10 Clever Hacks to Clean Your House

We all love the feeling of a freshly cleaned house where everything is well organised and spotless. The sight of neat interiors brings with it the positive vibes that stimulate our happy hormones and elevate our moods.

However, the main hurdle in our way is actually doing it.

Realistically speaking, our lives have become so fast and hectic that the cleaning activity gets compromised. Even on weekends, we seldom find time to clean our house as plans, a get-together, or the ‘me time’ gets in the way.

What does this mean? A messy, unclean house. Especially if you have small children, the chances are that your home will look like a jungle due to the mess created by them. If you are a lazy soul like me, scrubbing or wiping the nooks, the crannies can be a loathsome task.

If you are my type, you’ve got two options here. Either follow the house cleaning hacks below or call a cleaning expert to get the job done without you moving an inch.

Without wasting time, let’s take you through some super easy and clever cleaning hacks that will not only save your time and energy but will also help you convert your untidy home to a hygienic place.

House Cleaning

Ten clever hacks to clean your house

So, here we go!

1.      Window cleaning

Things you’ll need: Water, Vinegar, and socks

Dust and water stains can be the worst enemies of your windows and blinds. To shine your window panes and turn the blinds in new condition, mix water and vinegar of equal quantity in a bowl. Now, dip a soft sock in the liquid mixture and use it to clean the window panes – from top to bottom.

Dip it again and this time, use it between the blinds to make them dust-free in less than a couple of minutes. Get sparkling clean windows in no time. Try it and thank me later.

2.      Carpet stain removal

Things you’ll need: Baking Soda, Liquid Dish Wash

Carpets at our home go through a lot. Spilling of tea and juices is one factor that leaves you dealing with stubborn stains. Here is what you should do!

Put 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda in a liquid dishwasher and apply the mixture over tea, coffee, or juice stains on the expensive carpet. You’ll see unbelievable results. The stains will fade completely.

For better results, we suggest you use a soft sponge for better penetration of the mixture into the fibres.

3.      Stove cleaning

Things you’ll need: Hydrogen Peroxide, Baking soda

With continuous usage, our stoves and gas cookers are prone to getting greasy. To make them hygienic again, it is important to remove the gunk stuck inside and outside so that they don’t gross anymore.

Mix both the ingredients and soak a sponge in them. Now, use the wiping motion to clean the stains and grease accumulated overtime. This will turn your burner into a shiny and hygienic appliance where you can cook with no worries from now on.

4.      Steel faucets in your kitchen and bathroom

Things you’ll need: Water, Aluminum Foil

Water stains are inevitable on steel faucets. Also, over the years, scratches can also be seen. How to clean them and remove tiny scratches? Take some warm water and a piece of aluminium foil and scrub the faucets. You’ll see shiny and spotless faucets after the process.

Another clever hack is spraying coke on the faucets to remove any rust and water stains. Not only will it remove stains and rust on iron pipes and faucets etc., but it will give them a super shine. Pour some coke into a spray bottle, and you know what to do next.

Don’t forget to clean the faucets with a dry sponge after spraying coke on them.

5.      Removal of kids’ art from the walls

Things you’ll need: Water, White vinegar, Light Detergent

Sketches, lines, maths problems, or a piece of art can be easily seen in every children’s house. If you want to get rid of pencil, pen, or crayon marks from the walls, you can do it using a mixture of water, soft detergent, and vinegar.

Soak a soft sponge in the mixture and wipe it on the wall. But be careful not to scrub harshly as the paint may start to corrode.

6.      Burnt iron

Things you’ll need: Aspirin or paracetamol tablet

Burnt iron can stick on your clothes and leave stains on them. A simple hack to make it clean is rubbing a paracetamol or aspirin tablet on it. Heat your iron and grab the tablet using a tissue or tweezers to abnegate any danger of finger burning.

Rub the tablet on the burnt stains, and you’ll see how quickly they vanish. In the end, wipe a soft cloth on the iron, and you are done.

7.      Microwave cleaning

Things you’ll need: Lemon, Water

Microwave ovens are used quite frequently in every home. And this means they are vulnerable to getting food-stained and spillages inside. If you are worried about the cleanliness of your oven, we have a hack for you.

Put a couple of half lemons and water inside and heat the duo for 40-60 seconds. Now, wipe away the inside of the microwave with a soft cloth or a sponge. Your oven will be spotless with no bad odour.

8.      Nail polish from clothes

Things you’ll need: Alcohol, Microfiber Cloth

Removing nail polish stains from clothes has always given people a tough time. However, if you use rubbing alcohol solution on the stained area followed by wiping the microfiber cloth on the dried nail polish, you can succeed.

9.      Greasy oil stains on the kitchen slab

Things you’ll need: Leftover Rice Water

If you’ve got greasy oil marks on your kitchen slab, we have an interesting hack for you. You can get rid of them by using the leftover rice water. The starch present in the water will do its job efficiently, leaving your slab neat and clean.

10. Last but most important cleaning hack

Things you’ll need: Smartphone, Expert App

If you are lazy to clean anything in your home − like me − and want to have your house cleaned without moving an inch, your wish will be fulfilled impeccably. Whether it is complete house cleaning, kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, driveway cleaning, office cleaning, or you want to disinfect your house, pick your smartphone, open the Expert App, book the required service, and you are all done.

Our highly specialised cleaners will be at your place right on time to make it spotless. Just book any service and see for yourself. A one in a million hack that will work no matter what.

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