120+ Startup Ideas that will Never Fail in 2022

The UK is one of the best countries to start a small business. Businesses are considered one of the key drivers of the UK economy, and the government is doing everything in its power to promote entrepreneurship. According to data released by the Office of National Statistics (ONS), there were 5.9 million private sector businesses in 2020, increasing by around 100,000 from 2019. According to the government statistics, there are about 5.7 million small businesses in the UK, and this number is growing with each passing day. Even though there are already so many businesses in the UK, there is always room for new ideas, especially those that are innovative and have an edge over other players in the market.

Whether you are looking to start your first ever business or want to add a new revenue stream to your growing portfolio, there are thousands of great ideas out there that you can get started with today. But with so many options available, it can be difficult to know exactly where to start.

A small business can be tough to run, but you can make it big if you have the right ideas and tools. But which industry should your business be in? Here are 120+ great business ideas for small business owners in the UK to consider.


Online/Tech Business Ideas 2022.

  1. An Airport-Centric App.
  2. Car Parking App.
  3. Drone Taxi Service.
  4. Data Mining.
  5. Virtual Interior Designing.
  6. Trading Cryptocurrencies.
  7. Selling NFTs on Blockchain.
  8. Selling Things on eBay.
  9. Augmented Reality Services.
  10. Zero Waste Lifestyle Store.
  11. Sell a Service as a Subscription.
  12. Cashback Sites.
  13. Ecommerce Store.
  14. Web Design.
  15. Blogging.
  16. Social Media.
  17. Email Marketing.
  18. Online Courses.
  19. Social Media Marketing Company.
  20. Online Security Consulting.
  21. Sell Homemade Products Online.
  22. Write an eBook & Publish it on Amazon.
  23. Digital Photography.
  24. Online Education.
  25. Become an Affiliate Marketer.
  26. VR Entertainment.
  27. A Mobile App.
  28. Autonomous Vehicles.
  29. Big Data.
  30. Start a Youtube Channel
  31. Dropshipping.
  32. Become an Airbnb Host.
  33. Influencer.
  34. Sell Your Services on Envato Studio.
  35. Online Business Consultant.
  36. Online Dating Website.
  37. Computer Games.

Food Business Ideas 2022.

  1. Vending Machine Business.
  2. 3D Printing Food.
  3. Meal Planning For Families.
  4. Food Delivery For Pets.
  5. Themed Cafes.
  6. Online Pet Pharmacy.
  7. Organic Food.
  8. Pet Food.
  9. Mobile Food Truck.
  10. Owning a Bar.
  11. A Pop-Up Restaurant.
  12. A Hotdog Van.
  13. Start Your Own Catering Business.
  14. The Home-Baked Cake Market.
  15. A Café with a Difference.

Other Unique Business Ideas 2022.

  1. Aesthetics Clinic.
  2. Running a Bed & Breakfast Business.
  3. Child Care or Elderly Services.
  4. Personalised Clothing.
  5. Accounting Firm.
  6. Escape Room.
  7. Wedding Planner & Event Management.
  8. Home-Based Travel Agent.
  9. Personal Trainer.
  10. Gift Baskets.
  11. The Mobile Hairdressing & Beauty.
  12. Franchises.
  13. Protecting Your Stuff.
  14. Put up a Painting Business.
  15. Property Development.
  16. Garage Gym.
  17. Party Rental Service.
  18. Mobile Car Wash.
  19. Personal Shopper.
  20. Creative Arts & Crafts Business.
  21. Pet Rock Painting.
  22. Floral Arranging.
  23. Home Organising Services.
  24. Handyman/Woman.
  25. Cleaning Service.
  26. Building a Platform to Rent out Your Car.
  27. Pest Control Services.
  28. Professional House Sitter.
  29. Party Planner.
  30. Organise Specialty Travel Tours.
  31. Dog Walking.
  32. Get into the Fitness Game.
  33. Y Combinator-Style Incubators.
  34. Mobile Phone Repairs.
  35. Photography.
  36. Bespoke Shoes.
  37. Professional Organiser.
  38. Mobile Bar Services.
  39. Selling Vintage Clothing Online.
  40. Cosmetic Dentistry.
  41. The Business of Creating Businesses.
  42. Astrology.
  43. Tarot Card Reading.
  44. Renting Out Your Possessions.
  45. The Driving Business.
  46. Be a Professional Sleeper.
  47. Home Brew Kit.
  48. Childcare Franchise.
  49. Ebooks on “How to Make Money Online?”.
  50. Businesses that Work from Home.
  51. Music Lessons.
  52. Lawn Care Service.
  53. Interior Design Consultant.
  54. Pet Store.
  55. Mobile Barbers.
  56. Children’s Soft Play Centre.
  57. Lifestyle Management Service.
  58. Assisted Living Services.
  59. Homemade Cosmetics.
  60. A Gym Studio.
  61. Car Park Charging Station.
  62. Crowdfunding.
  63. Life Coach.
  64. Furniture Restoration Business.
  65. Green Products.
  66. Cycling Holidays.
  67. Massage Business.
  68. Nurse Staffing Agency.
  69. Bouncy Castle Cleaning.
  70. Pet Grooming.
  71. Create a Network for Refugees.
  72. What is the Most Profitable Business in the UK?.


Business Ventures

Online/Tech Business Ideas 2022

1. An Airport-Centric App

If you are looking to create an app that offers a wide range of features, you must consider the Flynax Airport app, a readymade solution for the aviation industry.

The Flynax Airport app comes with a website and apps for Android and iOS. It will help your users buy and sell flight tickets, rent cars, book hotels, find taxi services, etc. It even has an inbuilt chat system to let your users communicate conveniently.

With an app that shows travellers real-time information about airports around the world, they can make informed decisions about their trip. An app that incorporates the following features could be helpful for travellers:

Airport amenities: To help passengers save time, an all-in-one airport app could show which amenities are available at each airport location. For example, travellers could see what restaurants or cafes are available before their flights or find out which airports have lounges where they can relax until their flight takes off.

TSA wait times: Long security lines can be frustrating for passengers. An app that shows real-time wait times in TSA lines would allow them to plan accordingly and get to their gates on time. This feature could also help business travellers who are often in a hurry to get to meetings or events.

Ground transportation: Once passengers have made it through security and arrived at their gates, they still have to figure out how to get from the airport to their final destinations.

2. Car Parking App

The UK has a great deal of car parking, but that doesn’t mean it will be easy to find. According to the British Parking Association, there are 6 million parking spaces in the UK! But those are all in different locations, and not all of them are available to the public.

So, the Market is wide open for entrepreneurs who can solve the problem of finding an available parking space. You might think that your smartphone can help you with this today — and it’s certainly true that there are apps out there already. But none of them has yet conquered the Market.

If you want to develop such an app, you should start by looking at what’s out there already:

  • Justpark.com is a website that lists more than 300,000 private spaces where you can park.
  • YourParkingSpace is an alternative service listing more than 400,000 spaces.
  • Parkopedia offers its users access to over 50 million parking spaces in 75 countries worldwide.
  • ParkMobile is a USA-based company operating in about 350 cities across the country. They offer their users the ability to reserve and pay for parking from their phones.

However, finding a parking spot can be quite a challenge in most parts of the UK. This is especially true during peak hours when everyone is trying to get home from work or school.

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is look for available land in an area where many businesses are already operating. You can search online using Google Maps or other mapping tools to find vacant lots near your target location.

Step 2: Once you have identified an empty lot near your target location, it’s time to contact the owner of that property and let them know about your business plans. Write down all pertinent details such as price per square foot (PSF) so that they’re aware of what kind of investment they’ll need before deciding whether or not this deal works for them.

3. Drone Taxi Service

The world’s first drone taxi service was launched in London earlier this year. The drones can carry up to 22kg and can travel at speeds of up to 62mph – though they will typically fly at around 50mph.

The drones are powered by a battery that can last for 30 minutes and have eight rotors to ensure a safe flight even if one fails. They also come with an emergency parachute system for added safety, although this has not yet been tested!

4. Data Mining

The word data mining is a term that we hear so often these days. It is an automatic process of extracting information from large databases and converting it into a useful and meaningful format. The term data mining is also used in the context of business intelligence, predictive analysis, and machine learning.

Today, businesses have massive amounts of data at their disposal. However, this data can only be useful when processed into meaningful insights and actionable points. Data mining helps businesses analyse large amounts of raw information and derive useful conclusions. Data mining is also known as knowledge discovery in databases or KDD for short.

The most common application is to detect patterns within the data, predicting future behaviour. For this reason, data mining is also called predictive modelling or machine learning.

What business opportunities are there in data mining, and how you can take advantage of them?

Some industries use it more than others, and if your company is one of them, you will have more opportunities than those who don’t need it as much. However, even companies that don’t use data mining heavily use it at some level.

For example, if you have a retail store, you may use data mining to analyse your customers’ buying habits to determine which products sell well together so that you can place them near each other on shelves or advertise them together in circulars.

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5. Virtual Interior Designing

App-based Virtual Interior Designing is a highly innovative and creative business idea that one can start with low investment. It is basically a location-based mobile app that allows the users to design their rooms in 3D without actually buying any products.

Everyone wants to decorate their house with the latest furniture and other home decor products in today’s world. Because of busy schedules, people don’t have enough time to go to different places and shop for these products. Therefore, they want everything in a single place so that they can place an order as per their choice and requirements. As a result, E-Commerce portals are getting popular day by day because they provide everything online. But some people want something more than just shopping online. They want to see how the products look in their room before actually purchasing them.

That is where the need for App-based Virtual Interior Designing arises. This app allows users to upload photos of their room and select different designs from available options or create new designs according to their choice. Thus, it provides an opportunity to check how these designs will look in their room before making the final purchase decision.

6. Trading Cryptocurrencies

The most obvious way to make money with cryptocurrency is to invest and trade in it. There are thousands of cryptocurrencies on the market today, and each one of them claims to have a bright future. Many investors consider Bitcoin to be the next gold standard. Therefore, they believe that it has huge growth potential. This is true for many other cryptocurrencies too.

However, some currencies are not worth investing in because they do not have a good track record or future potential. If you plan to invest in cryptocurrency, you need to understand the market and how it works.

The first thing that needs to be done is to find a good wallet program that will allow you to handle all of your digital currency. The best way to do this is by using an online wallet. There are several different wallets out there, but not all of them are created equally. Some of them are better than others, and some have more features than others.

You will also need to find a digital currency exchange so that you can start exchanging your digital currency for real money. Most people who get involved with this type of business idea don’t realise how easy it is to make money until they actually start doing it themselves.

Once you have found an online wallet, you need to register as many addresses as possible so that people know where your money is going when they send it to your account. You can use this information to promote yourself and build up a list of customers interested in using your services.

How to Start a Cryptocurrency Business

  • Step 1: Find the Right Jurisdiction for Your Cryptocurrency Business
  • Step 2: Choose a Company Type for Your Cryptocurrency Business
  • Step 3: Obtain an e-Money License for Your Cryptocurrency Business
  • Step 4: Register Your Cryptocurrency Business Entity

The cryptocurrency space is hot and getting hotter. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins are gaining popularity as businesses look for ways to leverage the technology behind the currencies.

7. Selling NFTs on Blockchain

NFTs are the shiny toy everyone on the internet is talking about right now.

With any shiny new toy, you can bet there’ll be a flood of business ideas that follow. One of the most popular examples is the art you can buy and sell through blockchain technology. A non-fungible token (NFT) is a digital file that contains a unique mark that distinguishes it from any other digital file. To put it more simply, NFTs are limited edition, blockchain-based collectibles. For example, a business could sell NFTs of a special edition of its product, such as a limited-edition sneaker. It would not be possible to buy the physical product without buying the NFT first.

Selling NFTs for digital products could also work for online content creators who want to create scarcity for their fans and increase the value of their content. For example, a YouTuber or another video creator could sell an NFT that accesses a webinar or exclusive channel.

Many businesses have already started selling NFTs. For example, NBA Top Shot is a website where users can purchase and trade basketball highlights (NFTs) from real NBA games. Users can buy special moments from games, such as Zion Williamson’s first dunk in the NBA or LeBron Jame’s game-winning dunk against the Lakers’ rivals Boston Celtics on Christmas day 2020.

Another well-known case is Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, who sold his first tweet as an NFT for $2.9 million.

8. Selling Things on eBay

You can make money on eBay by selling your own products or buying and selling products from other people. Many people have made a full-time living just by selling things on eBay.

eBay offers you the opportunity to reach millions of customers worldwide with just one click. You can sell almost anything imaginable on this website, and there is no limit to the income you can make by selling things on eBay. It is also possible to buy and sell second-hand items such as furniture, electronics, clothes etc.

9. Augmented Reality Services

Augmented reality (AR) might only be associated with gaming so far — but that’s set to change. Businesses are tapping into AR technology as a way to attract customers: Ikea’s Place app lets customers visualise their furniture inside their house, and Snapchat rolled out sponsored lenses for brands to use in its AR platform.

10. Zero Waste Lifestyle Store

The zero-waste movement has been gaining momentum over the past few years as people become increasingly aware of their impact on the environment. Plenty of products are available online, but not many physical stores sell zero waste essentials such as reusable straws and bamboo toothbrushes.

A physical store would attract local customers looking to reduce their plastic waste without having to pay for hefty delivery costs.

11. Sell a Service as a Subscription

Forget about selling products and instead offer a service as a subscription model. There are some well-known examples of this, such as Netflix and Spotify, though many smaller companies have adopted this way of operating. For example, laundry subscription services will pick up your laundry weekly, wash it and deliver it back to your door. The same can be said for dry cleaning or even pet care services.

If you have the time to do so, you can find an underused service and make it available to your customers on a subscription basis.

The subscription model has been hugely popular in recent years. We’ve seen this most with the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime. However, it can be used in many different industries to great effect.

Taking this approach means that customers will automatically pay out at regular intervals. You can charge them as much as you like (as long as people are happy to pay it). You don’t need to worry about new sales or retaining existing customers because they’re locked into your services for a set amount of time.

You will need to provide excellent products or services to keep customers coming back each month, though!

12. Cashback Sites

One of the most popular business ideas in the UK right now is building your own cashback site. You will have to invest time and money into this project, but it can be very rewarding if done correctly.

Whether it’s a website or an app, cashback sites allow customers to earn money back when they shop through your affiliate links. To make a profit from cashback sites, it’s important to build up a large following because the more members you have, the more commission you will receive from their purchases. Once you’ve built up a good following of members, you can also earn from advertising on your site or from displaying sponsored content.

The best way to do this is by using social media marketing and SEO techniques to drive traffic towards your site and increase your brand awareness.

How to Implement Lean Methodology in your Startup

13. Ecommerce Store

This is another one of our favourite business ideas for small business owners in the UK. The beauty of an eCommerce store is that you don’t have to buy the stock until someone buys from you. If you want to sell products online without dealing with shipping or storage, then dropshipping might be perfect for your online store.

There has been a steady shift towards online shopping over the last decade, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down anytime soon. Starting an eCommerce store could be right up your alley if you have an eye for trends and a love of retail.

You don’t need to worry about renting a physical space to sell products, as everything can be managed online. Plus, you can use dropshipping services such as Printify to help you with printing and fulfilment. This means you won’t have to worry about stocking any inventory yourself or paying hefty shipping fees.

14. Web Design

If you have an eye for web design and enjoy working with HTML and CSS, consider starting your own web design company. Many web designers offer their services to businesses in their local area or even across the country, but if you want to set up your own website and get your name out there as a freelancer, then this could be a good idea for you.

15. Blogging

Blogging is one of the most popular business ideas for small business owners in the UK because it is easy to do, and it does not take a lot of time to get started. Bloggers earn money by writing articles and posts on topics that interest them. When someone reads their article or post, they can earn money through advertising links that are placed within the content itself.

Bloggers can also make money by selling products on their sites, such as eBooks, audiobooks, and other products related to their topic of interest.

16. Social Media

Social media has become one of the most effective ways to promote a product or service today. It gives you the opportunity to engage with your potential customers directly and build a relationship with them.

As an example, if you’re a local craft brewery in Edinburgh, it may be worthwhile creating a Facebook page where people can post comments about their favourite beer or have a chat with other fans of your brand. If you’re not on social media yet, this is one of the first things I would recommend when starting, as it will make all the difference in the long run.

17. Email Marketing

Email marketing is another great way to stay connected with your customers and keep them coming back. It also allows you to reach out to your customers at any time, even when they are out of town or travelling abroad.

You can send them offers and promotions via email, which will help keep them engaged with what you have going on at the moment.

18. Online Courses

Online courses are becoming more and more popular all over the world, so this is definitely one of the best unique business ideas in the UK. As such, it can be very profitable as well, especially if you decide to focus on a specific area (such as web development).

The good thing about this business idea is that you can get started without having to rent any office space or hire any employees.

19. Social Media Marketing Company

Whether you’re providing social media marketing services for clients or marketing your own products and services, having an online presence is important today. If you’re looking for small business ideas in the UK, consider starting a social media marketing company. This could be anything from managing accounts and posting content on platforms like Facebook and Twitter to running ads on these platforms or even on Google Ads.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to offering social media marketing services to clients and customers.

20. Online Security Consulting

The amount of cybercrime has increased exponentially over the last few years and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. As companies start to take these crimes more seriously, they will also look for experts who can help them keep their data safe. So if you’re interested in cybersecurity and have the skills to back it up, why not turn it into a lucrative business idea?

21. Sell Homemade Products Online

You can sell handmade goods online through sites like Etsy.com or eBay. If your products are popular, you could even set up your own website or blog where customers can buy from you directly.

22. Write an eBook & Publish it on Amazon

If writing is your passion, consider writing an ebook. This can be done quickly with little investment, as long as you have access to the internet and word processing software such as Microsoft Word or Pages (for Mac users).

It will take time before sales start coming in, though, so don’t expect immediate results!

23. Digital Photography

Digital photography is a big business, and everyone from big brands to budding entrepreneurs are cashing in on the craze. If you want to start a business that revolves around photographs, you’re in luck — there are plenty of opportunities.

You could offer photography services, such as taking family portraits or wedding photos. Or, you could use your skills to take stock photography, which can be sold to websites and magazines. You could even create your own photoblog and use affiliate marketing to make money from it.

24. Online Education

The online education industry is growing by leaps and bounds, so it’s no wonder that online tutoring businesses are also on the rise. If you want to start an online tutoring business, you don’t need to go far – there are plenty of tutors right here on our site.

If you’re not interested in teaching but still want to start an online business, entrepreneurs have plenty of e-learning opportunities. For example, you could create a course to help people lose weight or build a website.

If you have an academic background or are knowledgeable in a particular subject, you may want to start a tutoring business online. This is because many people need help with their studies and prefer to get this help from home instead of going to an office or school.

By providing this kind of service, you can earn extra income while helping people with their studies. However, you must have some experience in tutoring before you start your own tutoring business.

How to set up your Business for success

25. Become an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online in the UK because many advertisers are willing to pay you commissions for each customer you refer to them. All you need to do is find a product or service that you like and think would be useful for your readers, write about it on your blog, and put up links where your readers can buy them from.

26. VR Entertainment

Virtual reality allows users to feel like they are in a different world, whether that be playing games or visiting distant lands. It could also be used for businesses to present their projects in a new light, allowing customers to feel like they are experiencing the product first-hand.

As VR becomes more prevalent and more affordable, small businesses will have the opportunity to use this technology for themselves.

27. A Mobile App

With the majority of Brits now owning a smartphone, it’s only natural that we want new and exciting things to use on them! There are now over 1 million apps in both Google Play and Apple’s App Store, but this doesn’t mean their demand is dying down. Find out more here.

28. Autonomous Vehicles

The list of companies working on autonomous vehicles is getting bigger, and it seems like everyone wants a piece of this Market. In fact, many cities in the UK have started using autonomous vehicles for mass transportation purposes, which has helped reduce traffic congestion, accidents and other problems related to road safety.

These vehicles have sensors that can detect obstacles and avoid collisions, which means they could potentially save lives in the future.

29. Big Data

All businesses want to know more about their customers. Even the smallest business owners want to know where their customers live and what they buy.

The best way to do this is to get a company that will pay you to collect the data for them. This way, you will be able to earn money by giving them valuable information. Many companies are already doing this, so why not become one of them?

30. Start a Youtube Channel

YouTube is one of the most popular websites globally, and its popularity is only increasing. The key to success with YouTube is making videos about things that people will want to watch, like tutorials or funny content. You can then sell advertising space on your videos or make money through affiliate links in your video descriptions.

31. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a very attractive business model because there are no initial costs, and you never have to deal with an inventory. All you have to do is take orders from customers and fulfil them through your suppliers. You must carefully choose dropship vendors and ensure they are reliable before getting started.

32. Become an Airbnb Host

You don’t need to own a property to become an Airbnb host – all you need is some extra space! For example, if you have a spare bedroom or loft conversion at your home, then you could list it on Airbnb so that tourists can rent it out when they visit your area.

It’s also possible to rent out your garden shed or other buildings on your property (as long as they’re weatherproof). You’ll need to take care of all the maintenance and upkeep yourself, but this is still one of the most straightforward ways to make money using nothing more than what you already have.

33. Influencer

If you have an active presence on social media, you could become an influencer. Influencers are people who have built up a large following on social media and use this to promote brands they love.

Some of the top influencers make millions of pounds each year through sponsored posts and collaborations with brands. If you have an active following on Instagram or Twitter, consider becoming an influencer yourself!

34. Sell Your Services on Envato Studio

Envato Studio is a marketplace where creatives from all over the world sell their services to customers. From simple graphic design tasks to complex animation and web development projects, you are sure to find a service offered on Envato Studio.

Freelancers have successfully marketed their services and made money through this platform. To make money through Envato Studio, you need to create a profile and offer your services. If you have an eye for detail and excellent communication skills, you should try it out.

35. Online Business Consultant

Most businesses need help managing their online presence these days. If you have the skills to do this, you can start your own business helping other businesses manage their online assets.

36. Online Dating Website

With online dating becoming more popular every year, setting up your own online dating website could be lucrative for you. You can set up your website with minimal experience, and there is plenty of free advice online on how to do it, or you can hire someone else to do it for you. If successful, this could be a great way for you to earn money from home.

37. Computer Games

Computer games have been popular for decades, but there is now a new twist on them: virtual reality gaming. If you can find someone who loves video games, you will be well on your way to finding an idea that will make someone very happy!

 Food Business Ideas 2022

38. Vending Machine Business

A vending machine business is ideal for anyone who wants an easy way to start a business that doesn’t require much time or effort. If you want to stock and sell popular drinks, snacks and other items, it can be a great way to make money without any hassles.

The upfront costs may be high depending on how many machines you want to install, but once they are set up, the income can be steady while you only need to spend minimal time maintaining them.

In the UK, 86% of adults have used a vending machine at least once in the past 12 months, so there is a demand for vending machines. This means that if you don’t want to put in much effort, you won’t have to! You can even find services that will help you with everything – from installing machines and stocking them with products to maintenance and repairs.

39. 3D Printing Food

3D printing has been around for a few years now, and it’s only getting bigger. Companies like Foodini makes it possible to print food from ingredients added into capsules. The 3D printed food could be used for those with dietary restrictions or picky eaters and allow them to get the nutrients they need. 3D printers are affordable devices that are used in many different industries. Many businesses could benefit from your services if you own one of these machines. For example, imagine printing out custom-designed parts for car engines. That’s just one possible use for 3D printing technology; there are many more out there!

40. Meal Planning For Families

The average family spends around £60 per week on food, which means plenty of money to be made from offering meal planning services. If you have experience as a chef or nutritionist, this could be a great way to make some extra money from home.

You can make your service even more valuable by helping parents plan meals for children with food allergies or dietary restrictions.

If you don’t have any culinary knowledge but love playing with recipes and trying new foods, you can hire a professional chef to help you create your meal plan. You can then sell it either as a subscription or as individual plans.

41. Food Delivery For Pets

How much would you pay for your dog to receive its own food delivery? That’s the question Barking Mad is asking pet owners across the UK.

42. Themed Cafes

There is no doubt that themed cafes are popular nowadays. People in the UK love to try something new and different when it comes to food and drinks. So, if you want to start a business in the UK, a themed cafe would be an ideal choice for you.

43. Online Pet Pharmacy

Pet owners spend a lot of money on vet fees, pet food and medications. By creating an online pet pharmacy, you can offer customers a cheaper alternative to buying these items in person and make it easier for them to buy these items online rather than having to visit their vet or pet shop every time their pet needs some medicine.

44. Organic Food

Everyone knows that eating organic food is better for your body. However, there is also a growing demand for organic food in the UK because it’s healthier to eat and more environmentally friendly. Health food shops have started to make a comeback in some parts of the country, and this trend shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

A business that sells organic products can do well if it markets itself to an audience interested in environmental and health issues.

45. Pet Food

This is a great business idea for people who love animals. First, you’ll need to create a brand for your pet food and come up with a website. Once you’ve done that, you can take to social media to market your new business.

The great thing about this business idea is that it doesn’t require much startup capital, so you can get things off the ground without the need for hefty loans.

If you want to charge more for your pet food, focus on selling organic products and make sure they do not contain any harmful chemicals or additives. People are always looking for new ways to keep their pets healthy and happy, so this industry has plenty of potential customers!

How to Understand your customers needs

46. Mobile Food Truck

Mobile food trucks have been popular in America for a long time, but they’re only just starting to emerge as a viable alternative to traditional catering businesses in the UK. If you’ve got some strong culinary skills and a love of social media marketing, this could be the business opportunity you’ve been looking for.

The mobile nature of your business will help you to stand out from other caterers – no venue will ever be too far away from your mobile kitchen – and it also means that your startup costs will be relatively low.

47. Owning a Bar

If you love entertaining people, why not open up a bar? Even if you don’t want to be the owner/operator of the bar, there are many different aspects of running a bar that can interest you.

For example, if you want to create a music venue that provides live entertainment on weekends and evenings, you could do that as well. You could also offer your customers a place where they can sit and relax for an hour or so before heading back out into the world again.

Another option is to open up a bar that is more like a restaurant than a traditional bar. Many bars in the UK have been successful at both serving food and offering drinks to their guests.

48. A Pop-Up Restaurant

If you’re a foodie with culinary skills, consider starting your own pop-up restaurant. A pop-up restaurant is a temporary restaurant that only runs for a few months at a time. There are pop-ups around the country so keep an eye out for any vacant spaces near you.

49. A Hotdog Van

There’s nothing like street food to get people in the mood for eating something different. If you have a penchant for sausages, then why not turn it into a profitable business by owning your own hotdog van? You can set up shop outside offices or even at events, including weddings – just make sure you have the appropriate insurance cover!

50. Start Your Own Catering Business

The UK is home to a wide range of food establishments. However, the demand for caterers has remained relatively high due to the fast-paced nature of the country’s residents. Some areas you can target include corporate events, weddings and anniversaries, birthdays and other special occasions.

As long as you know how to cook delicious meals and have excellent customer service skills, you can expect this business idea to be very lucrative in the long run.

Mobile catering can be a lucrative business venture, especially if you’re organised and have a distinctive product. Mobile catering can also offer flexibility when it comes to where you work – you could sell at festivals, markets, tourist hotspots or even at events like music concerts.

51. The Home-Baked Cake Market

The UK home baking scene is huge at the moment – there are hundreds of cake-makers all over the country selling their wares online, at markets and fairs. If you love baking, it’s a great idea to start your own cake business.

It is important, though, to make sure your cakes taste as good as they look! You’ll also need to ensure you know what you’re legally allowed to sell (home-baked goods fall under cottage food laws) and how to package them safely.

52. A Café with a Difference

Running a café has always been an attractive business option, but this idea will put a twist on the traditional concept. It’s one that combines two popular trends: healthy eating and veganism!

There are plenty of plant-based cafes around the UK, but there’s always room for more. Because let’s face it, who doesn’t love cake? Give it a unique name and make sure you include Instagrammable décor to attract those social media users!


Other Unique Business Ideas 2022


53. Aesthetics Clinic

The aesthetic industry has experienced rapid growth in the last decade and a half. According to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), over 50,000 surgical cosmetic procedures were carried out throughout the UK in 2015, with another 350,000 non-surgical procedures also performed during the same period. The UK cosmetic surgery market alone is worth over £2.75 billion and grows year on year.

The majority of these procedures are performed by private clinics that specialise in one or more particular treatments, such as laser hair removal, Botox injections, chemical peels, body sculpting and any others. However, a growing number are now being carried out by general practitioners looking to diversify their services into aesthetic medicine.

What qualifications and skills do I need?

While it’s certainly possible to start an aesthetic clinic with formal training as a therapist or doctor, most clients will prefer to be treated by someone with proven medical expertise, especially if you’re offering non-invasive surgical procedures. Therefore, you should have at least one qualified medical practitioner on your staff at all times.

Chelsford is a leading aesthetics training institute based in the UK. It is now offering VTCT accredited courses. The institute is dedicated to providing high-quality training courses. The courses are designed to give students a greater understanding of skin and body treatments to work with clients as beauty therapists, laser, or skin specialists.

The institute can help you get qualified to work in the industry and can help you start your career as a beautician, aesthetician, or medical professional. Courses include laser hair removal, thread vein removal, laser and IPL etc. They also offer laser tattoo removal, Botox and dermal fillers, chemical peels, micro-blading training many more.

Is it a beauty career in your future? The world is your oyster. If a career in beauty therapy, aesthetics, or medical treatments interests you, you can find the perfect course at Chelsford.

54. Running a Bed & Breakfast Business

The term B&B is a shortened way of referring to a Bed and Breakfast. Bed and breakfast is typically a private home that offers overnight stays with breakfast included. When you choose to spend the night at BnB, you can expect to be welcomed into a comfortable home of a local resident. Typical bed and breakfasts are tucked away in rural locations, and they offer a pleasant change from standard hotel stays. From your private bedroom in a welcoming home, you can wake up to a delicious breakfast made by your innkeeper host.

Many BnBs operate in old or historic homes or buildings of distinctive character. Some are converted from buildings with other uses, such as a former stable or schoolhouse. They often retain the original structure and features, providing an unusual atmosphere. However, there is no standard for the style of building in which bed and breakfasts operate.

Starting a bed and breakfast business is a popular entrepreneurial venture. With the right skills and a good location, you can start your own B&B business.


  • Review local zoning laws before opening bed and breakfast. Your municipality may require you to obtain a permit or license before operating.
  • Convert the first floor of an existing home into bed and breakfast or purchase a building that’s already set up as one.
  • Hire employees familiar with the hospitality industry to help manage your facilities, such as innkeepers and housekeepers.
  • Advertise your business online through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest by posting photographs of rooms, amenities, and special offers on your website and blog.
  • Offer discounts for frequent customers, bed and breakfast association members, or senior citizens to attract repeat visitors to your establishment.

55. Child Care or Elderly Services

The UK is home to a number of private agencies that provide child care or elderly care services to families in need. There are plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to grow their own businesses with an ageing population.

56. Personalised Clothing

People love customised clothing and accessories. You can get everything from T-Shirts to bags and phone cases personalised with your favourite quotes, slogans or images.

If you want to turn this idea into a business, you need to invest in a good printer and fabric suitable for printing. You also need to think about how you’re going to sell your products. Although you could set up an online shop, it’s also worth looking into local markets where you can display your wares.

57. Accounting Firm

Providing accounting and other financial services is one of the best business ideas in the UK because there will always be a need for these services, no matter what happens with the economy.

If you enjoy working with numbers, this could be a great option for you. You can even open your own firm or become a freelancer to work from home full-time or part-time.

58. Escape Room

Escape rooms have become incredibly popular over the last couple of years. The basic idea is that a group of people are locked inside a room, and they have to solve puzzles and challenges in order to escape again.

Escape rooms allow customers to participate in an interactive experience, where they can collaborate with friends and family members to solve the mystery. It’s also possible for people to book private escape rooms for parties or corporate events, making it an ideal choice for individuals who want to build their own business from home.

Although this concept originated in Asia, it has now spread around the world, with businesses opening everywhere from Canada to Australia.

59. Wedding Planner & Event Management

The wedding industry is booming, and the demand for wedding planners is high. According to the Association of Bridal Consultants, there are more than 300,000 weddings each year in the US alone. If you have a passion for weddings and parties and are organised and efficient, this could be a great business for you to break into.

60. Home-Based Travel Agent

As a home-based travel agent, you will book flights, hotels and car rentals, as well as tours and other activities for clients. You could work on your own or join a travel agency where they will employ you to work from home.

The average annual salary is around £27,000 in the UK, but some earn more than £40,000 per year if they work hard enough.

61. Personal Trainer

Personal training is an excellent business to get into because you can start it with minimal investment and earn a good income from it. All you need to get started is some knowledge about fitness to help your client reach their fitness goals. There are many different ways to earn money as a personal trainer, including one-to-one training, online personal training and running fitness classes.

The health and fitness market in the UK is huge, with an estimated value of £4.7 billion. With many people looking to get fit and healthy throughout the year, you have plenty of opportunities to launch a fitness class or gym and attract new clients interested in getting fit.

62. Gift Baskets

Gift baskets can be very appealing, especially if you have some items of value in them. You can get your gift basket from your local florist and make it yourself. If you want to make one from scratch, you will need to add some extra items like balloons and ribbons to make it look better.

The idea is that these gifts are going to be kept in the recipient’s home for many years to come, and they will remember the occasion when they receive the gift basket. This kind of gift basket is also a good way to show your appreciation to someone special in your life.

Gift baskets can be a fantastic way to make money; they’re relatively simple to produce and are suitable for all manner of different demographics and occasions. If you have a creative streak, this could be the perfect business for you!

63. The Mobile Hairdressing & Beauty

There’s a big market for mobile hairdressers and beauticians in the UK at the moment. As people have less time on their hands, they need services that come to them – whether that be a haircut in the office or beauty treatments at home.

Depending on what you’re offering, you might need a professional qualification before you start out. Make sure you’ve got insurance too!

64. Franchises

If you have a couple hundred thousand pounds burning a hole in your pocket and looking for an idea, consider starting a franchise. You can buy franchises for businesses like McDonald’s, Expert or Subway or even hotels such as Holiday Inn. However, it is important to know that some franchises require a six-figure investment, and some require over one million pounds.

It is also important to know that although there are many benefits to being able to buy into a franchise, there are also some disadvantages.

Before committing yourself to this sort of venture, make sure you have done your homework and learned all you can about it.

65. Protecting Your Stuff

The sharing economy has made it easier than ever to share your home or car with total strangers. Unfortunately, people often use these services without considering the risk that comes along with them.

While there are some protections built into sites like Airbnb, they don’t cover everything — and hosts don’t have many protections at all.

There are plenty of insurance products designed to protect against theft, damage and other common problems that come up when dealing with strangers. These include property protection plans, liability policies and similar products.

There is also a market for contracts that help ensure both parties know what they’re getting into before signing up for a service like Airbnb. (For example, you can buy an Airbnb rental agreement contract online.)

66. Put up a Painting Business

This is another business idea that doesn’t require significant startup capital or hiring plenty of employees. All it takes is a few basic painting tools and equipment such as brushes, rollers, and a bucket of paint to get started.

Once your business becomes well-known in your locality, you will soon find that word-of-mouth marketing is enough to keep your schedule booked for weeks or even months.

67. Property Development

Property development is a fantastic way to build a successful business in the UK. For one thing, there’s no shortage of opportunity — the housing market has boomed over the last few years, and it isn’t showing any signs of slowing down any time soon. The government has also made it easier for new property developers to get funding for their projects. As long as you have the drive and determination to succeed, developing properties is a great way to make a living in the UK.

68. Garage Gym

If you’re a fitness buff who has always wanted to open your own gym, this is for you. This is also an excellent opportunity to start your own business without investing too much money.

You can start by setting up a small gym in your garage or spare room. If it takes off and gets too big, you can expand into larger premises later on. It’s also an excellent way to get fit while making money – what could be better than that?

69. Party Rental Service

How many times has your child demanded a bouncy castle at their birthday party? Or maybe you saw one at a friend or neighbour’s party and thought, ‘I wish I’d thought of that!’. If you are creative and have the space, a party rental service may be the perfect business idea for you.

70. Mobile Car Wash

What could be easier than washing cars in people’s driveways? The equipment needed is minimal – just a bucket, soap, and water – and your clients provide the rest. Plus, when it rains, there’s no work! This is a great business idea for someone who doesn’t live near a car wash or wants to make extra money on weekends.

71. Personal Shopper

It seems like everyone is too busy these days to do their own shopping. With this in mind, starting your own personal shopper business can be lucrative and easy to manage from anywhere.

All you need is transportation to get started. Think about all the elderly neighbours who could use someone to shop for them once in a while too!

72. Creative Arts & Crafts Business

If you’re passionate about art and craft, why not turn your passion into a successful business? You can set up your own online store and sell the products you make yourself. If people love what you do, you’ll get orders from all over the world.

73. Pet Rock Painting

This was one of the most famous marketing blunders of all time – when Gary Dahl made $15 million from selling pet rocks in 1975.

He identified a need for people who wanted pets without getting their hands dirty and saw an opportunity to take advantage of this with his product. The concept behind his idea was to package up a rock inside a cardboard box with air holes, along with instructions on how to care for your rock. In total, he sold 1.5 million units before demand died down – but not without making millions in profit first!

Pet rocks are not just for kids anymore! You can find many creative ways to paint pet rocks to make them look like animals, people and more. People who love animal figurines will love your designs.

74. Floral Arranging

One of the best things about floral arranging is that you can go into business with little training or experience. If you are creative and have an eye for design, floral arranging might be the perfect business for you!

75. Home Organising Services

Clutter is one of the biggest headaches for homeowners, and it can be hard to stay on top of clutter all the time. Home organising services could be a great business for you if you enjoy organising!

76. Handyman/Woman

If you have some practical skills, this could be a great opportunity to start your own business. You could offer your services as a handyman/woman, which could include odd jobs like gardening, fixing broken items and doing small DIY projects.

You’ll need to have a van or other mode of transport to get the materials you need for the job. You can then advertise online or through local word of mouth to get enough work to make a living. You could even offer a range of other services such as car maintenance or preparing homes for house viewings etc.

77. Cleaning Service

If you like keeping things clean and tidy, why not start your own cleaning business? You can offer domestic cleaning or commercial services depending on what fits best with your lifestyle. This is particularly good if there’s an area where you live with limited competition and plenty of demand for your services.

78. Building a Platform to Rent out Your Car

There are so many cars on the road that are not being used most of the time. People park their cars in the driveway, at the office, and even at a public parking facility and use it only for a few hours on any given day. This is why, in recent years, people have thought of ways to monetise their vehicles.

You can consider starting up a website or an app connecting people who want to drive but don’t own a car with those who own one but don’t need it this much. The best one out there today is to rent out your car. It’s a relatively easy business idea to start since all you need is an online platform where parties can meet, agree on the conditions, and sign rental contracts online. Think of it as an Airbnb for vehicles.

The rest is all about ensuring that both sides are satisfied with the deal and that everything goes smoothly.

79. Pest Control Services

The rate of people who experience pest problems in their homes is at an all-time high in the UK right now – and there’s no sign of things slowing down.

With a lack of time and money, more people are unable to tackle pest problems themselves – and that’s where you come in. You’ll need to provide training for yourself and your employees so that you can safely deal with infestations from all sorts of animals – including rats, mice, wasps and bees. If you have a passion for helping others, this could be a great move for your business.

However, with this training also comes the opportunity to earn some excellent money through your business!

80. Professional House Sitter

In many parts of the world, people who have pets find it difficult to travel without leaving their beloved animals at home alone. If you love animals and are happy to stay in someone’s house rather than a hotel when you go away, why not set up a professional house-sitting service?

81. Party Planner

Planning parties could be your ideal career move if you thrive on organisation. There are many different types of parties that people like to celebrate; weddings and birthdays are just the tips of the iceberg.

If you have good time management skills and excellent attention to detail, consider setting up your own party planning business.

82. Organise Specialty Travel Tours

People want to see the world, but they don’t want to navigate the world on their own. That’s where you come in.

If you love to travel and have a keen eye for details, becoming an independent tour guide might be perfect for you. Lead travelers on small-group tours or help organise specialty travel tours, like photography excursions, foodie trips or family vacations.

You’ll need excellent people skills to become a successful tour guide. You’ll also need to be well-organised and have a vast knowledge of local attractions and events — especially if you plan on organising your own tours.

83. Dog Walking

Pet ownership has gone up 6% since 2020, but more than half of pet owners admit they don’t have time to walk their dogs as often as they’d like to. If you’re a pet lover who lives somewhere with lots of dogs, this could be the business for you!

84. Get into the Fitness Game

The fitness game has evolved over the last few years as more people become aware of their health and well-being. More than 8 million people in the UK regularly go to the gym. If you have a passion for physical fitness and want to share it with others, starting your own fitness training business could be right up your street.

85. Y Combinator-Style Incubators

The concept of incubating startups and then helping them gain traction is not new but one that continues to grow in popularity. A number of Y Combinator-style incubators have been set up across the UK, with Entrepreneur First being one of the most notable examples. Other companies such as Seedcamp provide seed funding for startups that have yet to raise significant capital from investors.

86. Mobile Phone Repairs

Mobile phones are expensive and break easily. While most people don’t want to pay for repairs, they will if it’s cheap enough. This makes mobile phone repair an excellent small business opportunity with a steady stream of customers.

87. Photography

In the past, photography was a huge hassle because film costs were so high and because images took a lot of time to develop. However, digital cameras have made things much easier for both photographers and their clients. Now, anyone can be a photographer.

At the same time, the market is also much more competitive than it used to be. The good news is that technology has helped here by making it easier for photographers to improve their skills without having to pay for expensive film or processing costs.

You can now take as many pictures as you want without worrying about how much it will cost you.

88. Bespoke Shoes

Many people struggle to find shoes in their size as they either have very small feet or very large feet. This means that there is a real market for bespoke shoes! If you have the talent for making shoes or know someone who does, why not start your own company.

89. Professional Organiser

People are busy, and they don’t have time to organise their lives or their homes. That’s where professional organisers come in.

Some organise people’s daily lives, while others help declutter and organise a home. You can do some of both.

90. Mobile Bar Services

If you love bartending and serving drinks, this is the perfect idea for you. You can start your own mobile bar service where you go around town with your mobile bar van and serve drinks at events such as weddings, birthdays, parties, festivals, and other similar occasions. This can be very profitable since people love drinking during celebrations.

91. Selling Vintage Clothing Online

Online demand for second-hand clothes is soaring, and the demand for vintage clothing. Vintage refers to things made more than 30 years ago; retro is anything made between 10 and 30 years ago.

Vintage clothing has a dedicated following in the UK, but it’s not easy to start selling vintage clothes without going broke. Clothes have different sizes and styles, so you need a way to sort through stuff quickly. One option is to buy vintage items by the pound at thrift stores, which can be profitable if you know what sells well. Another option is to sell used clothing that still has tags on it, reducing time spent scouting out the best items.

92. Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is a booming industry in the UK and around the world. More people than ever before are looking to improve their smiles with veneers and other cosmetic procedures. If you are interested in dentistry and want to work for yourself, setting up a cosmetic dentistry practice could be ideal.

93. The Business of Creating Businesses

Have you ever considered the businesses that help businesses grow? Many companies in the UK provide consulting services, marketing advice, and much more.

You could start a company that helps small businesses with their marketing strategies and implement them into their day-to-day operations. Or perhaps you could provide mentoring services and create programmes aimed at helping young entrepreneurs develop their ideas into viable businesses.

If this sounds like something you might enjoy doing, why not start today?

94. Astrology

Astrology is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. In fact, it’s more than a hobby for many people – it’s a way of life. If you’re an astrologer, you could use your skills to give readings to people who want them.

95. Tarot Card Reading

Tarot cards have been used for over 500 years, so they have a lot to offer. There are many different ways of reading tarot cards, and each person will have their own style and skill level when it comes to interpreting them.

In the UK alone, over 10 million adults believe in tarot cards and get readings done regularly – so there is plenty of scope for making some money with this skill!

96. Renting Out Your Possessions

If you want to earn an extra income while saving on storage space at home, why not rent out your possessions? Companies like Fat Llama and Zilok allow users to rent their items (from cameras to furniture) directly from each other. To make sure your deal goes smoothly, make sure that you choose a reputable platform that offers insurance and safety precautions.

97. The Driving Business

If you have a valid driving license, driving is definitely one of the most lucrative business ideas available today. With apps like UberEats and Deliveroo at our doorstep, we don’t even need to leave our cars.

In addition to this, all you need is a bit of common sense and a good car (if you don’t own one). This way, you can make money while driving your car around. It sounds like a pretty sweet deal, right?

98. Be a Professional Sleeper

This profession is best for people who love to sleep, so if you consider yourself a professional sleeper and are good at it, why not make money out of it? The best thing about this profession is that you can do it from home.

All you need to do is get tested by scientists and doctors on how long you can sleep, the quality of your sleep and how accurate your dream was. If you think this is the job for you, look up professional sleeper jobs or put out an ad online.

99. Home Brew Kit

If you’re looking to start a business that can be started on a budget, then a homebrew kit is an excellent option. Having a homebrew kit is becoming more and more popular amongst people who want to experiment with their own flavours or save money by making their own beer and wine at home. People who want to start this business can choose between selling kits with all the equipment needed or selling ingredients only and giving customers instructions on how to use them.

100. Childcare Franchise

One of the fastest-growing segments of the UK’s economy is the childcare sector. This has been driven by an increase in working mothers and legislation changes requiring all children aged three and four to receive 15 hours per week of free education. Many primary schools have had to expand their nursery facilities and hire more staff to meet this requirement.

This trend has also been seen in other types of childcare businesses both within the public and private sectors. As a result, there’s never been a better time to start a childcare business in the UK.

Important Things about Business

101. Ebooks on “How to Make Money Online?

Millions of people worldwide search for ways to make money online every day and always find websites that offer paid ebooks that show them how to go about making money online. You can take advantage of this idea by creating an ebook like “How to Create Your Own Business” and start selling it online for a few dollars each time.

102. Businesses that Work from Home

You can adapt your home into a workspace by converting an existing room or building an extension. You could turn your home into a shared workspace, use it as an office for clients or simply have a dedicated space for yourself.

If you have plenty of space and live in or near a town or city, you could also consider renting business premises. This would help your business look more professional and may be more suitable if you plan on hiring staff.

103. Music Lessons

Most people understand music as a language, so it’s no surprise that music lessons are popular for all ages. If you’re a musician, you can use your skills to teach others how to play an instrument or sing.

You may decide to specialise in one area, such as piano lessons or guitar and bass guitar lessons, or you could offer general music lessons that include multiple instruments.

You can choose to teach private students at their homes or set up group classes in your local community centre. You could even open your own music school once your business has taken off.

104. Lawn Care Service

With spring right around the corner, many things need upkeep and maintenance. One of these is lawn care, which is a great service for those who want to start a business in their area and provide a useful service.

105. Interior Design Consultant

Can you put together a cohesive room design? Do you have an eye for interior decorating? If so, then consider starting an interior design business. You can provide design tips and tricks to your clients and help them create the perfect room for their home or office.

106. Pet Store

Whether you sell animals or just accessories for pets, there is a huge market for businesses like this in the UK. People absolutely love their pets and will pay good money for them, so if you are interested in this sector of business, then why not give it a go?

107. Mobile Barbers

Mobile barbers are in demand, particularly among men who want a trim without going to a salon. The beauty industry is expanding, with men now seeking out grooming services just as much as women.

Starting your own mobile barber business is cheap and easy. You can start with one van and build up your business from there. You will need to buy all the necessary equipment for cutting hair, such as scissors, clippers, combs, mirrors and chairs.

Once you have set up your mobile barber business, you will also need to get insurance and marketing materials like flyers and business cards that you can hand out to prospective customers.

108. Children’s Soft Play Centre

Soft play centres for children are popular businesses in the UK thanks to demand from parents looking for fun places to take their kids during weekends or school holidays. Soft play centres are great businesses because they cater to several age groups of children, allowing them to run around and work off some energy while their parents sit down and relax.

If you want to run a soft play centre business, you must research what kind of activities you want to offer at your soft play centre.

109. Lifestyle Management Service

If you’re not familiar with lifestyle management services, let us enlighten you! A lifestyle management company manages all parts of its clients’ lives. They can do anything from booking flights, vacations and restaurants; to handling financial affairs, pet care and even personal shopping. The sky really is the limit when it comes to this kind of service!

To set up a lifestyle management business, all you need is a portfolio of contacts and places that offer these types of services. We suggest starting with local contacts first before working your way up to bigger players.

Business Investments to Avoid

110. Assisted Living Services

As people get older, they require more assistance from others with their daily activities like shopping or even dressing up. You can help them out by starting an assisted living service to help elderly people with their everyday tasks.

111. Homemade Cosmetics

Making your own lip balm, bath bombs, or eye shadow might sound like a fun activity for a girls’ night — but it can also be a lucrative business idea. Just look at Lush Cosmetics, which sells homemade cosmetics with fresh ingredients and has a revenue of £818 million.

112. A Gym Studio

Gym studios are perfect if you want to teach people fitness activities like yoga, cardio and pilates in a more personalised setting than a gym class. You’ll need a license if you want to offer alcohol or food and will need a premises licence if you want to play music too!

113. Car Park Charging Station

Electric cars are becoming more popular, and people need a place to charge their vehicles. An electric car charging station is an excellent option for those looking to start a sustainable business. You could offer this service at your own home or office, or you may wish to open up your own dedicated charging station.

114. Crowdfunding

The concept of crowdfunding as a way to fund a new business is nothing new, but social media and digital marketing have made it an even more effective way to get your business started. These days, you can use crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo and GoFundMe to show off your idea for a product or service and then pitch your idea to potential investors.

If you can show them how much people might be interested in what you have, they could help turn your dream into reality.

If you have a good credit score and a solid plan for your business idea, you could consider getting some financial backing through a small business loan. The British government offers loans with interest rates as low as 1% per annum to new entrepreneurs who need seed capital to start their businesses. The scheme is called the Enterprise Finance Guarantee scheme, and your local Chamber of Commerce should be able to offer more information on how best to apply for funding through this scheme.

115. Life Coach

Another one of the best business ideas in the UK is becoming a life coach. Life coaches help people improve their personal and professional lives through motivation and positivity. They help clients achieve personal goals like breaking bad habits or finding love while offering career advice like better interviewing or getting promoted faster.

While life coaching can be done from anywhere, you will likely need to consult with clients either over the phone or via video call.

116. Furniture Restoration Business

If you love furniture restoration, why not make it into a business? The startup costs aren’t high for this one either, but you will need to invest in some tools before you get started. Once you’re set up with the tools you need, simply put the word out there on Facebook and other social media platforms – many people are looking for furniture restoration services these days.

117. Green Products

If you’re looking for an exciting new venture, why not start a green product company? Green products are all the rage right now, thanks to increasing concerns about our environment, and it doesn’t look like they’re going away any time soon. There are plenty of green products out there that don’t really have much impact on our environment one way or another, so make sure yours does what it says it does! The key is to focus on products that offer a real solution to real environmental issues.

And remember, marketing is everything for this kind of business, so make sure you know how to explain your product in a way that will appeal to customers.

118. Cycling Holidays

Having a cycling holiday seems fun, and with the increase in people buying bikes for leisure – it makes sense to open up a cycling holiday company. It can be seasonal and cater to all levels of fitness and age.

You might even consider renting out bikes as part of your company. If you want to attract overseas clients, you will need insurance and some knowledge of different languages to communicate with potential customers.

119. Massage Business

Massage businesses are booming across the UK, with many people preferring to treat themselves to a massage rather than going out for dinner or drinks after work. The best part about this business idea is that it’s highly scalable. You can start off by working from home and then renting out space at a local spa if your business grows in popularity. Since the advent of iPhones and their selfie-taking brethren, taxis have been subjected to a new wave of scrutiny from passengers. After all, you can’t have a good night out without capturing the moment on your mobile phone.

120. Nurse Staffing Agency

Nurses are hard to come by these days, and with an ageing population, the need for medical workers of all kinds is increasing steadily. Starting an agency that matches nurses with healthcare providers can be an excellent idea for those who have medical experience and contacts within the industry.

121. Bouncy Castle Cleaning

There’s nothing like a bouncy castle to bring out the kid in all of us (or is that just me?). But what happens at the end of the party when it’s time to put away the castle? A long time ago, I used to work for a bouncy castle cleaning company. We’d arrive at venues when the party was over and spend half an hour cleaning each castle before packing them away and heading back to base.

122. Pet Grooming

The pet industry is one of the biggest businesses in the world, and it is growing exponentially every year. On average, people spend £21 billion on their pets every year, and this number is expected to grow in the coming years.

There are about 8 million dogs and 6 million cats in the UK. People consider their pets as part of their family, and they want to take proper care of them; hence, there is a huge demand for pet grooming services.

If you are starting a pet grooming business, you need to make sure that your service is top-notch. Being good at grooming pets isn’t enough – you also need to be personable and friendly so that your customers feel good about leaving their pets with you. You can set up your own pet grooming station or even go mobile with all this knowledge. With just a £5-10K investment, you can get started without breaking a sweat.

123. Create a Network for Refugees

The refugee crisis is as bad as it has ever been, with more than 60 million displaced people worldwide. At least 30,000 refugees have come to the UK in recent years, and this number is only increasing. As a result, there is a growing need for support services and community initiatives to help these people settle into their new lives.

If you have a passion for humanitarianism and experience working with refugees, consider creating an organisation that helps them find jobs, housing and education. You might be able to generate funding through local grants or private donations – all while making a difference in your community!

124. What is the Most Profitable Business in the UK?

The most profitable business in the UK is the app industry. This industry is one of the fastest-growing markets globally and has successfully made its mark in the UK as well. The number of mobile app users have been increasing over the years, and with this, new opportunities to make money are being created.

This is a very lucrative business that offers a lot of opportunities for both established companies and startups. It is one of the most profitable industries globally, and it will continue to grow as more people use apps on their smartphones and tablets.

It may sound simple, but finding a gap in the market is one of the best ways to inspire your new business idea. Take advantage of modern technology to make your ideas a reality. For example, have you considered using artificial intelligence to help with your customer service? It’s more affordable than you think.

Find a problem – and solve it!