11 Important Things to Do Before Hiring A Nanny

Whether you are hiring a full-time nanny to look after your children or want someone to do it occasionally, finding the right caregiver can be distressing when you are away or busy with other things.

You shouldn’t rush into things. After all, you are looking for someone upon whom you are putting a big responsibility of your kids.

Many things are spinning in your mind, and a lot to consider while searching for the right nanny. You should be prepared for extensive research.

If you want to save yourself from unwanted future mishaps, we suggest you be sensible and keep in mind the following things before hiring one to ease your life. It is important because a bit of impatience and lack of research can cost you dearly.


1.      Contact the right hiring agency

First thing first.

Contacting a reputable agency gets half the job done. They do everything from vetting the right candidates to training and crafting a contract between you and the nanny.

Hiring a nanny from a reputable hiring agency will also give you peace of mind as they hire a candidate after a thorough background checking and NADRA verification.

Hiring a nanny from an agency will also relieve you from fixing the salary as the agency will do it on their own.

2.      Figure out the duties your nanny will be doing

Whether you are posting ads by yourself or contacting a hiring agency, you need to make a checklist of what you require from a nanny.

All your requirements must be mentioned clearly in the job description to find the right person fulfilling the criteria.

Just hiring someone based on experience may not serve you well. This step can take a bit of your time and a focused thought process.

Here are some of the things you need to write down on the paper:

  • What kind and number of duties your nanny will have to perform?
  • Are you looking for a live-in nanny or someone who will visit you every day?
  • Finalize the hours for which you want the services of a nanny
  • When can they take a day off?
  • What age bracket have you decided on for your nanny?
  • What kind of personality would you like?
  • What kind of relationship will you have with your nanny? Will it be friendly, you’ll consider them a part of the family or will it be just a working relationship?
  • What salary package and other benefits are you comfortable with?

3.      Interview them thoroughly

Once you find a pool of candidates up for the job, shortlist them based on the requirements.

At the time of the interview, be open to asking anything fearlessly. Any hesitation at the time of the interview can take its toll in the future. So, ask them whatever, related to the job, comes to your mind.

Ask them questions and let them speak more. Ask them about their previous jobs and whether they will be able to complete the tasks you require from them.

Communicate the timings and what exactly you are looking for from an ideal candidate.

Throw some more questions about childcare and how they deal with unwanted and chaotic situations. Tell them your parenting and discipline styles, and ask the nanny whether they are ready to follow a set pattern and follow your instructions or not?

Or will they devise their strategy and timetable for your kid?

4.      Inquire about their previous childcare experience

It is important to know whether they cared for a child or children in their previous job. Some nannies are just hired to assist in the household tasks like cooking and cleaning etc.

The best candidate must have a few years of experience as a paid childcare provider.

It may not be exactly like a nanny at home, but it can also be a teacher in a Montessori or Kindergarten, a teacher for small-aged children, or a daycare provider.

You can even ask them how would they manage a day for your kid and how will they react to any unwanted situation?

5.      Make sure your children and partner accompany you during the interview

This is very important.

Firstly, you and your partner have to be on the same page before and during the process of hiring a nanny.

Secondly and most importantly, your children should also be present during the interview. They are the ones who will spend the most time with the potential candidate. So, their like and dislike matters a lot.

Before hiring a caregiver for your child, it is important to convey any concerns or special conditions to them. Also, during the interview, tell the candidate that you will also be there to ease things if anything goes unplanned.

Start with a proper introduction between your children and the nanny. Try to involve them in the process. This step is meant to create an understanding and a bonding between the care provider and your kids.

At the end of the process, you can allow the nanny to play with your kids. This will lower your stress and will give you a clear idea of how to proceed forward.

Talk with your partner and let them have their say. Lastly, if your kids are old enough, ask them about their feedback and whether they were comfortable with their new friend and caregiver or not.

6.      Ask them about their previous client’s references

When we say references, we don’t mean any surety from friends or family. We are talking about the candidate’s previous clients/parents of children the nanny has cared for in the past.

Even the references from their previous supervisor or colleagues etc., can be misleading and dubious.

In case the candidate is unable to provide the references, it’s a clear giveaway for you not to go ahead. While talking to their previous clients, ask them about the nanny’s behavior, character, ability to handle chaotic situations, ages of their children, responsibilities and the schedule, etc.

This is important and will give you a clear idea of whether you are interviewing the right candidate or not.

7.      Ask them how they will respond to an emergency

Ask them whether they can cope with an emergency or not. Obviously, they will say yes, but you need to be smart here. Come up with a couple of situations to test them. Also, ask them if they have any First Aid or Paediatric care certifications.

It’s a clear indicator that will stop you from hiring an unprofessional and uncertified person. On the other hand, if the potential candidate has these certifications, you are one step close to hiring the right candidate.

Another important thing is communication, like not responding to calls, texts or not telling the parent the right situation. If the candidate lacks in it, they are a sure ‘No’ for us.

8.      Don’t ignore your gut feeling or instincts

If you don’t feel positive and don’t get the right vibe about a potential candidate, don’t hire them even if they fall upon the criteria. Follow your instincts. It’s better to reject someone now than to regret it afterward.

Sometimes a feeling from the inside is the right one even if everything, in reality, is happening the right way. In this case, even if the candidate has extensive experience, seems extremely friendly, has the right certification, but a slight feeling of distrust or dissatisfaction shouldn’t be ignored.

9.      Offer a competitive salary and be flexible in it

The salary of a nanny is not something where you should be looking to save money. Before giving an ad or contacting the hiring agency, you need to be sure that you can afford an experienced person to look after your little angles.

Make sure you offer the right salary package that is market competitive, if not above. You cannot hire an experienced and full-time nanny at 8 or 10 thousand per month. So, offer something that attracts experienced professionals.

If you pay too little, you cannot hire someone having the required skills. If you pay too much, a nanny could become a liability soon.

10.     Ask them if they are ready for a trial day

If you are hiring a nanny by yourself and not from an agency, you should request them for a trial day. It could be paid or unpaid, depending on what you and the prospect settle on.

If the candidate agrees on a trial day or two, it will be amazing as it will give you a clear idea of how they go about their job and whether the nanny possesses those qualities you are looking for.

You can closely see how they interact with your children and whether your children are comfortable in the nanny’s presence or not.

After the trial day, it’s up to you to judge whether they are a good fit for your family/children, or you should continue with the search for a perfect candidate.

11.      Do a background check

This step should come before you request a trial day. However, it is the most important thing you should know before hiring a nanny that we couldn’t adjust it between two steps. And intentionally placed it in the end.

If you’re hiring a nanny through an agency, they will do this hectic task on your behalf. However, if you’ve posted ads by yourself, then this task is up to you to perform a rigorous background check of the right candidate. And this is the need of the time. Nobody wants to be in a vulnerable situation inflicted by a small carelessness.

You need to verify their record from NADRA, inquire about their criminal record from the police station near their house, ask the candidate’s neighbors and ex-colleagues about their character.

Before their first day at work, ask them to provide you a copy of CNIC and parent/guardian CNIC copies.

Final Words

We know finding the right nanny to take care of your children in Pakistan is not an easy task. If you don’t have the time to go through the entire process and want a reliable nanny provider to help you out in this case, contact Expert.

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