again, if you are a gym enthusiast and have abs, you might prefer removing hair completely to flaunt your six-packs.

Back: Like chest, back is also in discussion for getting hair removed or not as some women might like back with hair. Removal of back hair is not an easy job but must be well worth it, especially in those short summer spans in the UK. There are many viable options to remove the hair, including a razor, waxing, or laser treatment.

Laser Hair Removal Myths

Pros and cons of Men Hair Removal

Everything comes to you with some advantages and a few disadvantages. The same is the case with male hair removal, and you should talk to your beautician or doctor before going into a treatment for hair removal to know if pros have more weight in your particular case or not. Once you have a clear picture of the treatment process, cost, advantages, and disadvantages, you should decide on laser hair removal.

So, let’s have a look at the pros of hair removal.

Clean, healthy skin: Once you get hair removal treatment, your skin or particular areas become free of hair, so you feel clean and hygienic. This cleanliness also gives you a feeling of healthy skin as it becomes clean and clear.

Silky smooth skin: Though silky-smooth skin is normally associated with women, now men also prefer to remove hair to get a feeling of soft and silky skin.

Odour-free body: If you have thicker hair growth, you are more prone to get sweaty and ultimately have a bad odour and smell. Using deodorant and perfumes might give you an allergy if you are allergic, so the only solution you are left with is going for laser hair removal. Once your hair is removed, this problem will be solved.

No more skin rashes: With heavy hair on your body, you can get more sweat that ultimately leads to scratches, skin rashes, or allergic reactions. With hair removed, you will no longer be having any bruises or rashes on your skin.

Confidence: A great skin has always been a mean for one’s confidence. If you are an athlete, exotic dancer or bodybuilder, you can confidently go out to events with a hairless body.

Now let’s have a look at the disadvantages associated with male hair removal.


Partner’s disapproval: Though there are no significant cons of male hair removal, your partner’s disapproval is the first thing you might face. She might not like your body without hair, especially if she likes men with heavy hair on their chest or shoulders. So always ask her before you remove your hair.

You might face skin issues: The other problem is particularly related to the hair removal methods you choose. You might end up not getting the desired result or torn skin by not adopting the right hair removal treatment according to your needs and skin type.

Best Ways to Prepare for Laser Hair Removal

Different men’s hair removal treatments

Among many hair removal treatments available, men can choose the one that best matches their needs. Getting a consultation from your doctor or beautician is also advisable to avoid any medical issues later on.

Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Laser hair removal treatment works by killing the hair root. For laser hair treatment, you might need up to six treatments at different intervals, with one treatment taking up to around 15-30 minutes.

The ideal body parts of receiving this treatment are the chest, shoulder, back, genital areas, stomach, face or full body. If you have light skin with dark and heavy hair growth, this is the treatment for you as results are best with this type of hair. Males with blond or white hair should avoid this treatment.

Cost: It will cost you around £39 to £300 per treatment, depending on the area.

Result duration: Once you have gone through complete treatment, results can stay for a long time. You might need touch-ups to maintain the results.


If you have been avoiding receiving waxing treatment for men’s hair removal because it is sticky or gooey, you can enjoy a better solution with soy waxes. Soy wax is a creamy lotion with a great smell. A strip of cloth is laid over the cream, once it is dried in a few minutes, the strip is pulled off, and the hair is gone in that area. Depending on the areas and thickness of hair being waxed, you need about 10 minutes to an hour for waxing. The waxing treatment responds best to unibrow, eyebrows shaping, ear, legs, and arms. For the genital area, you must avoid it if possible as it causes bad pain.

Cost: Waxing treatment will cost you from £10 to £55, depending on your needs.

Result duration: Although results are great after waxing but not long-lasting and only stay for about 4 to 6 weeks.


This treatment uses ultra-slim needles to penetrate deep in each hair individually. This system gives tiny electric shocks to each hair follicle that will kill the cells that make hair. As the basic cell unit is destroyed, the hair will not grow back again.

The thickness of hair in an area determines how much time a treatment session needs. If you are looking to treat the whole body, you might need to undergo many sessions over one year or so.

Electrolysis works equally well on all body parts. As it is quite a long phase treatment, generally, small areas are treated first. If a male wants this treatment for their genital areas, they must get help with a local anesthetic as electrolysis might be extremely painful in the area.

 Cost: It will cost about £30 or more depending upon the area and thickness of the hair.

Results duration: As already explained that electrolysis works by destroying hair growth cells, hair would not come. But it’s way more painful than laser hair removal. So for the best results, try laser hair removal.

 Back Shaver

 With the help of blades with a width of one and a half inches and about one foot of hinged handles, these straight razors help you shave your hair from shoulder and back. These blades are used similarly you use back scrub brushes in these areas.

These blades are used to remove hair from the shoulders, back, and buttocks. You can use these blades on your own and do not need to go to a salon, and it will take you around half an hour to get done.

Cost: This treatment needs you to spend under £30. In addition to this, you need to pay for blades and creams being used.

Results duration: You can enjoy hair-free areas for about a few days.

Depilatories/cream hair removers

 With the help of depilatories or cream hair removals, the area where it is applied kills the proteins in hair and dissolves them, and it will cause the hair to fall out instantly. The ideal areas to receive the treatment are arms, legs, chest, and back. It should be avoided to treat eyebrows as it might harm sensitive skin and cause eye irritation. You need around 30 to 60 minutes to get this treatment done completely.

Cost: This is a very low-cost treatment and can be enjoyed for £7 to £18 with a home kit or £20-£40 or more for a salon treatment.

Results duration: The results with Depilatories/cream hair removers will last from a week to several weeks.

This is all from us, and we hope this blog will help you get a better idea about male hair removal and different relevant treatments.

Verdict: Laser hair removal treatment is quite popular these days. Several people choose laser hair removal treatment because it is much more efficient and affordable than any other methods like shaving, waxing, and laser hair removal cream.