6 Important Things To Consider Before Buying A UPS

We all know that the summer season in our beautiful Pakistan can stretch to 8-9 months. The blistering hot sun and humidity can really take a toll on our comfort levels. Even if we limit our exposure to the hottest thing in the universe, the temperatures inside don’t give us too much to enjoy either.

To go along with the load shedding, the summer seasons can wreak havoc on our minds and body. However, before this summer season why not buy a UPS, have it installed in your home and say goodbye to the pain inflicted by the power outage and the wrath of the sun.

The Solution: A UPS

Having a UPS in your home ensures that routine activities go on in a smooth and safe manner. In fact, in modern times, you cannot survive without an uninterrupted power supply. In the summers, we Pakistanis are dependent on many electrical appliances like computers, ACs, fans, lights, TV, refrigerators, juicers/blenders and washing machines in our houses.

Regular power outages can hinder the smooth performance of these appliances and you can end up missing out on cricket matches, drained mobile batteries, food stored in the fridge becoming stale. Moreover, the darkness and heat inside with no lights, fans and ACs can make life tough.

The answer to all these problems: Have a UPS installed in your home as the power backup system. Even if you know that having a UPS is mandatory in your house, you may not know how to choose the best option. There is a wide variety of devices in the market, one gets confused while searching the market for the right power backup machine.

Want us to ease things for you? Here is what you need to know!

Buying a UPS

1.      Selecting the power capacity

If you are in the market, you must consider the power of the UPS like volts, amperes, or wattage. These things tell you the power capacity of the UPS and hence you can decide better for your requirements. It is important to note that if you go for a low-powered UPS, the load of the electric equipment in your house can put a burden on it which can result in damage to the equipment or may cause the new UPS to malfunction in a short time.

If you buy a low-capacity device than you require at home, it can put an extra burden on it and may result in damage to the electrical equipment. Make sure that the UPS you are buying caters to your needs and matches the amperes or wattage of devices in your home like refrigerators, TV, fans and TV at your home.

2.      Outlet capacity

A UPS in your home functions as a power outlet or backup machine supplying electricity to all your systems in case the WAPDA or main power goes off or gets interrupted. Many modern devices come with surge protection for the equipment which keeps them safe from sudden electrical spikes.

Another important thing to keep in mind prior to making a purchase is to assess the outlets you need. First, conduct a small survey to overview your requirements and how many outlets you need. This will help you make a better decision while you are in the market.

3.      Pick a UPS with long runtime

When you are spending a decent amount on an uninterrupted power supply, make sure to do it for a device that provides sufficient runtime for your requirements. You know, power outages in Pakistan can span over long hours. This is why it should come with long battery life and has the ability to get charged in less time.

Also, prefer a UPS which has a fast battery switchover when the electricity goes out. This is important because the electrical appliances at home like computers, refrigerators and TV must be given continuous power so that they don’t need to restart their functioning.

4.      Damage protection

Another important thing to keep in mind is the surge-protection. This aspect is necessary to protect the electrical equipment from the damage that could be caused by lightning, burnouts, surges and continuous outages.

Check to make sure that the UPS you like and want to buy comes with surge protection so that provides your safety from electrical fluctuation and debacles. See if the UPS has a failsafe technology to make sure you are buying a safe product for your home.

5.      Ease of installation

Buy a UPS that doesn’t come with any complexity and can be installed easily. Moreover, look for something that doesn’t occupy much space in your home. Some people want sleek and modern devices that are good-looking and complement the space well where they are placed.

Ideally, you would want a machine that can be installed by yourself without hiring a UPS installation specialist. So, make sure you consider small things before making a final decision.

6.      Must be shockproof and noiseless

Now, this is very important and it’s exactly the reason why we are mentioning it as the last point. You can never compromise on the safety factor. Before buying a UPS examine its body thoroughly and check to see whether it is shockproof or not.

You cannot risk the health and life of your family members and pets for just a few rupees. So, even if there is a difference in price between the shockproof device and the one that is not safe, invest in the safe UPS. Also, it should be noiseless and shouldn’t cause any distractions. If it is not noiseless, you may get disturbed in the middle of the night, or whenever you want to rest or study.

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